Obtest Interview

OBTEST interview for FROST magazine 2004 december
1.Hail OBTEST team, how are the things in Lithuania nowadays?…
-Our Baltic kingdom is still under protection of the late fall, so no snow, no grim frost…
2.May we start a brief introduction about Obtest please,….
-Obtest is a formation from Lithuania, marching since late 1992. First releases comes from 1994, two demo tapes in 1995, first album “Tukstantmetis”(milenium) in 1997, 7”ep “997” in 1998, re-release of “Tukstantmetis” album on CD in 1999, 7”ep “Prisiek” in 2000, second album “Auka Seniems Dievams” (offering for the ancient Gods) in 2001, 7”ep “Dvylika JuodVarniu” in 2003. Stage performances since 1994, first tour in Germany in 2000 together with EMINENZ, second tour in Europe 2002 together with SKYFORGER, GRIEF OF EMERALD. Now we are working on our third full length album.
3.How are the general feedback for “Auka Seniems Dievams” so far?….
-Yes, we are satisfied with the reviews, opinions and references on this album.
4.You must be working on the coming album…
          Yes, we are working on a new album, and when it come out you will see what it is, so check out for it on Ledo Takas records!
5. What kind of themes you are dancing with while composing the lyrical side of Obtest?…
          Lyrics comes unexpected, and it happens anywhere in any enviroment, it more depend on current mood.
6. How is the song writing process in Obtest?
          There is a guitarist, who writes music and then writes lyrics for it. Then everithing is verified during the rehearsals or recording sessions.
7. Do you have any new gigs planned soon?..
          All plans go to hell. We had to play in many gigs, but everything failed in one or another way, so we can’t say anything about future gigs. Our performances is not dangerous, don’t worry…
8. How would it feel if we were living in a world in which there no exist neither churches nor mosques or any kind of temples?…
          It would be strange times, cause most people believes, that supernatural forces must have their embassies on earth…
10. What have you been listening lately?…
          I listened to LOITS new album, SSG (from Lithuania), ROBOTNICHKA (France).
11. Do you buy red daily news papers?..
          Sorry, I don’t do it for some years, I listen to the radio news on the whole world wide matter.
12. Do you have any words for your enemies?
          I have no enemies.
13. Say your fave Bathory song!….
          Shores in Flames.
14. I think we have reached the climax…
          Thanx, and watch out for our new album soon!



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