Krisiun Interview

Hi Krisiun team,How do you do?I hope everything is ok. there.                                                           Whats up dude!
I know you are very busy nowadays,Can you mention about  the current activities of the band ?any new material /gigs soon?
Since we released works of carnage,we di done tour with Deicide and Hate Eternal in the USA,an european tour with Morbid Angel,and have been playing everywhere in Brasil and South America,in october we will start another European tour,meanwhile we have been writing some new stuff,its the best stuff we have ever done,there will be some slower stuff mixed with really fast parts.
How were the reactions to ‘Works of Carnage ‘
Fuckin great dude!Much beter than our previous album,Ageless Venomous.
Can you intoduce the materials that you released before for those who wants to learn more about your past activities,ex releases?
We have five albums released;Black Force Domain 95,Apocalyptic Revelation 97,Conquerors of Armageddon 99,Ageless Venomous 2001, Works of Carnage 2003.Befotre the our first album we released a mini CD called Unmerciful Order (1993) and a couple of demo tapes.
Extremity level is very high on your albums,If you were asked to give a definition for this catasthropic musical character,what would it be?Black-death metal or something more expandable?
We play the Krisiun style,brutal,fast and furious.
Krisiun=Full Grind drumming partions with ultimate sickness and hatred!I have to admit that your Drummer is one of the best i have ever heard!I think every member of the band feels content with his machine-like performance?How many hours does he practice in a single day?!he must be sleeping with his drumsticks…
Thanks for the words Bro!I like to play everyday,if i stop playing drums i got sick,its like a drug that i need everyday.
What were your influences when you formed the band?Some Slayer and may be Deicide?
Slayer was definetely our main influence and later on bands like Morbid Angel,Deicide and Cannibal Corpse inspired us to play harder and faster,but we always wanted to sound different,to have our own personality as a band.Also bands like Motorhead and Black Sabbath inspired us a lot.
What would be your fine  recommendations for the new coming bands?
Do dugs,fuck as many chicks as you can and play hard as you can.
Tell some about your live performances?They must be exhausting yet gratifying as you are a very fast musicians.Do you try to be more faster while you are on the stage ?
We have lots of fun on the stage,its not that exhausting,since we have been playing this stile for a while and we can mastering it.Playing fast is natural for us,and to be on the stage is the best feeling we can ever have.
Thanx for your time on this tiny shit,do you have something to add as a conclusion ?
Thank you brother for support us and hope to see you sometime on road.                                                              MAX KOLESNE.



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