Lunar Aurora Interview

Hail Sindar,how is the life in Germany nowadays,everything is ok i hope?It is fuckin afternoon here and i hate all afternoons…

Everything´s okay, thank you. It is late afternoon here and as now colder days are coming it is getting dark quite soon. It has been a quick autumn and one sometimes can already smell the winter approaching.



Lets start with the latest rituals that is taking place in the Lunar Aurora camp?Latest activities/plans?


Since the recording of „Elixir of Sorrow“ and the following period of silence we were not calming down. We recorded another album called “Zyklus” which will be released soon on Whyrhd´s own label Cold Dimensions, we recorded a 20-minute-song for a Split LP with the helvetic band “Paysage d´Hiver”, released in August by Eternity Records and had several Live Gigs in Germany and Austria. In the moment we are rehearsing another album we will record in early 2005. After that we will perhaps think about some more gigs.



Do you content with the Lunar Aurora s position in the undergroud scene?Be it in your land or in other countries?

We are in this comfy situation that we can do what we want. Although it was already this way all the time, nowadays it is even more simple being at Cold Dimensions. Besides that we do not care about the scene, our position within it or anything else concerning it.


Scene turned into a kindergarten which is full of kittens who just make music for the pussies,money,or fame…What do you think about it?How far can unholy Black arts go with such kind of pseudo ideologies?


To those who practise that sort of Black Metal you are talking about, to those people it surely is no pseudo-ideology. It is their way, which does not make things any better ore less silly. I do not know the aims of those persons and bands and I do not know where this will lead to and as I said before, I don´t care. There is a lively roaming of idiots somewehere far below that will go on for a long time and besides really few bands that are able to create something very special, no one will ever take greater notice of all that. They will leave no trace so why care about what they think or do or say.


On the other hand,it s nice to see some great bands surviving under such kind of conditions.I saw some reviews in zines /mags that is blaiming the bands for having such a bad production/sound qualities?What the hell these pigs are waiting for?Thanks to these ‘big’senfonic bands around,expectations from black metal has changed a lot,may i take your opinions about it?


One should be aware that this mass of fanzines is being made by the same mass of persons that irritate at concerts, by speech or by music, the same mass of people you were refering to in that question before. So why should their writing or their taste of music be much better than their music. When music is not understood, one must try to concentrate on more catchy things, such as sound or optical presentation. And this has always been that way, only with more modern references concerning what can technically be done these days.


What kind of depiction styles you employ in the lyrical character of Lunar Aurora?

It is no certain style or something that characterizes our lyrics. Most of our words and the meaning are created without real contact to the music, still having the same aims and sources, so they are not written on a certain song but for their very own. The words come forth very intuitive, pulsating and at this moment having all the control what their shape will be in this world. They follow no orders, just forming a thing alive by their own, lingual  aesthetics which possibly may be some sort of style but it isn´t as it will never be the same again. You cannot characterize this. Later, maybe, some words or lines are slightly moved or changed to make them an unity with the song but mostly they are not touched any more.


What is your opinion about live black metal performances,do you think it is a good way to communicate with the listeners?


Of course playing live is the most „alive“ way to comunicate with your audience and present your music. But in most cases it has to be live-music and live musicians. Nevertheless you also need a listening audience. It is easy to catch them by Party –Black Metal but it is fucking unsatisfying to try to get a bucnh of hellish drunk mongoloids into a mood outside their foggy brains and into more sublime. This is one reason why we play live that seldom.



Related with the previous one,to be honest ith you Sindar,i do not like such kind of live activities especially when it s a black metal gig-which is supposed to be misanthropic-!Yeah,some exceptions may take place but…What can say about it?

Of course when you are claiming yourself as absolutely misanthropic you need very good reasons when you are still playing life on stage. On the other hand one could say that he is not interested in whether he is believable, “true” or whatever, one just does what he wants to do and all those who care about it, can piss off. It is not really misanthropic but it is an attitude, I would nobody blame for.



Are you in to literature and philosophy as well?What kind of  works you prefer to read?


