Nokturnal Mortum Interview

Slava Vargoth!Nowadays Black Metal scene has turned into a kind of kindergaten with loads of bands who only make music with their money-smelling Shylock ideologies which is directed to more pussy,more famousness,more and more and more…So the Ukranian Nokturnal Mortum ranks,here you are on pages of Frost Magazine,to spread thy own pest through these grim smelling pages.What are the lates news from your ranks,i mean,after this very succesfull new album ,namely “Weltanschauung”?

Slava!After releasing ”Weltanschauung” we played some gigs with this program and started to work with new album. Its title is ”The Voice of Steel” and it will be out in Autumn by No Colours Records and Oriana Music. We’ll record two versions – the same as ”Weltanschauung” / ”Mirovozzrenie”.In the beginning of this year our guitarist Alzeth left band. Wortherax, which was in Nokturnal Mortum in ”Twilightfall” and ”Lunar Poetry” times, asked to play with us again. But due to his unexpected serious illness we had no guitarist again. Now we’ve find young guy and hope that it will be good choice! But we’ll ask Wortherax to help us in studio with recording of some guitars.My last news – my rehearsal base was flooded by spring subsoil waters ! I have to play some gigs in nearest days and need many rehearse with new guitarist and haven’t place for this now!!!! But I hope that it’s through-passing problem!



Meantime Where did the title “Weltanschauung”? come from?What does it stand for?

I took this word from Miguel Sirrano. It’s philosophic term and mean  ”world outlook”.  But it’s difficult to explain its meaning – this word includes so much!

”Weltanschauung” by Sirrano exerted profound influence on me in that time when I worked with my album. So this word came into new album title.



In which psychological mood you create the songs for the “Weltanschauung”?

I started to answer on this question before. Sirrano composition turned upside-down all my views. Some years ago I’ve got some kind of nervous derangement and only his philosophy helped me to return to normal life. I was plagued with many global insoluble questions. Some of my old friends died in those time, there were reflections about death and despair. At some evening I called to my good friend Gorruth and confide to him my problems. He said me: ” Read it and you’ll get all answers”.



How do you see the past of Ukranian underground right now? Are you of an opinion that today’s scene is worse than those from the mid nineties? Do you have any striking new names from your country?

Yes, Ukrainian black metal underground was at the peak of his powers the mid nineties. All known for this day hordes was founded in those years – Lucifugum, Astrofaes, Dub Buk, Reusmarkt.  Some time ago Hate Forest was born. Now I don’t know about new bands because it’s not interesting for me. In any case I’ll know about good band, but I don’t want to trifle away my time for shit. As for new name I would like to mention about Khors (ex- Astrofaes bass guitarist’s band) which was released by my label Oriana Music. Also after some years of silence Reusmarkt with new album will be out on Oriana  too.As for other part of our underground – it’s not interesting for me. But judge from playbill on door of musical shop where I work – there are many different bands mainly in death metal style.



Some say that mixing politics with music is wrong… Can you define what’s politics and what’s not? Isn’t singing about church or synagogue arsons also a political subject in this or that way? It deals with religious intolerance – and that is a political topic in my opinion! What about yours?

I think too that religious intolerance is political subject. And such kind of politics is normally for black metal. I can’t to define politic subjects. Black metal has mixed with politics – there are many such bands. So if it’s determined by Gods, let’s goes and develops in other style. We have certain views but I would like to say that. I never saw Nokturnal Mortum as political band. People say that some my views have political orientation. It’s shit. Now I’m not interested in any politic currents.  Nokturnal Mortum art is not intended for solution of modern society problems. First of all I make all for me. As politics is social phenomenon, so my music is initially apolitical. Nokturnal Mortum is like a mirror, reflection of negative of modern life. We show it. It can agree with views of some political figures, but it’s not politics. I’m concerned with nationalism, with other things in some points, but it’s only my opinion and I don’t want to do from my music the tool for the decision of political problems.May be it will be correct to say that Nokturnal Mortum is more religious than political. If we undertake some actions, it’s not for people, only for our Gods!May be I have a little left from a question, but I have tried to answer using Nokturnal Mortum as an example.



