Obscenity Interview

Hi Henne!How do you do?I hope everything is ok.


-hi  ,i`m doing fine ,thanx. it `s saturday morning ,10:11cet, and i just have driven my wife to work. everything is ok!


Lets start with the current activities of Obscenity,tell us something about the news that taking place in the Obscenity camp?


-we are in the songwriting process since 2002 and we have a couple of songs now

for the next album.our drummer marc and alex the bassplayer are on tour with

dew scented . they are helping out for a few gigs because some guys left the band.


Obcenity s roots comes from the year 1989,being an experienced enough,what can you say about todays metal scene?Especially when compared to its ancients days?


-oh , everything has changed. there are a lot more metal styles than in the early days. in the 90th were only e few styles like heavy metal , speed and thrash.

and of course old school death metal. but each of these styles has become more influenced, for example hip hop heavy rock,black metal-punk and so on.

it is courios , but it is the normal way.


And about the very first days of the band,how was that period?I mean did you worked hard to spread the bands name?Flyers,very first gigs?


-it was difficult for us as a new band. everyone compares us to other bands

like massacre cannibal c. , deicide and so on. that sucks. it was hard for us to

find our own way, but i think we did it right. we tryed to play live gigs

and had a lot of tapetrader contacts and send many copies to the magazines

who gave us good rewiews.


It seems it s abit easy to become popular nowadays,thanx to this internet thing.What can you say about these fast-consuming society?Be it in metal or in any other walks of life?


-it is crap!!! everything is to fast , but in my opinion the best bands will live much

longer.here in germany we have several tv- casting shows for pop music.

such a shit!! a few kids are formed to a“ band“,have one or two hits

and 3 month later nobody rememberes them. it is very sad but money rules

the world.


There has been disgusting wave of Melodic Swedish death metal shit.Tons of bands came into the scene and really made great deals /great sums of Money.But nothing good in terms of death metal art of course,so what are your thoughts about these kind of trends?


-i hate swedish melodic death metal. i like this static -brutal florida style, it`s true.

death metal has to be brutal and fast, and nobody needs keyboards and girly -vocals, that`s crap, man!!!


Are you planning a new gig at the moment?


– yes , we have two gigs in the next weeks. one in south germany and one in france.

france is cool , i`m hot for it. very crazy fans and good looking women,hahaha!!


I think it s very important for a Death Metal band to be active in the stage,it must be energetic.Are you for to this idea?

– it counts for every metal band. but it is very difficult to play fast guitar riffs

and bang your head at the same time, you know?  the singer has to be a

good frontman that`s important.he has to entertain the masses.


You have shared the stage some bands like Immortal,Hypocrisy,Six Feet Under…Which one was the best for you?


– for me? malevolent creation of course. they are one of my faves.

vader and sfu were cool ,too . but immortal and hypocrisy are strange

boys and not my style.it is something for the ladys,hahaha!!


Besides touring,as a normal metalhead,do you like to go to live metal shows ,hang around etc?Do you like such kind of crowded atmospheres?


-yes, sometimes, here in lower saxony we have a lot of clubs to enter and some great concerts to visit , but i don`t like that every weekend.

   it is ok for one or two times a month but idon`t have to much time because

of my wive and my sons.


Is the band friendly while not recording/rehearsing?Do you think is it good to be great friends when you are at studio besides being a bunch of great musicians?


– we are no friends,man. it is a band . if we rehearse, it is like go to work with a bit

more fun.we don`t meet each other very often ,even if someone has a birthday

party or a marriage or stuff like that.


What can you say about German Death Metal undergound?Can you recommend some names for us?


– i`m not very interrested in the northern underground scene. these guys think

 to be very important even if they habe a demo out. that sucks!!

 but i know an east frisian band called ´´  despondency ´´.   cool guys and good music.


Do you have any best Obscenity song/songs at your mind?The 3rd chapter is my fave for example.

– you mean albums?

   yes , cold blooded murder is my favourite one , and the 3rd chapter ,too.

   and my fave songs on it are ´´ my  dark one´´ , ´´blessed by nature´´ and

  ´´ disgrace over you´´.and of course all  the other stuff, too.hahhaa!!


What are you listening nowadays?To be honest with you i just listen classic metal albums nowadays?Like Dio,Judas Priest,old death/black metal stuff?


– i am a big KISS fan since 1981 . i love these guys. but i also like accept,

dio, mp, and the normal heavy stuff. it is classic!


Except from death metal ,are there any other veins that you are keen on?For example do you listen black metal or doom/gothic styles?Or totally different stuff?

– yes of course . i like hardcore-punk ,thrash metal and death stuff( florida style)

   but i hate this fuckin` black metal boys and doom -gothic -and pagan is crap!!!


Thats it.Thanx alot for your time,you can close this hemorrhage now.


– thank you ,frost. and people check out the ´´ cold blooded murder“ cd and have a look on —-www.obscenity.de

    best wishes


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