Lordi Interview

Hail the Amen,Hail the monsters of Suomi Finland,how do you do nowadays?

Hi, I feel really fine! The band has been really busy after winning the Finland’s Eurovision song contest. We also started out first club tour here in Finland so there’s no much freetime at the moment, which is nice :)


Lets check this exciting news first; “Hard Rock Hallelujah” will be the Finland’s song on the Eurovision 2006.Thats is an interesting new indeed,how came?

Well, our record company, SonyBMG, suggested to participate in Eurovision song contest and after we were thinking of it a few days, we were that “hey, what not!”. In the beginning it was more like a promotion thing for us and it still is. But of course, we gonna destroy Athens, that’s for sure! You know, Lordi is not an ordinary band and this kind of things, like taking part in Eurovision, is exactly what we do. There’s no limits for us.


How the audience in Finland react to “Hard Rock Hallelujah” so far?Do all people agree that it can be a song that can represent Finland in Eurovision or have some opposite views occured already?

Hahaa, in Finland we have a really love-hate –thing going on right now! :) After the contest there was a real storm around us, people were for and against. We won the contest by far, there’s no question about that, but afterwards all the whimpers started to blame us satanistics and something like ‘now Finland’s celebrity is gone if we really gonna represent Finland in Eurovision!’ Can you believe it!?! And what celebrity? :) Well, any publicity is good publicity, as we know, so we are just happy of all this free promotion we are gettin’ right now.


Maybe related with the previous question,do you hear any negative comments about your apperance?I mean,will Lordi play with their usual make up in the Eurovision or do you have something more exclusive for this night?

Yea yea,  Lordi will always perform in make-up. Our show is spiced with the pyrotechnics so there might be some limits for it in Athens, but negotiations is already in progress so let’s see what we can do. Anyway, we are not gonna do any compromises so I promise to you that we gonna be the artist you remember.


Do you think that your success in Eurovision can affect the album sales in negative or positive ways?

In positive way, definitely. As I said, all this promotion and feedback, was it good or bad, is only a positive thing for us.

You are generally put into the same shelf with Twisted Sister and the Kiss.Do you agree?Have these bands inspred you at some point?

Oh yeah! We are all huge KISS fans, and also 80’s heavy metal is really close to our hearts. Twisted Sister is one of the craziest band in a world! I love those dudes! It was dream come true when Bruce Kulick (ex-KISS) and Jay Jay French and Dee Snider (TS) took part in our new album. Imagine, I was a little kid and there was a poster of Kulick on my wall, and now I play guitar on the same track with him, it is something. .unbelievable..

Can you tell us some more about your lyrics, which form some kind of concept…

Mr.Lordi makes all the lyrics, so I guess you should try to dive in to his mind :) Main point is that we don’t preach or teach or take up a stand for anything. Each song is a little story and there’s no any opinions of  “the world situation” or so.. Ideas behind the lyrics comes mostly from the horror movies and rock ‘n roll.


What other bands do you listen to in your spare time?Are you into death/thrash/black metal at the same time?

I listen a lot of different kind of music.. Of course, Skid Row, G ‘n R, Mötley, Aerosmith. Zeppelin etc. are my favorites. I’ve been a huge Anthrax fan all of my life and right now I’m really waiting fo their visit in Finland! I’m also a really into Blues, and from that field I listen also a lot of other artist than Clapton :) So, I’m not so much into black metal or so..


Lordi’s make up is for sure very extraordinary and cool,whose work is it?Do you have special make-up team?You must be spending hours in the make-up room before the gigs eheh..

All the costumes is made by Mr.Lordi himself. He is an artistic genius with a big A! During the tours we have a one person with us who takes care of our costumes if there’s anything that is need to be fix or sew or paint or so..and believe me, costumes are under the needle all the time :) Yea, we spend a few hours before the show just to put the make up on.


What about films or books, Tv series,anything you recently read or saw that impressed you?And one more thing,Chose : Simpsons VS South Park?I go for Simpsons,that is!

I’m following right now the 24. Actually, it is the only interesting TV series going on right now in Finland. I just can’t wait the new episodes from the Sopranos! All the mafia related things are really fascinating. Well, actually, most of the HBO series are worth of watching. Like OZ, my all-time favorite! I also read a lot…right now I’m reading the “Sinuhe The Egyptian”, it is a classic. About films..well, I guess I haven’t seen a really astonishing film for awhile..I love the horror films! Next film I’m gonna watch is “The Amityville Horror” and I wait a quite lot of it ‘cause Mr.Lordi suggested it to me :)  I also love the TV series “Friends”! It is a really good way to charge your batteries, a lot of fun! Hmm..Simpsons VS South Park..I have to say The Simpsons. Kita and Mr.Lordi are huge Simpsons fans and I guess “I have seen” all the episodes ‘cause they are talking about those all the time :)


Do you play any video or computer games?

Yea yea! I love hockey, and for that reason I play a lot of NHL. I also love the Rockstargames’ GTA category! I have to mention here, that last year I got an invitation to play guitar on a PC action game called “Shadowgrounds”, it was a real fun. If you wanna take a closer look at it, visit at http://www.shadowgroundsgame.com


Another weird one on the way;Are you married? And what kind of effects could marriage have on the creativity of the artist? Have you ever thought of this? It sure one may be more creative when he is alone,yet what about a man married with children?

Yea, that’s a weird one! :) No, I’m not married. I understand your question completely…It’s been seen so many times that wifes kills your creativity [lol] but also other way around. I guess it depends a lot of relationship..I mean, if you got a lot of support from home it might be a really creative thing, but once again, if you don’t, then it might be really hard to be concentrated on music. This is not the easiest career if you think about the relationships. I don’t have any childrens..but of course I have thought of it and what kind of effects it could have..so I have chosen rock ‘n roll :) I guess that if I would have a wife and children it would be a hard to avoid some conflicts. But basicly, it is only about the lack of time.


A last weird question, a question on a personal note. Do you have any pets?If yes,which breed you like most?(if it is a dog,that is)

Yes, I have a dog, almost 12 years old boxer, called Stanley :) The world’s charming one! He is everything to me.

Thanks a lot for the answers Amen, Finish this interview quoting the words of a man you admire the most, please!

Quoting the words of the greatest man on earth, Paul Stanley (from the song God Gave Rock ‘n Roll To You)

“I know life sometimes can get tough!

And I know life sometimes can be a drag!

But people, we have been given a gift,

we have been given a road

And that road’s name is… Rock and Roll!”


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