What kind of books or magazines you prefer to read nowadays?Is there any connection in Nokturnal Mortum’s lyrical direction with literature?What is the name of the book you read lately?Are you into political and ideologicak books as well?

I don’t read many books now. “Weltanschauung” by Sirrano may be was last book which I read. And last (or may be the only) literary source of my inspiration. Early I read many historical, mythological books. I think that I laid the foundation for further my development. Now I get knowledge and inspiration from surrounding world.I read ideological books too. In last years it’s not problem to buy such kind of books. At first it was interesting but I have my own ideas about all it and don’t need to know another’s opinion. I read both “Mein Kampf”  and some Lenin’s works– it’s only the books with ideas of one man. It hasn’t to be “Holy Bible”. Each man must to have his own thought, don’t be a marionette of book author.



As you probably may have heard of,Burzum mastermind Varg “Greven” Vikernes (a.k.a Count Grishnack)tried to escape from the Vestfold prison.And when arrested,varg had in his possession the following items;a cell-phone with headset and lap-top computer,AG3 automatic rifle,a gas mask,knives,camouflage clothing,a portable Global Positioning System satellite navigator,maps etc..I know it is a weird question but,do you have any ideas on his aims while trying this escaping thing?Some local Norwegian newspapers wrote that he was going to join French Foreign Legion… On the other hand,what are your opinions about on Burzum in general?I believe that Burzum is a great source of inspiration for the Nokturnal Morum,is it true?

As for first part of question – any comments! I think that nobody except Varg know nothing about this. I don’t want to conjecture!His creation enchanted me from 1992. I watched him from the very outset. All is right in Burzum – music, lyrics… Somebody don’t like his keys albums – I admire it! All Varg’s creation is perfection for me.



On the other hand,lets say,if you happen to jailed one day,can you imagine that how would be your condition ?I mean,may be because of Nokturnal Mortum,or because of any other thing…Meantime,have you ever had problems with the police?

Ukrainian law as laws of many countries doesn’t support such things!About other things I will not tell in zine – not truth, not lie. Curse that tongue of yours for such questions!



On the other hand,it s nice to see some great bands surviving under the modern standarts of today’s black metal scene(!)..I saw some reviews in zines /mags that is blaiming the bands for having such a bad production/sound qualities?What the hell these are waiting for?Thanks to these ‘big’senfonic bands around,expectations from black metal has changed a lot,may i take your opinions about it? What do you think about it?

 I know many people which listen music with raw sound only!But in last time I see a few bands which have bad sound and high music quality. Quality – it’s not only knack of playing and don’t depend from sound. I was at cradle of black metal. Sound quality was not so good in those times but each band was something original!



What kind of utopias you have in your mind about the earths future?It may on Europe’s or US’ …Will be the nations blended or will the deeper differences occur between people in the future?

To all appearances Ragnarok has already happened.

I would like to believe that different cultures will not mix and all our people will keep the original and unique essence as was once. Each of us will be unique and worthy of respect because of it.But we can’t deceive the Norn. If the destiny of mankind is predetermined that there’s nothing to be done already. I shall stay the warrior up to the end and I shall struggle for that, in what I believe and for what is possible to die with honor.



What do you think about ‘fanaticism’ in Black metal?

 Black metal is some kind of war and berserks always admired me.The fanaticism is generated by conviction in something.If you do not believe in the ideas and the purposes, but try to impose it to people, you are a betrayer for people which trust you.



Be it in any cases, are the negative comments about  your works give you some inspiration or fuel for the future?

No, I spit on them. I do not try to satisfy all.I make my affair. Who joins – goes with us, the others go to asshole!In one’s time it angered me and I wanted to explain the correct understanding of that I do to everyone, I thought that he has not understood something.And today anybody from dull is not interesting to me. If you have not understood – you’re stupid and you with me not on a one way.



Besides your own work – what do you think were the best metal albums of the last few years?

