Lord Belial Interview

  1. Hail Micke!How do you do?What are the breaking news from the Lord Belial camp?

Hello! I am all ok. There are not that many news for the moment since we just had a break for some months due to the recovering of Anders surgery. We have just started to book some gigs for next year, and there are also some tours for 2005 being planned for the moment.


  1. Lord Belial  already released his fifth full-length album ‘ The Seal of Belial’,Are you satisfied with the result?

Yes we are very satisfied with the album! The production is awesome and the songs are just great.


  1. What about the coming gigs?Will you be doing some new tour in the beginning of 2005 to promote ‘The Seal Of Belial’?

As I mentioned above we are dealing for some tours right now, so it’s too early to say when and where we will perform next year.


  1. For you,what is the finest side of giving gigs/concerts?Do you think is it a kind of communication device between you and the supporters?

Absolutely! It is very satisfying to play live in front of real die hard fans banging their heads off to our music! Unbelievable feeling!


  1. Do you have any daily jobs ?Can you earn enough money from the Lord Belial?Would it be great if you had many more earnings from the Lord Belial?

We do not have Lord Belial as our daily job, even though I and Thomas “work” for Lord Belial on an every day basis. Of course it would be great to have the band as daily job but on the other hand maybe the joy of it all will disappear when we HAVE to work with it. Now we do it just because we really like it.


  1. How were the song-writing process for “ The Seal of the Belial”?And,talking about the general situation,is there a “mastermind” in the Lord Belial?or are all members involving in the song-writing?

Most of the songs are written by Thomas and me, the riffs are done by Thomas and the both of us do the first arrangements for the songs. When we are satisfied we present the ideas to Hjalle and Anders, and they add their touch into it. Thomas write all the lyrics.


  1. In terms of lyrical side of the latest album,what do you depict in  “The Seal of the Belial”?What kind of themes you employed this time?

As I mentioned above, Thomas write all lyrics and they always touch the same topics which are death, hate and the destruction of religion.


  1. Do you think Lord Belial has experienced some kind of “progress” throughout the years?Or stand as the same in terms of spirituality and musically?

We always have to progress somehow, or else we don’t find any reason to continue.


  1. Do you content with the Lord Belial’s current place in the scene?Have you ever thougt like “This not enough for Lord Belial! “ or  like “ It is great to see Lord Belial at this point”?

We are satisfied as it is for the moment.


  1. When do you think that Lord Belial reaches the peak point ?be it musically or personaly?Or do you think you are already on the peak of your career?

If I could answer that we are at our peak right now, I would quit playing right now. When you reach the top there is nothing more to do than climbing (or falling) down.


  1. What are your future plans for Lord belial?Related,may i take your opinions about black metal’s future?will there be soem decline point or will there be a second awakening?

Our future plans use to reach for about 6 months forward, so we are planning some gigs and even a few tours for the beginning of 2005. We are also writing songs for the next album which we hopefully will record next summer.


  1. About an utopia,How would it feel if we were living in a word in which there exists no religion,temples,churches?

I have no idea but hopefully it would be for the better. On the other side we need the hate to live on.


  1. Words for your enemies?

Fuck off!


  1. Words for your allies?

Thank you very much for your endless support!


  1. Thanks a lot for your time for Frost,you can close this spell now!

Thank you for your interest in Lord Belial!


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