Marsyas Interview

Greetings Marsyas team!How are the things in  Romania ?Hope every thing is cool at your side…


Hello my friend! Things are going pretty well for us around here, there’s just been a Nightwish concert in Bucharest, and there’s going to be one with Anathema, in Timisoara. Related to concerts, there have been plenty of them, at least in Bucharest.


Please introduce Marsyas to the audience,with your latest line up and  brief history?

Marsyas was formed in 1998, in Bucharest. The band has had concerts in local clubs during the first three years, then, starting with 2001, it performed at the most important Rock Festivals in Romania. In 2003, Bestial Records released the debut album, called “Lonely Tears”, which creates a depressive, sad, and gloomy atmosphere all along the 9 tracks, offering a wonderful gift to all Crematory, My Dying Bride, and Tristania fans.


Meanwhile i really wonder what the name Marsyas stands for?Why did you chose this name for your band?

This name, Marsyas, is taken from the Greek mythology. In short, the legend says that Marsyas was a satyr who played beautifully the flute, even better than Zeus himself, thing which made the latter extremely angry. Therefore, Zeus dared Marsyas in a duel, at the end of which the muses declared Zeus the winner. Zeus decided to rip the skin off Marsyas, and this is how he became a martyr of music. We chose the name Marsyas in order to identify ourselves with him, because we are playing the music we love, without any frontiers, and restrictions.


How are the reactions to the ‘Lonely Tears’ so far?Do you content with them?

Generally speaking, the reactions are positive. There’s always room for better, since this is the first album. It has been promoted by many local radio stations and magazines, and maybe, unexpectedly, MTV Romania played one of the songs.


With which influences you created the Marsyas?Can you give some names?

Gothic Metal’s Legends: My Dying Bride, Crematory, Anathema, and, in the drumer’s performance, there’re Testament influences.


What kind names,inspirations made you to express yourself under the flag of death/doom metal?Why did you chose this path to create your art?

It is Gothic, doom, but it is not death metal. Imagine that bands like Theatre of Tragedy or Tiamat have already adopted a new, more modern style. We believe that there is still place for classical Gothic, at least in Romania, where there are very few bands playing this way.


Have you ever performed live so far?If yes,how were your gigs?

Yes, many times. Unfortunately, only in Romania. We played with famous Romanian bands, like: Negura Bunget, Kratos, Interitus Dei, Trooper, and with a few foreign ones, like: Let Me Dream – Finland, Via Serpentis – Greece, May Result – Serbia, Deflorace – Czech Republic. The greatest concert was the one for the release of our album, when we performed in front of 1000 people. 


What about the audience of Romania?Actually i know that there exists really great bands in Romania but what about the audience,is there  enough suppport for the extreme arts?


Generally, the public in Romania supports local bands. Yet, very few foreign bands have concerts here, that is why the audience becomes “desperate” when it comes to big names. The style “in fashion” is black metal, but we cannot complain.


Correct me if i m mistaken,I know you are working with the Bestial Records at the moment,do you content with their work?promotion etc?

-Yes, I’ve been working with Bestial Records from 1997.I’m not the boss of the label, I’m their local dealer in Bucharest. I practically grew up at the same time with this label, and it has become part of my life. I cannot picture how it could be if it stopped existing someday.



What kind of positive and negative sides you have when you are band from the Romania?

First, it is still hard for a Romanian band to have concerts organized abroad. Foreigners have the tendency to avoid Romanian bands, because they have the feeling they are not serious. Personally, I don’t agree with this affirmation. Paradoxically, there are people who accept our music only because it comes from a country which is almost completely unknown to them.


Lets talk about the Marsyas lyrical side.Who writes the lyrics?What kind of events,emotions make you to compose lyrics?With which themes you like to dance with while composing them?

The lyrics are written by our drumer and by our vocal together. Just like the music, the lyrics come naturally into their minds during the rehearsals.

“Lonely Tears” is a Gothic metal album filled with endless sadness,and loneliness in tears; crumbled hopes, desertness, broken hearts, and empty souls, darkness, painful memories, and the deep feeling of despair…


What have been listening lately?And ,What are your faves in the doom metal scene?

We usually listen to music from various genders in rock: from Depeche Mode to Dimmu Borgir, from Evanescence to Testament. See how different we are? Related to doom ( and Gothic), we strongly recommand the new albums of My Dying Bride and Crematory. If you ask us about a simillar Romanian band, we suggest you listen to DinUmbra ( psychedelic Gothic industrial).


Are you working on the new songs?Are there (will there be) any changes in the sound structure of Marsyas?

We have three new tracks we have just finished, and we will include them on a new demo, which will probably be called “A New Page”. There will be some changes in the structure, as well as in the line-up.


Do you have any final words for the audience?

We wish we were more and more famous abroad, just as we are in Romania, and we hope one day someone invites us to play in Turkey too. Our debut album, “Lonely Tears” is available on CDs and cassettes, produced by Bestial Records, and, in Turkey, it can be bought from Alternative Distro (at a huge price, with lot of zeroes, in Turkish liras! :) ).


Thanks for time on this ,i hope the best for your band!

We thank you too for this opportunity: Tudor Nitu, guitar; Radu Moldovan, drums; Constantinescu Anca, keyboards; Flavius Prelipcean, bass; Paul Petre, vocals.

At last, but not least, Titus Constantinescu, the band’s manager.



Titus Constantinescu

OP 31 – CP 74 sector 2 Bucuresti Romania




OP 12 – CP 969 Timisoara TM Romania





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