Primordial, Graveland (Following the voice of blood, Carpathian Wolves and Thousand Swords –the best!!!), Burzum, Negura Bunget, last works of Enslaved. Band Macabre Omen came as a really pleasant surprise!Also I opened new style for me – ebm – and great bands Punto Omega, Hocico.



How much time does the band actually spend together – writing, in the studio, or even socially?

I communicate with my band members each day. I work together with my bass guitarist in musical shop. Also almost each day we gather at our base ( which is watersealed now, fuck!) for rehearsals, recording  or other deals.



On the other hand, are you a kind of person who takes lessons from the past mistakes?Be it in Nokturnal Mortum’s musical life or your very own  personal, individual life?Or are you a ”stubborn as hell” person who never listens anyone and just does whatever he sees as a ”true”?

Probably I’m among second type. And constantly suffer from this! Especially it concerns to human relations. I always believe that man can change in better side but constantly is mistaken and forget about this!

As for musical activity – I don’t see any mistakes in it! All that I do is the only right actions. I never listens anyone and as I can see- I was 100% right. But may be some time I’ll meet man which words will be important for me!



What do you think about changes in the zines creation? I mean changes that are caused because of the computerization and mainly slow decay of the dedicated printed zines. Do you think that the situation will turn round and we will desire xeroxed zines not webzines in the near future?

Hm, I never thing about such things. As for me outward appearance is not important, the main thing in handmade zine or professional magazine is content. Sometime I get hand-written letters where people write that they don’t want to use modern methods of communication like e-mails etc. I think that it’s not better way for business decisions but for friendly correspondence it’s good because such letters get a part of heart. But as for zines creation I like printed zines  – at least I can read legible text. But if to remember the end of 80- beginning of 90 – it was very interesting too. May be those zines had more art! After this question I found old xerox zine with yellowed paper– eeh, it was a good time!



You have very informative and gravely useful articles in your web-site(in Pagan Front page),have you ever thought of adding such kind of informative articles in your booklets as well?

No, I’ll not to do it.By the way now we’re working with new Nokturnal Mortum web site. It will be made in other view. Site in Pagan Front page doesn’t work more.


Meantime,do you support your label mates,Graveland?Have you ever meet him?

I know Darken about 8 years. I visit him many times in Poland but can’t get him in Ukraina! He promised me it many times but… Rob is very hospitable and courteous  man, very interesting man. He one of few people with which I’m proud to be  friends.

I respect him and his activity.



What do you think of the fact that more an more people in Northen Europe commit suicide? Could it be a kind of phenomenon?

I didn’t know about this fact. Suicide is decision of this man. I can’t term it as weakness or power. So that’s predetermination.



What is the name of the band that you hate most? Most of the people are eager to utter their fave bands yet i want to learn the band you hate most? Can you give an honest answer to this question?

Any! There are bands which I don’t take seriously. It’s mainly about huge quantity of modern  raw black metal bands. I hate all these computer and drum machine creations! All these faceless  a-la Darkthrone bands don’t give just a little part of heart in their music. I like a lot early Darkthrone, it was a real feelings, raw sound was not  as an end in itself. But now these so-called “musicians” at first think how they can get raw sound (I even got mail with question “Which drums we need to use for getting raw black metal?”!!!) and don’t think about music or ideas!

As for such bands like Cradle of Shit and other shits – I don’t talk about it at all!



Being an experienced Wulf,If you had known all in advance; what things would you certainly have done an other way and any warnings/advice for new-coming bands?What would you advise or not advise?

The only thing which I can advise – You should be scrupulously fair with yourself. In this case you will never regret about anything.



By any chance,are there any questions that you want to ask me?

No, thanks. I know all that I need.



A last weird question, a question on a personal note. Do you have any pets?

Some years ago I had a cat. Now- nothing, because I haven’t free time for this, I’m at my home only for sleeping. But my drummer has 43 Madagascar roaches and 3 (or mabe 4 ) cats J Saturious (keyboardist) has owl and dream about wolf! He such crazy that can make it!



Thank you Varggoth-Nokturnal Mortum..

Thanks all you for support!


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