I like literature and I acutally do also like philosophy but for the latter I do not have the time these days. I have little knowledge about various philosophies and their authors but it is more wide in range than depth. Philosophy –as well the ancient, as the modern way- is something I would really like to deal more with but on the other hand it will never be much more to me than interesting basic thoughts that can never entirely catch me, as they are not my own. I have to have my own thoughts and experiences. Those men had theirs and so may just tell me of them but I never can be active part of their history; something that many people seem to feel forced to be by being fanatic followers of certain philosophies or -even worse- religions.

Often authors of novel-literature pretend to be great philosophers too but those that really are –very few of them- never write books with a dogmatic content. Only literature without any ideological utopiae really can have the power to show something of more importance and open certain areas of spirit and mind.


Every fuckin band has a DVD nowadays,are you thinking of such kind of act?


There is not much to say against a DVD. It is just another medium of our time and it can make music (we are only talking about music that is interesting for us right now) more alive and allow a deeper sight of what is connected to it. Perhaps we will do a Musicvideo or a whole DVD one time. But as we have no major label at hand that makes most of the work we would do all on our own –we would do anyway- and this really a lot of work and takes a long time if you want to make it properly so at the moment it is not planned.


As far as i understand from your lyrics ,nature has an great influence on you.It must be particularly the winter which exiles our spirits to an up rooted kingdooms…Do you think seasons has effects on your creativity?


Certainly seasons have a big influence on our creativity as it has a great effect on ourselves. And with the same amount we are in touch with the seasons and all the magic that lies in each of them, it effects what our spirits create. It does not have cliché effects, like happy music in spring or grim music in winter but it has.



May i take your opinions on ecclesiastical abusements that has been taking place on the free-wills of humanity since the birth of all civilizations?Ecclesiastics destroyed so many cultures,omited so many written masterpieces…

History shows much of what you have asked for and what we see nowadays is the effect of it: war, worldwide and mutilated souls. But missionaries or crusades are only historic bookmarks that show a little aspect of all those connections that lead from one to another and it would be too much for one question to try to show up only some of them or to look behind them.



What do you think about the ‘Blending of Cultures’?Is it always “great” to mix things,people,or attitudes?Lets look at it from varius aspects..

A very political question. I sometimes have the feeling that many cultures are only left alive outside their original countries. It is the desperate attempt to preserve origins in a environment where you do not belong to. It is clear that this leaves behind broken minds but not by differences but by the lack of roots. Like a tree that has been planted away new roots are to be built but in our world there is no place for it. Our soil is filled up with poisonous plants and what you see coming back to your country is what we see here as the worst posers. It is not connected to a certain origin, there are polish, turkish, russian, african and so on, and together with our idiots we have a mass of these suckers. Mostly I ignore them but they can be the pest. In the worst case it will create a multi-cultural “tribe” but the effect will not be that bloody wealth of culture but a total emptiness of it – nothing to be keen on. I normally do not have problems with foreigners but sometimes you come to a subway station and you do not hear a single German word. I also would like no other country to be in such a situation. I like travelling and appreciate other cultures but they are nothing but a blunt masquerade outside their cultural origins and so are most of those people here.



Lets return to the music stuff,Can tell me Sindar,what is planned for the coming release,what can you say about it?


As I have mentioned in the beginning, we are creating new songs at the moment that should be recorded in January or February 2005. For this album we have a new drummer, having been introduced on that mentioned 20-minute-song. So Aran does not do the drumming any more and is able to concentrate on the guitars again and with Whyrhd as actively playing guitar, too, this gives us the opportunity to create more complex music as all of the other albums have been written and arranged with only one guitar. Besides that we are a bit more tending to the both extremes of aggressive, “groovy” music and spherical flights, trying to get them into one. It will surely be much less monotonous than “Elixir of Sorrow”, more like “Zyklus”. More dynamic and hopefully more intense, as every album is a new challenge and with every minute of consciousness you gain more of that spirit that will influence your music.


Ok,this manifest is here ended,thanks a lot for the time ,i hope the best for your band!


Thank you. With darkest regards.




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