Impiety Interview

  1. Hail Shyaithan!Hail Impeity!How do you nowadays?I hope everything is ok at Singapore?
Impious Salutes ! All is fine here but busy like a hungry maggot deep in the corpse of god! I’ve just returned from Mexico where IMPIETY destroyed 9 dates across Mexico! The tour went very well indeed!
  1. What are your thoughts concerning the latest  album ‘Kaos Kommand 696’ and 2004 EP split with Surrender of divinity?
Kaos Kommand 696 is the most extreme and techincal IMPIETY album I’ve written and honest to say I like it a lot! During the song writing process, all boundaries of extremity were pushed to the maximum and without compromise! It was meant to be that way. The raw production tops it all making it sound totally infernal! The Split Ep with SURRENDER OF DIVINITY, entitled ‘Two Majesties’ features an exclusive track called ‘Imperative Coronation’, a cover of DESTRUCTION ‘Invincible Force’ and a revised recording of “The Seventh Goatspawn. We love the Ep a lot too..being the very first unholy and memorable work between me and the new Mexican line-up! It’s extreme yet ridden with blasphemous heaviness and lots of hateful satanic pestilence!
  1. The new album ‘Paramount Evil ‘is at hand ,So Shyaithan,what can you say us about this new sickness?
A very different IMPIETY album from the rest! Paramount Evil deals with a more realistic concept…histories of mankind and our dreadfully evil capabilities! Man is the ultimate beast as centuries have witness and histories have proven. We created the heavens and the hellish realms. We created Satan and God and all other fantastic bullshit. We are creators and we are destroyers! Paramount Evil deals with  true accounts of the Nanjing Massacre in 1937 where the Japanese raped and brutally decimated 300,000 chinese in just 6 weeks to the glorified impalations of Romanian warlord  Vlad Tepes to the Jewish extermination of the second world war (Dr.Mangele) to the brutal reign of Emperor Decius…Paramount Evil unveils all!!! Production wise, this is one hell of an album that possess incredible heaviness, supersonic speed ferocity, and diabolical songwriting..very catchy at times! All recorded in majestic Mexico!
  1. Limited edition of Paramount Evil includes a cover from Sepultura(Morbid Visions).Whose idea was it to cover this song? And about the Sepultura,what do you think about their new sound?
It was my idea as well as the rest of the war command! I grew up listening to the first ep and album of SEPULTURA, BATHORY, VENOM, SARCOFAGO, early MORBID ANGEL, POSSESSED, SODOM, HELLHAMMER, INCUBUS(fl) and all those above mentioned totally possessed my mind during my younger days! Anyway, who can deny that ‘Morbid Visions’ is one hell of Cult release from the once Godz SEPULTURA. I know they are pure shit today but we should not forget how they shaped the metal world and inspired many of today’s best extreme metal bands!
  1. Impiety is quite old band,as far as i know it founded in 1990.May you tell me more about your history please?
Formed in 1990 and with countless line-up changes over our 14year history. We first released a 4 song demo ‘Ceremonial Necrochrist Redescration’ in 1991 and from then on signed first to Shivadarshana Records. We released in 1993 a 3 song 7” EP entitled “Salve the Goat…” which was well received! The Ep alone sold 3000copies! In 1995 we recorded and released our debut 8 song album “ Asateerul Awaleen” and despite its bad production the album did well. We recorded a 4 song mini album in 1996 but since Shivadarshana shut down we released it only on limited MC format via an Independent Label in Malaysia. “Funeralight…” will probably be released again in the near future. In 1999 we recorded and released ‘Skullfucking Armageddon’ under Dies Irae Productions and with a licence to Drakkar Productions. Early 2000 a limited split ep with Profanatica was realized by Samhain Records – USA. The split ep contains on song from the ‘Funeralight…’ mini album. IMPIETY did 2 European tours in 2000 and it proved to be more than a success! In 2003 we signed with Osmose Productions and released “Kaos Kommand 696”. Due to the shitty situation working with Osmose we asked for a breach in contract and signed with Agonia Records early 2004. In February 2004 IMPIETY recorded 3 songs for a split EP with SURRENDER OF DIVINITY. A limited cd release is available and all through Unholy Horde Records – USA. To date, the band has recorded in July 2004, Paramount Evil. Release date is 18 OCT 2004! The band has also just performed and destroyed a 9 date tour over entire Mexico!
  1. What can you say about your country’s scene? How are the gigs/interest of the audience for extreme kinds of metal?
It was great from the late 80s til early 90s! There were many great bands from Singapore’s past eg. ABHORER, NUCTEMERON, MESERSSCHMIDT, CRUCIFUCKTOR, INFIDEL, DECIUS, PROFANCER, XASTHUR,etc but all that’s gone now. And today there are many trendy bands that plague Singapore, this also goes for the rest of the world! However there are a few honored souls left playing in heart’s dedication to the true spirit of metal and some of these bands I could recommend you are VRYKOLAKAS, IRONFIST, ETHEREAL, EIBON, DEMONIC DEATH, BEAST PETRIFY, NYMPHOLEPSY, RUDRA. Gigs used to be scarce here once upon a time but now it’s like 2 gigs per month featuring local bands or bands from neighbouring Asiatic countries. One average 200-300 maniacs attend gigs here.
  1. I heard that your ex member Fyraun was arrasted because of heroin and sentenced to 2 years.I think he must be out of jail at the moment,will he return to the band again?
Yes but his drug consumption was a thing of the past. Fyraun decided to leave due to his family and work commitments. It’s tough here in Singapore since everyone can’t afford to play metal full time…and have to work. I’ve chosen metal as my life til the fucking grave so I have made a lot of sacrifices to have a ‘normal’ life like others. I will die happy one day and happy to have achieve my goals and dreams as a musician and proud goatworshipping desecrator!
  1. Any new gigd planned so far?Or a new tour?
I am working on the Asian tour for IMPIETY at the moment…hopefully 10dates over 6 countries. The tour is set to take place from mid December to mid January. Touring in Asian hell can only be done on weekends as opposed to Europe where one could tour every fucking day and eat their guitar strings for breakfast!
  1. Are you content with the current place of Impiety in the scene?Or do you think you have still time to be known in Europe/Usa?
The band progresses…only normal. I am content with every thing at the moment! I can die smiling too!
  1. Being an Asian band,what can you say about this situation’s negative sides?I think it may also has some positive sides,i mean people may find it interesting when you come from Singapore?
Perhaps, but interesting due to the fact we come from exotic countries. Lots of islands and plenty of women around here good for holidays and violent penetration. Haha. Anyway, I’ve traveled far and wide and it’s great to meet new people or study different cultures.
  1. Do you have any words for your enemies?
Enemies aplenty due to envy. Human fucking nature. Enemies and Losers can Die and decompose over their shitty natural life process for all I care.
  1. Ok Shyaithan,thanks for time on this short intie!Add your last blasphemy!
Bestial Appreciations for the feature and support! Hopefully one day IMPIETY could play there…yet another incredible country I plan to visit in the near future!
Paramount Evil or Die!!!


  1. Mighty Goat Hails to the Asian Elite IMPIETY!!!!

  2. Great you liked it,
    Thanks for the interest,

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