Kult Ov Azazel Interview

 Hail   Xaphan & Kult Ov Azazel,how do you do nowadays?Fuckin spring is at hand and this feeling of nervous breakdown kills me… 

Things are going quite well actually. We have spent the past 10 days rehearsing for the Northern Lights Festival we are co-headlining in Canada in June. Last month we completed the writing for our next assault and we are in the works of putting together a European tour and perhaps some dates for the west coast here in the US.

   May you tell us about K.O.A releases so far,and your latest line up?

Kult ov Azazel was formed in the spring equinox of 1999 under the infernal name Azazel consisting of Xaphan (myself) on guitar/vocals, Xul on vocals/bass and Von on drums. Under this name and lineup we recorded and released “Order of the Fly”. Soon after Von was booted out and Hellspawn took over drum duties and with this lineup we recorded and released the material on the split CD with Krieg (USA). In the spring of 2000 we kicked out Hellspawn, decided to change the band name to Kult ov Azazel and signed a 4 album deal with Arctic Music. In March 2001 we released our first full length “Triumph of Fire” with Vetis participating as a session drummer on that release. We have also participated in a 7” split with Satan’s Blood (GER); a 4 way split with Obitus (SWE), Humanicide (USA) and Thylord (FRA) and have been included on numerous compilations. In 2003 we launched our second major offensive for Arctic Music titled “Oculus Infernum” which is the first time we have recorded with a full permanent lineup which now consists of myself (vocals/guitar), Xul (vocals/ bass), Nocturath (guitar/backing vocals) and The Hammer (drums). Currently we are working on a new album titled “The World, The Flesh & The Devil”.

   Last Disasterpiece,’’Oculus Infernum’’has came from Arctic Music,so why did you change your label?are you content with the current one?

I don’t know what you mean. We have never changed labels since the only label we have ever signed with has been Arctic Music. But yes, we are very pleased to be working with them.

  You are a black metal band from Florida,how it feels when you come from the motherland of the death/grind metal?Also,do youlisten Death/Grindcore besides listening Black Metal?

I listen to all forms of metal in but more so black metal in general. Not much death metal or grind has impressed me since 1994. There’s some but not much but being a black metal band in Florida doesn’t feel any different than it would if we were from any other place in the world or so I would imagine. People from outside the US believe that Florida is like some death metal utopia when in reality it is far from it. There have been only a handful of bands over the years that have managed to impress me and who are worth listening to as opposed to how it was back in the early 90’s when all the great bands were coming out of Florida.

  ‘Misanthropic Black Metal’is a splendid definiton,but actually i wonder are the members of Kult ov Azazel really living in a true misanthropic way?or is it just a definition?

It’s both. We each have our own disdain towards humans. I don’t like people; never have been what one would call a people person. I would rather sit in my home alone listening to music or playing my guitar rather than be surrounded by people I have nothing in common with. Generally just being around people makes my skin crawl.

   Do you have any side projects?

I play bass in Hateplow when needed. Since it’s the Malevolent Creation guys’ side project it doesn’t take up too much of my time. It’s something they do on their down time and mostly since I joined in 2001 it has only been tours.

   What are you listening nowadays?just listened Dark Throne s(best Regards to the legend!)’’Hate Them’’still true fuckin black metal man!!

That Darkthrone is a great album. I haven’t been listening to a lot of music lately since like I said earlier we have been rehearsing a lot. The last CD I listened to was Of Human Bondage which is a killer Canadian band.

   What do you depict in lyrics?and what are your inspiration while writing this luciferian poetry?

Our lyrics depict satanic and nihilistic ideologies. The inspiration for the lyrics always comes from the music. Our lyrics are always the last piece of the puzzle. The music evokes the lyrics.

   Are you working on a new fiendish manifesto(material) at the moment?You recently honored a complilation with ‘Blood Stained Dusk,Legion,Abigor ….’’

Yeah that was the “Casting Eternal Fires” compilation released by Spectral Arts Production. It was an honor for us to have been a part of it and yes we have new material. I mentioned earlier that we finished up the writing last month. It will be titled “The World, The Flesh & The Devil”. We also have recorded the track which will end up being a split 7” with Krieg sometime soon.

   Tell some about your live rituals?

Not much really to say about them. We don’t use any stage props or any gimmicks to enhance our show. Fuck theatrics! We are firm believers in letting the music and atmosphere created speak for itself.

   What do you think about n.socialism in black metal?

There are ones that wish to bastardize black metal and use it as their own personal soap box. I say when it moves away from occult/satanic subjects then it’s not black metal. Once it has a political motive or any other agenda it loses its black metal status.

   What do you think anout your government s attitudes

Fuck the opinion of the US government or any other government for that matter. Government is just another tool in the oppression of free will and individual thought.. The open grave they shall possess will be the result of total, terrible, universal, and vengeful destruction!

   Ritual is over Xaphan,thanx for honouring the FROST pages!

I thank you for giving us space in Frost and for your support.


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