Negura Bunget Interview

  1. Hail Negru, How are you? How is the life in the land of mist and gloom?

Salut! Well, life goes pretty much the same around here. The autumn is coming fast, weather gets colder and colder, but there’s an amazing deep blue sky all day long…


  1. Like the previous Negura Bunget artpieces, your latest release has been saluted with the audience. Are you content with the reactions? It must be nice see the great conclusion after the months of hard working.

Yeah, it’s always nice seeing people enjoying our work. And we generally got very good reactions after the release of the last album, I can’t complain about anything! I can only hope we’ll keep getting the same kind of remarks on our future releases… he he.


  1. Negura Bunget has always been a band who gives great importance to album covers, artworks. When I look nowadays black metal scene I unfortunately see that bands lack the high spirit which should be obtained from the D.I.Y attitudes. Yet, as far as I see you know the real meaning of D.I.Y., and use it successfully to spirit your work. What do you think about it?

For us every detail was important, so we put a lot of effort in making all the aspects fill together to creating a nice done thing. We did on our own the layout for our last two releases, we handmade those digi boxes as well, and we enjoyed every detail. It’s nothing better that doing something you can be proud of, no matter the hard work! And of course every little aspect counts in the end, no matter is a production thing, a cover layout, or a digipak shape/material. In the end the music counts the most, no doubt about that!


  1. Was it difficult to spread the name of the band in the very early days of Negura Bunget? Flyers, very first gigs…

Actually it was not so difficult to tell you the truth. It may have been that time… but things happened quite fast, and a lot on their own. We did our course our best even back then, tried to play live as much as possible, sent a lot of promos & flyers, answered all the interviews we got…


  1. Related with the previous one, do you think that it is a negative thing when you come from Romania (Transylvania), I mean the negative sides of being Romanian Black Metal band?

There are both positive and negative things concerning this matter… But in the end what matters is what you really do. So we try to look on the bright side and use all the advantages of coming from these lands.

We never wanted also to be what would normally be expected from a band coming from Transilvania. We tried to avoid the clichés and I think we managed it quite well. It was important for us to create a true identity for Negura Bunget, to surpass any superficial approaches.


  1. How is the scene in your country, are there enough supporters for extreme kinds of metal?

Unfortunately there’s not much of a real Metal Scene in Romania. There are a couple of interesting bands, but not so many clubs, festivals, magazines and radio shows… I think there’s also a bit less interest into this kind of music.


  1. ‘‘You can not use keyboard in black metal! That is false! That is untrue!’’ Have you ever faced such kind of statements? What do you think about such kind of jerkings?

I don’t think it really matters WHAT you use… it’s HOW you use it that counts in the end. You could do I think a true Black Metal song with a whole orchestra, choir and everything and still sound as Black as possible… I never really had to face such things… I guess we’re too open for people really to expect such a thing from us.


  1. I have all Negura Bunget releases in my library, and it s really great to see that you have always kept this dark gloomy atmosphere. When you just begin to create new songs, what kind of motivation/inspiration makes you dwell in such kind of musical concept?

I think it depends from case to case… We generally have a concept first, develop some detailed ideas and then do the music & lyrics as a natural consequence. Of course sometimes ideas just came up naturally, we do parts or even whole songs at once… and then work a lot on the details… I’d say there’s also a direct consequence between who you are, how much dedicated you are to the music, and what you create. That’s why we do our best to be ourselves spiritually fit individuals for Negura Bunget and for composing Black Metal music.


  1. Are there any ancient books/ethnical sources that help you when you compose the lyrics?

For our last album we did use some collection of local folklore. We wanted to portray on this album more or less the essences of the Romanian traditional spirituality, and in order to achieve that we studied a lot of material (being it history, folklore, mythology…). But in the end we tried to put all the material we found interesting on out own paths… go beyond what already was said and done and put things on new perspectives… That has been always our approach on such matters.


  1. Negura Bunget likes the live performances. Isn’t it hard to create the same atmosphere?

We’ve been used to play live since the very beginning, so I can’t say it’s that hard for us to perform our tracks live. We always think on the live experience when composing our music, so that we are always able to play live pretty much exact the same things as on the CD. I can’t say it an easy job all the time, but we are also not in Negura Bunget for the easy things… We like the struggle, and we confront all the obstacles directly!


  1. Some fans could be disappointed when they watch you live, not because of you are bad guys at stage but because of they have different images in their minds about you. Actually this a bad dilemma…What do you think about it?

I guess this is something you cannot escape. We always try to put our best on the stage… and if that’s not enough for somebody… well, that’s it! But I don’t really have such worries, I think people usually experience our live performances pretty well.


  1. What do you read nowadays? What kinds of books you prefer?

Lately I’ve been reading mostly books on history, folklore and religion. Not much fiction at all. For the moment I’m reading I. P. Culianu’s Iocari Serio (he’s one of my favorite writers).


  1. Except from your own vein what kind of music do you listen?

We listen to a lot of music. It doesn’t matter that much the genre, as does the quality… I enjoyed lately the last Peccatum album, Mayhem’s Chimera, the soundtrack from Lord of the Rings…


  1. You must be working on new songs, what kind of hints you can give us about the coming release?

It’s true, we’re really into a new album these days… What I could say at this moment… is that we’ll try to express a lot more through our music. This expression is something important for us on this album.


  1. A weird one, what do you think about the name of my mag? Did you like it? Simple and deep…

Well, I do. Frost was one of my fave drummers in the past… so I always think of him… he he. I guess he must have been among the first you interviewed…


  1. It was really nice to guest you in the ugly pages of Frost. Close this stain of snow now…

Was nice for me too! Stay Black! And may the ZSALA MOLKXISA lead your path!



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