Insected Interview

  1. Hi Tristessa !What are the recent news from the Insected camp?
Insected right now are composing new songs for he coming album that we manage to record. But this will take some time sinse we are at the stage of promoting the band. At tha time we have just make an official release of our already known mini cd “Killing For Recreation”
  1. Please introduce Insected to who do not know you well?Your line up,and a brief history?
Insected is a new band , we were formed at December 2003 under coincidental circumstances. It was an accidental member union and all of us had the same vision of creating this destruction and aggressiveness into music and it ame out in its pure form.
            The line-up is Nicolas Sic Maiis in Vocals, I play the bass and make additional vocals, Chris who plays the guitars and Ice on Drums.
  1. You have already released a promo named Killing for recreation,how are the reactions to this release so far?
Until that time we have take a very positive feedback from Magazines fans and from persons who are a lot of years in Metal music and have a very respective name. Very important to say that we have make the production, which is visibly, makes the output very strong and professional. We have given a great variety to many details and to my ears it is a very respectful material.
  1. In the info i have about Insected it writes  ‘massive production’ for the Killing for recreation Cd. Actually I was considering it as an exaggration,but when i listened the songs i felt really shocked because of the recording quality of the album.So,it seems you guys worked a lot for the production and did not skip the quality although you are a new band in the scene and this is your very first recording,,am i right?And,where did you record it?Did it cost a lot?
It is our first recording with Insected but I have a 14 year experience since with Astarte I have release 4 albums one demo and before Astarte I was having a lot experiences with other bands. Also Nicolas was ex-member of Dark Vision who has release an album. There is an experience behind this work and there is also the knowledge of what we want to produce. Nothing came accidentally. As I previously mention we gave a massive importance to the part of the production. The sure is that we took all our chances to have the best results. The recordings and mix took place at Nemesis studio and the cost was as high as the hours we spend to have the desirable output.
  1. What are Insected’s general inspirations ?And which kind of band you have been influenced?
Inspirations are coming from our need to express our beliefs and our free will to create. This is our motive. Furthermore, music is an instinct that we have to reach out taken as main guide the rotten world that we live everyday. Bands that represent us are Suffocation , Slayer… and other of this kind.
  1. What does the title ‘Killing for recreation’ stand for?What kind of recreation would Insected want ?To a better level or to a total holocaust?
Killing for Recreation is the circle of life, of nature and of the whole universe. It is an expression that touches the extremes, which is life and Death, destruction and reproduction, black and white, this pure dependence of natural and human links, which brings the balance on earth.
  1. Can you give some info about the lyrics of  Insected? What kind of themes you prefer while composing the lyrical structure?
Lyrics are written with expressing a hatred position towards nowadays reality. They speak about violation, isolation of humanity, and destruction of earth… The messages that we pass are catastrophic and present the today situation of an uncontrollable system that leads to emptiness. We are against system and all rules that are made out for the purpose to suppress our freedom.
  1. What is planned for the full-length?Have you already started to work on the new songs?Is there any change in the sound character of Insected?
Insected will continue on the same music track of thrash /Death Metal.
  1. What are your all-time fave death/thrash bands,albums?What about Cannibal Corpse’s Tomb of the Mutiliated or Hypocrisy’s Penetralia?
My favourite Death is the unique band Death. Besides this I will put Hypocrisy but for both bands I cannot choose an album since I like all their albums.
  1. Are there any gigs planned so far?
For the moment we have no schedule for a gig for the simple reason that we need more songs to write. Soon we will have a full track list to play and this will lead us to a future gig.
  1. Have got a deal with any label at the moment?If not,What kind of labels are you looking for?What kind of qulities should they have?Good promotion,honest attitudes etc?
No we have not find any Label yet but we will continue searching. We search for a foreign Label with a good name. For the rest we will see. Arrangement can be fixed from the time that we will find the Label.
  1. Do you have any words for the death/thrash maniacs!?
Keep on supporting the underground. We send Deadly Hails and we thank our readers and all those who support us so far.
  1. Thanks for your time on this informative interview,spit your last message !
I thank you too!!! Passion and music goes together no matter of its aggression and speediness. Purity is the way to Hell!!!!

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