Khold Interview

Hi Sarke,Please introduce Khold to the  castle of Frost?

We started Khold in 2000. Have released 3 albums now. “Masterpiss of pain” 2001 on Moonfog, “Phantom” 2002 on Moonfog and now   “M?Gravers Kammer” 2004 on Candlelight.

Do you content with the catastrope after the release of the’Morke gravers kammer’ ?How are the reactions?

The reactions has been very good. We have received very good reviews all over Europe and the US. I know the sales has been well here in Norway.

How was the Khold s performance in Inferno fest.?Can you give the line up that you performed with in that festival?

The concert was ok. We have done better, but people said it was very good and that is the most important thing. I think soem of the songs will come out in DVD soon. The line up was Sarke:Drums/ Gard:vocal-guitar/ Rinn:Guitar/ Grimd:Bass.

You are working with the Candlelight at the moment,Was there a problem with Moonfog?i mean what is the reason for this change? on the other hand,do you content with the Candlelight s work?

Candlelight wanted to release our new album. Moonfog and Candlelight got to an agreement. For us it was very good.I think Candlelight will do a very good job with this album.

‘Dod’ video seems great!why did you chose this song as a video?Are there new plans for the new videos at the moment?

We thought it was a good song for a video and it was a lyric that was easy to work with. I also think it is a typical Khold song.We are talking about doing a video for the title song “ M?Gravers Kammer”.

I think ‘Khold ‘is an another spelling of the cold,am i right?if not what ‘Khold’stands for?

Norwegain for cold is kald. Khold is just a name for our band. but the words cold and old fits us well and the Kh makes it kind of Norwegain. So I think it is a good name for our band.

What are your inspirations while writing the Khold s art?

I am inspired by pictures, mostly Norwegain art from old days. Also lyric and nature. Always dark art of course.

DoesKhold employ lyrics as a strong weapon,or just screams lyrics which are written just to put in the booklet?

Our lyrics are very important. We have very good lyrics written by Hildr. Very dark and evil. Our lyrics mostly deals with death in a painful way.

Do you still in to the underground scene?i mean do you buy fanzines,demo tapes?

Sometimes I do it, but not as much as before. Thats also because most bands give out a cd these days.

What was the name of the first metal album you have bought?How didyour journey begin ?

I guess it was Kiss in the 70`. But the real metal album was Mayhems Deathcrush and Slayers Live undead in 1987.

Do you content with the situation of todays black metal scene?i think it lacks heatenic spirit of its first days,do you agree?

It was different before of course. Now the scene is much bigger. Time will always change, nothing we can do about that.But I think the scene is good now also.

Reveal some names from your music library,what are you listening nowadays?

The new Cadaver cd is good. I have Darkthrone, Slayer, Mayhem, Death, Obituary….

What is your opinion about the n.s attitudes of new coming bands,do you think they use this to create the atmosphere that they couldnt fill with their musical character?

Im not sure about that.

Thanx for time on this madness,you can close this with your last words Sarke…hail unholy black arts?

Thanks for the interview… Hopefully some of you readers will check out the new Khold album


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