Isvind Interview

Hail Goblin!Whats going on Isvind camp nowadays?

We have just finnishd recording a promo, wich turned out quite OK. This promo is actually a promo, so don’t bother asking for copies of this, as you won’t get it! We are also planning new gigs, that will be far worse than anythingthing you have ever seen/heard from us before, so start working out your “finger” and bring enough ink you low life pieces of shit! 

Can you introduce your band for the ones who dont know you well?

Actually, I think we have enough people that know us, haha… The less you know, the better it is. We play freezing zombie-ugly Black Metal, and you will not like it… If you do like it, come see us and have a few beers and a party with us! 

As far as i know you are a two man band at the moment.Do you think is it good to be only two members in the band?Can you mention about its positive sides?Frost Mag is also one man Project,i mean i can understand you at this point…

We really feel that this is the best thing for Isvind. We have tried having other people in the band for music-making etc, but most of the time the music that emerge from this is not suitable for Isvind, either too good, or even better than that. Arak and me have known eachother forever, so for us the musical debates are really short, as we almost always agree in a matter of seconds after a “problem” has showed itself musically. You too keep doing this mag as a one-man-thing, remember that a boat is far more stable with only one or two persons aboard… unless it’s a cruise-ship! …but then again, I’m not Jessica Simpson. 

Enligten the readers about your lyrical concept?Who creates them?

We both do lyrics, and I should just talk about the onew that I write: My lyrics stem from dark settings; I like to write about mountains, zombies and the burning of old wooden houses, and slaying worshippers of air in wood. The older lyrics were more like tales of a dark age, and newer lyrics are more over to the side that the dark age is coming. 

Does Isvind have an aim of spreading any messages/propaganda?

No, I surely do not hope so… I fear that good bands are often lost in political/environmental activities, allthough this has never been proved… 

To you,what should black metal deal with?

It should be something that you wan’t to run from. It should be about a big fucking machinery that consumes all life and extinguishes this forever. One should feel fear when listening to/worshipping true Black Metal. It should be something ugly and “alive” that haunts you every free second of your life. 

What can you say about the coming Isvind release?

Not much at the time, we have some songs ready and that’s that… 

Meantime,what does the mane ISVIND stands for?What was the reason for chosing this title?

Funny thing actually, that you in this question write: “..mane ISVIND..”, for Isvind is actually a swedish race-horse!! Well, the name comes from our original name: Icewind (or The Call of the Icewind). We changed it sometime in the early ‘90’s and has stuck with that ever since Alex Kurtagic (HAIL!!) made our logo. Again, back to lyrics before and now we’ll see that Isvind was a very suitable name back then, and still iss I feel. 

What can you say about todays degenerated and domesticated black metal scene when compared to its ancient days?

I have nothing to compare with, I have done nothing but drink beer and make music. Let the fans decide… 

To you what is the point that todays black metal bands lack?Spirit?Anger?

Again I have to refeer to the answer above, but I feel that many people think bands are to busy doing own projects and shit, and that the “togheterness” of the scene has more or less vanished… 

What do you think aboput the word ‘Fanaticism’?I think it s a must for a real blackheart!

Is that a word? But I’ll have one… with tequlia! 

Whats your opinion about free music?I mean MP3s?or websites that sells(!)free music?

As long as it does not go out of control its OK. I personally have many mp3, but also many albums. Once one grow to be 20 years old, you loose interest in mp3, and would much rather have “the real thing”. But isvind does not sell enough to be harmed by this anyway, so… 

What is your current label?

______________________________ Your label here?? 

Weird question;say your fave Bathory song!Mine is ‘War and Woman of Dark Desires!’

The one that is not out of tune… 

Do you have any words to spit for your enemies? 

Many… Maybe too many to put in an interview. But in general, I have to say: Kill Yourself! 

Thanks for time,you can close the interview..

Thanks for the interview! I’ll send you the promo, hope you like it! Many flames rise in horizons all over the world… See you there!



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