Malleus Maleficarum Interview

   Lets take a start by your past.What can you say us while presenting
Malleus Maleficarum?Your history,releases,latest line up?
–> We’ve created Malleus Maleficarum in 1997 with four members : Nico
(Drums), Ahriman (Bass), Tamas (guitar) and Matema (Vocals). We’ve
recorded two demos and one MCD before our first Album ‘Taedium Vitae’ out
on Oaken Shield in summer 2002. Then Mastema left the band in septemeber
2003 before the record of our second opus ‘Des Bibles, Des Hymnes, Des
icônes…’ and let the vocals to Tamas & Ahriman. This album gone out
on Oaken Shield too in may 2004. We are actually working on new
compositions and still searching for concerts.
***Your second full-length,’Des bibles,Des hymnes,Des icones’ has
already out to blast all blackhearts around.So what can can you say about
the reactions to this new release?and,particularly when compared the
previoıus ‘Taedium Vitae’?
–> We’ve quite good criticals about ‘Des bibles…’ Globally this
album has been found more professional, original and rich in emotions and
ambiances that ‘Taedium Vitae’ but we don’t really mind it. We play
music for us, not for ‘black-metal-sheeps’. Half of criticals are
hypocrtical or not objective.
***Some vocal parts in’ Des…’ reminded me of ex Burzum vocals…Is Varg
Greven Vikernes inspired you in terms of vocal usage at this point?
–> Varg was not the first to roar hypothetically and a lot of band
made it better than him. I (Ahriman) am influenced by all I listen and not
limited to two bands. To resume, no I’m not influenced by Burzum for my
 ***Except personal influences/inspirations,what kind of styles and
bands are influnced the Malleus Maleficarum’s current musical spirit?
–> The MM ‘musical spirit’ is obviously influenced by our musical
influences and inspirations because WE create the music… Like i said, we
don’t listen only two poor black-metal band or only ‘Kvlt band’ playing
shit. We listen less black-metal than a few years ago and open a little
our mind (only about music :)). Our differents inspirations could be
heard on the next release ’cause we are leading our music to a different
wayfrom traditionnal black metal including new elements like accoustic
guitar you can already heard on ‘Des bibles…’ and electronic samples
for the future record.
 ***You use war-paint,like many true black metal hordes,to you,what is
war-paint’s place in your music? I mean What war-paint stands for in M.M
‘s soul?
–> We use war paint to increase the dark and unhealthy side of our
music only in live acts.
***Can you enlighten me about your lyrics?I think it is finely based on
the philosophy of Nihilism?Are there any books/writers which inspires
you at this point?
–> The texts on ‘Des Bibles…’ has been written by Tamas, exept ‘La
cité des Hurlements muets’ by Iconoclast from SAEL. Globally there are
various subjects like the melancholie, the death, the evil-being, the
depression and the suicide but some titles are a little bit different
like ‘La Chambre Des Souillures’ and speak about torture or deviant
***Are there any bands you support in French black metal
underground?What are your opinions about French black metal movement?
–> We don’t care about French Black Metal ‘scene’. Like in other
country, there is a lot of boring shit and some more interressant band like
SAEL, Acarus Sarcopt, Fornication, Blacklodge etc…
***As far as i know,on september 2003 your previous member Mastema left
the band and you go on like that.I think finding a dedicated band
member is quite difficult task,am i right?Especially,if you perform unholy
arts like black metal ,it is important thing to find ideologically
correct person while seeking a new member?
–> We didn’t search any other member when Mastema left the band and
don’t need anyone more in MM. We wanted the spirit of MM stay intact and
don’t be pollued by another member
***Do you read extreme metal magazines/fanzines?Do you follow any
publication related to this scene?
–> We don’t care about BM piece of gossip. Metal magazines are
globally boring, ininterressant and dick’s labels suckers.
 ***What are your opinions about todays fashionable big fests?Do you
think is it good for a black metal band to perform live  so often?
–> We don’t care about what is good or not for black metal…
 ***Every fuckin band has a DVD or videoclip nowadays…Have you ever
thought of having a video or something like DVD?Do you have such palns for
–> We have plan to put some videos on the website
( but we are far to realise a DVD or
video clip and we don’t want it.

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