Nocte Obducta Interview

Salut Nocte Obducta team,how do you do?hope everthing is ok with you…
Lets start with the presentation of the band for who does not know you well.A bit about early releases,line up etc…
Well, it all started in summer 1993 around my 16th birthday. Back then we started a band called „Desîhra“, but we never recorded a demo, nor did we any gigs, as we were much too chaotic and maybe a bit too young. Although (in my opinion) we really had strong material and ideas, it all ended up in complete chaos (you know, starting new songs and never ending them, discussing a lot, jumping from one idea to another), and so the band split in early summer 1995. But with one of the guys I continued working on the material, and in autumn we called the project „Nocte Obducta“. A lot of things happend, but nothung worked, but by the end of 1996 we started rehearsing again with some „Desîhra“-members and some new guys. But again there was trouble ahaed, we lost our rehearsing-room, and it was in october 1997, when we at last start rehearsing reguarly with a partly changed line-up.
We did a demo and seven albums since then, and we had a lot of line up- changes, but I hope, the current line up will be more stable!
May i learn your inspirations while composing a Nocte Obducta song?Are there only abstract inspirations or do there exists some inspirations form the daily life as well?
Hm… first I think, that even abstarct inspiration like wishes, dreams, ideas, ideals are always strongly influenced by your „real“ life, but indeed the earlier lyrics an soundscapes were based more on that abstarct side. But within the last few years, things are bit more direct and sometimes closer to reality,
Can you say your fave Nocte Obducta song?Mine is “Der Erste Frost” –ironically enough-…
Well no, I devinitely cannot tell you that…
Enlighten me more on the lyrical depiction style of Nocte Obducta please?Who writes the lyrics?Are the lyrics have an important place in your musical spirit or do you think that the music itself is far more important than the lyrics?
I do all of teh lyrics and more or less all of the music, and we’re known as a band with important high-quality-lyrics, that are slightly different and often a bit strange compared to what you read in a typical boring BM-booklet… yes of course one might argue, that the music is the most important, but you can destroy any kind of fantastic music with dumb, empty words.
Meanwhile,as far as i have noticed,your lyrics are written in your mother tongue.Also your webpage is totally in German?Actually German suits well into the black metal,but i want to learn about the other reasons as well,if you dont mind?
Well, when I started with „Desîhra“, I both wrote english and german lyrics, sometimes mixed in one song, and so i Did, when we started „Nocte Obducta“. But as we have a very strong lyrical aspect, it’s quite logic for me to use my mother tongue. It’s the language I think, and even in my best english (and my english is getting worse every year, as you might see in this interview) I won’t be able to transoform ideas, feelings, pictures and messages to words, that fit the music, the way I can do this in german.
What kind of bands you are into from your own country?Lets say,are you into Bethlehem’s style and music?
Well, to be honest I don’t listen to very much Bm anymore. Or let’s say, when listening to BM, I always chose my old faves these days. Yes, „Bethlehem“ is a great Band indeed, they can go on your nerves sometimes, when you listen to them to long, but it’s a really goog band, I think.
Are there any new gigs planned soon?What an Nocte Obducta fan should expects when he/she comes to you see on the stage?
Hm… these days noone should expect corpsepaint, torches and tons of spikes… I guess, it’sa quite normal gig, just six guys playingthe music, they love. If we could afford it, I’d really like to use light and fog morge intensively, but it’s hard to manag this as an underground-band in small, dirty clubs, where you even won’t get a sound, that is more or less okay. So we do the shows more or less in a rock’n roll way, that some stupid people call „funny“ and „untrue“, but it’s the simple fact, that our music needs a good sound and atmospheric light… and it is ridiculous, when you do all that evil fucked up posing, these emberassing gestures, this hell-on-earth-shit, when you‘re simply standing on a much to small stage, that looks like a fucked up small bus stop. That’s why I don’t like most BM-concerts.
Are there any special group of people that you dedicate your music to?
People with brain, ideas (OWN IDEAS!!!), that aren’t afraid to be different or just themselves. So obviouesly we don’t adress most of the so called scene at all!
What are your ideas on National Socialism in black metal?Are you for or against to the employment of such kind of ideolgical approaches in music?
It’s one of the most disgusting things in that fucked up scene! First, this „political“ approach is completely bullshit, and any follower should be forced to live the life of a person, that hadn’t the right „race“ or political ideals between 1933 and 1945.
Second, these shity kids just follow something, that sounds extreme, something, that gives them the feeling of belonging somewhere and beeing different. Well, they all are the opposite of different, these fucked up, blind and faceless sheep.
And I’m not of those fuckheads, that say „politics has nothing to do with music“. As we all see, it HAS. Most people, saying that phrase just tolerate all the shit.
Do you content with your label?For you,what kind of qualities should an extreme music label have?
No comments on that!
Say your ideas in one word about the words below!
Cactus? Rabih Abou-Khalil (I mean that album, you know)
Wacken? Not my cup of tea (yes, it’s not one word, but it’s one expression)
Suicide&Drugs and Rock n Roll? Sex
Grishnachk? Difficult to answer…
The Lord of the Rings? Great (the book, not the film)
Free music /MP 3? Shit (the way it’s handled at the moment)
Usame bin fuckin Laden? You already said it
Do you have any words for your enemies? Stop wasting my precious time…
Thanks for your time for Frost Mag!You can close the interview!

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