Miseria Interview

Greetings  Joni!How are you?How Finland seems like in these great
Hi , I’m just fine, and you? Well, We just got first snow last
here in Finland. It gets colder and darker day by day,
but that is what it’s all about.
Could you start by presenting your band to us?
Well, Miseria is a band that started their journey approximately 2
ago. Miseria plays melodic metal that combines
power, folk and gothic metal in a stylish way. After releasing two
(Alone… & The Night of fetus) we decided to
publish first mini-cd “Silence Within”
Miseria consists of:
Joni Kantoniemi, Vocals/Guitar
Virpi Äkkinen, Vocals/Guitar
Päivi Korpi-käkelä Keyboards
Minja Loukkola, Bass
Ville Karhu, Drums
Being a young band,it must be quite hard for you to spread the
name throughout the world at the moment…
So how are the reactions to ‘Silence Within’ so far?Feedback throughout
places where you send your work?
Yes, it is quite a hard to spread Miseria’s name, because we still for
reason are unsigned band, but there are currently
couple of contract negotiations between Miseria and labels. Also
in magazines etc. have been zero class, because of lack of
money. So, Internet is almost the only place where we can advertise
and of course interviews. Reactions to
“Silence Within” have mainly been good. Of course there are always some
negative reviews, but it’s only natural. Our first
edition is sold out, so at least it tells that we have a big fanbase.
We are
grateful to Firebox Records which distributes our
Mini-cd world-wide. http://www.firebox.fi
I really like the Silence Within’s production in terms of recording
quality.I think you gave big importance to the studio
sessions,recording periods,am i right?
It is really important that band goes to good studio. Fantom studio is
professional studio and this was the second time when
we recorded there. Samu Oittinen is a professional with a great
attitude. We
recorded our Mcd in three days and we would
have been there couple of days more but again there was that thing
Have you contacted any labels so far for the full-lenght?What kind of
you want to have a deal with?A small dedicated one or big names?
We haven’t yet contacted any label, but couple of labels have contacted
As I earlier told there are currently couple of
negotiations. Let’s see what will happen. I personally think that it
matter whether the label is small or big. All that
matters is that the label is ready to invest our band. Promotion must
good in all kind of ways.
What are your future plans for Miseria?
Well, we have a lot of new songs and we are anxious to record those,
but we
are waiting for proper record deal. I think it’s only
a matter of time when we get that deal.
What kind of  bands inspires the Miseria while creating  the music?In
first days for example?
There ain’t any particular band, but mostly all good melodic metal
Being the only ‘male’ in the band ,how it feels when you work with
mean it is not that common to see
full-female membered bands especially in the metal scene?On the other
have to admit that these girls play well man!
At first I have to correct that I am not anymore the only male in the
Our first drummer was female, but she left the
band approximately year ago. Ok, about the question. It is an honour to
with girls who can do their jobs magnificently,
they all are good live performers and Virpi & Päivi are doing most of
Miseria’s songs. The only full-female membered
metalband that came up to my mind is Astarte.
What about the gigs?I know you had many live performances in
Finland,how was
them?How was the audience?
Are you planning to play in some other countries as well?May be
countries at first?
Yes, we have had a lot of gigs in Finland. Most of the gigs have been
good. Usually audience is very good and sings
along with us. A little european tour would be ideal, but we need
support somewhere. Any ideas? Sweden or Germany
could be the first land abroad where we should go.
Actually you are playing a style which is quite popular in Finland.So
do you
think you are more ‘lucky’ at this point?
It is a two-sided thing. Maybe we should have started earlier so we
now be very popular. On the other hand,
this kind of style is now in good reputation so maybe it bring us a
share of
the cake
What are the lyrics telling us?Are there exact themes that you have
Lyrics tell about miseryfilled life and in some parts about our own
Our themes vary from
suicidal thoughts to beutiful dreams. We could say that we haven´t got
particular theme but in some parts we
are tended to fall into despair.
I think you are into In Flames’ music.What do you think about their new
albums?I think i have to admit;the only
In Flames work i m (was) in to was ‘ Lunar Strain’.What do you think
‘Lunar Strain’ then ?
Yes, I am a big fan of In Flames, but the two latest albums haven’t
been so
good as I expected. I am also more
into older In Flames, particularly Jester Race (probably the best ever
record). Lunar Strain is a helluva
debut album and the first song “Behind Space” is totally killer song.
Personally it really piss me off that they don’t play
anymore older dongs in their gigs.
How is your daily life? Are all members are working pr studying?
I, Virpi and Päivi are students. Minja is a nurse and Ville is a
What can you say about Finlandia vodka!?Say your fave booze?
Finlandia Vodka besides metal bands is something that we finnish people
be very proud of. Definitely best Vodka!!!
My favorite booze is “Remy Martin Cognac” and of course Koskenkorva :)
If we
talk about beer, absolute number one is Carlsberg.
Well Joni,that should be all for now.Anything to add in the end?
Everyone check out our website http://www.turn.to/miseria you can find
pictures of
good-looking metal girls and
ugly heavy men :)
Thanks for the interview



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