Mayhem Interview

Salut Blasphemer,what are the latest news from the Mayhem camp?As far as i know,I think a new US tour is at hand,right? Well , the latest news is that our Hungarian friend Attila Csihar is back in the band. But I guess you knew that already. Apart from that we are now about to rehearse for the upcoming shows in Norway and in Greece, trying to get Atilla comfortable with the stuff already recorded by Maniac. As for US tour plans; no. I think we will concentrate on doing an album instead. No use promoting “Chimera” with a new vocalist. The shows in Norway and in Greece have already been scheduled so it’s a kind of a different story. It’s a good chance for us to see how everything works out as well.

Actually some pigs blamed you for creating a bit extraordinary sound in Grand Declaration of War,but here we have Chimera as an ear blasting album-i think the both is killer-though,so what can you say about Chimera,on general feedback from the Mayhem maniacs from all over this fuckin globe? Well, the response has been overwhelming. People seem to get into this stuff more easily than the previous album. This is more traditional you know. More straight in your face kind of music. And further I guess it appeals to a lot more people than the “limited” and obscure “Grand..” did.


What exactly made Mayhem chance rather the primitive black metal to the avantgardish direction? I guess my head at the time wanted things to go further. I was tired of everything and I just wanted to blow everything away. And I really think I managed as well, he he. Its really funny to see how conservative and obnoxiously simple people seem to be in their miserable lives.. We are fucking proud of that release; its more black metal than most things out there. Remember; we don’t give a fuck about anyone. We are True! True to ourselves. That means that we don’t care if people like it or not. About releasing something more primitive again; I felt like it. I am up and down, but at the same time I guess you can say that I knew that this album would be this way. I knew it even before Grand Declaration of War was finished, as some of the riffs on Chimera is actually from 98-99. This was the perfect time to use them. Cleaning the shit out of my closet.


Once you said that ‘Signing a deal with some big major label is definitely not a good thing for us.’For you,In what way would it be necessary/useful for Mayhem to not to have deal with a big label?Do you think will Mayhem be keeping the true underground spirit in that or this way? Mayhem will never change. It will always be the dark cornerstone of expression. If we signed to a bigger label, it would mean that we suddenly became a small fish in a big lake. Remember, we don’t sell that many albums and we will never do so. So then again its only natural that, in this materialized world, the big labels go for the more mainstream acts or the bigger fishes if you’d like. Cash is king, or so they say at least..hehe.

On the other hand Chimera sounds a bit more ‘rawish’ when compared to  Grand Declaration of War,i mean especially the drum sound in Grand Declaration of War was quite polished when compared to Chimera.What do you think about this?Why did this change occur? Because none of us wanted that on the Chimera album. It fits on Grand but it’s too small and plastic for anything else. The next one will be even heavier on the drums side of things.

A weird question about the past; What were your reaction when you were asked to join Mayhem?How did it exactly felt like? I don’t know. Getting a cucumber stuck in between my front teeth’s maybe..I don’t remember actually. Looong time ago. Way back in `94, hehe.

As far as i know,Maniac is studying philosophy in the university of Oslo,it must be effecting Mayhem’s style of deðiction when it comes to lyrical concept.Am i right? Of course it had a huge impact on the lyrical side of the band. That was his thing you know. And I guess through his philosophical studies he got more aware of his own position. I still fucking love his lyrics. Creepy and cryptic as fuck.

May you give any hints/clues about the next Mayhem album? What kind of catastrophe should I wait this time? More or less the best black metal release ever, hehe. No, seriously, I am very excited about the new stuff. Extremely dark and mean. Much more atmospheric as well. I have for the moment about 8-9 different themes or fundaments so I am aiming for a recording session in august or so. Prepare! About the lyrical contempt; I believe that Attila will come up with something eerie. I have already discussed some things with him. I am sure it will be frightening.

Which album cover of Mayhem you like most? Which Mayhem cover is your fave!? I like the cover of Chimera. It is as dirty as I felt during the recording session. My head was full of dirt and negativity. At the same time; I really enjoy Wolfs lair abyss in its simplicity though. Just plain and black. 

It is hell sure that Mayhem is a killer live band. What exactly you feel before the gig, is it still the same exciting thing for you? On the other hand, do you personally prefer playing in big venues or in small clubs? Well, it depends on my mood I guess. Some time I get this feeling I used to have before shows in the past, but that’s rather seldom these ugly days. Most of the times I am cold as a stone. It depends on the mood really. Remember, when you are on tour you have some really tiresome days. Sleeping in a bus with 20 idiots it’s not exactly pleasant for a 5-week period. Sometimes you loose yourselves you know. And that is for sure to be mirrored from the stage as well.

Thanks Blasphemer for your time on Frost Mag, say your fave Dark Throne song and close this shit! Meanwhile i have also interviewed  Fenriz -Dark Throne for this issue so send your mesage to him!

Fave dark throne song..I guess maybe “Unholy Black Metal” or “Inn I de Dype Skogers Favn” from Under a funeral moon. Y&T reunion! KRRRREEEEPPPPPPPSSSS.





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