Mystic Circle Interview

Hail!How is it going in Germany nowadays?
great we play many gigs at the moment and growing stronger as a band
this time.
What can you say about your fifth/latest release’Damien’?How were
thereactions so far?
abouth the damien alsbum i can say we had many good reactions from all
overthe world. it was again recorded at the studio with our producer
gerhardmagin and its a konzept album about the omen triologie.bute we have already a new album out released in 23 september 2003 overmassacre records hich is called ‘open the gates ofhell’.
And you employed an exact concept in ‘Damien’Whose idea was it?Are We going to see something conceptional like this in the future?
the idea was long time ago and in the future there are coming more konzeptalbums but we are not sure which theme we begin to work for a konzept. thats a november first we bring out a best of with a dvd.
You have toured many times,with some names like Immortal(R.I.P),DarkFuneral,Cannibal Corpse,Marduk,Deicide,Dimmu Borgir,Old Mans Child…can youtell me,which was the best to experience?
the best tour was with cannible corpse these are really cool guys to tour and play with but we are very proud to play with the best bands in extreme metal in the world thats really cool.
Meantime,Have you heard anything new from the Immortal side?You know,you may heard of new projects etc…
no but we know abath personally and iam sure that he will bring out
good stuff in the future.the drummer plays in hyprocosy now.
What can you say about the coming release,you must be working on
The new songs at the moment?
asi said before we have released a new album called ‘open the gates of
hell’ which is a masterpiece of brutalmusic and its very trashi not
much keyboards but a heavy riffing especially for banging maniacs. and in november 15 of 2004 we bring out a best of album with a you should check it out.
‘Damien ‘has an great and original kind of cover for a black metal band,whose artwork is it?Can you say something about the coming
albums cover?
the new album cover from our ‘open the gates of hell’ cd shows a bloody can check it out on
Talking about the movies,may you say what kind of movies you prefer?Do
you like Hellraiser series?or The Night Of The Living Dead etc?The Last
one is my fave!
i like all kind of horror hellraiser, omen and especially
the dario argento movies like inferno, susperia and so on.but also fanatasy stuff like lord of the rings, conan, caldiator.
What do you think about todays Horror Movies?I find them generaly boring man,they try to thrill but cant succeed in…Classics is the best;Halloween,Chainsaw!
i like new movies too like signs , the end of days. i think there will
be great movies in the future cause the effects are really realistic.
As far as i know you formed the band in 1992,can you tell more about these years?I mean spreading flyers,very first gigs,and new feelings?
the times for metal was better with ac-dc , judas priest and maiden but 1992 was the great time of deat metal bands like cannibal corpse napalm
death caracass growing big then the black metal came in 1994 and grow the metal scene grows again stronger and thats good i think.
Todays black metal bands seem to be so ‘reckless’when it comes to blasphemy,what do you think about it?
we do antichrist and extreme music since the beginning and dont care
about trends.
It must be disturbing and heathenistic i think,no matter how the fuck you earn or sold!
we are no sold out band buit we wanna grow strong all over the world
cause we live from the band and wanna tour all over the world.
I can see Warpaint in your ex photos,but not in new photos,what is the
reason for this?Did you quit it completely or just ‘gave a break’?
we quit war paint cause its more brutal to show our faces and it puts
more in the mystic circle style now.the times of war paint are over for us.
What would it be if you give an advice to the new coming bands?
the times are really heavy for new bands but its the same in mystic circle
never give up and carry on.
What are you listening nowadays?Reval some names for the ugly readers of Frost Mag!
iam a big fan of the misfits and the world famous ramones also i prefer
the live cd of slayer decade of agreesion at the moment.
Thanx a lot,Add your last words please.
thanks to you and good luck with your mag!support mystic circle in your countrie check out our homepage for the real and only news: hope to see you someday on the road and we will kick your arse.greets beelzebub and Mystic circle.

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