Impaled Nazarene Interview

Hail Mika!How are the fuckin things going on?As far as i heard Suomi Finland has great Snowstorms at the moment,hope everything ok?

Everything is fine. We had huge snowstorms but now it is +6 c and all the snow is melting away. I don´t remember any other February when you have had +6c outside.

Impaled Nazarene has always been very extreme band in the scene in terms of music and lyrics;thats why i support you from the very first days of my own metal taste,i mean i hope this extremity will go on in your future releases?Will I.Nazarene s music stay in the same vein?

Yes it will. When your band name is Impaled Nazarene, you are not gonna start playing some shit ambient faggot metal or whatever. We will evolve of course but at the same time we will stay true to our roots.

Hey,whatta splendid lyrics that i read!’Motorpenis’,’Steel Vagina’,’I eat pussy for breakfast’,’Masterbator’;these are some of your song s names.So,i will be as glad as when i eat Salmiakki if you tell your ideas about the race called’female’?Whats your exact ideas about whores,fuckin homos?

My lyrics are very hedonistic but no way they are against women. On the contrary, women are the salt of life. The best areas of any big city are red light districts, I love when I am on sleazy places. Whores rule! Faggots have no right to live.

I can smell the satanic imagery from the first days of Impaled Nazarene.What s your ideas about Satanism or any other’religion’?i deny them all as they are just a great pain in the ass,nothing can obsess me  except my own misanthropic,sick and schizoprenic ideas.

I am nihilist, I believe only in death. Life is much easier once you accept your own mortality and therefore you don´t need pathetic illusions about afterlife or whatsoever. Fuck all religons. I can sympathise with certains brands of satanism but I don´t follow anything.

I know you had to face many censorships,what do you think about these dick-brained homos who try to omit anything that does not suit their own fuckin dirty ideologies?

All the shit that has happened to us, well, pathetic is the right word for it. But it has never stopped us, it has only made us stronger. Like they say, any publicity is a good publicity.

‘Tol…’was the second album which i have bought(Sepultura ‘Beneath the Remains was the first…)when i just began to listen  metal music.What s your first extreme metal album that you bought?

Mine was Venom´s Welcome To Hell. That changed my life totally.

Have you got any special training for your vocal style?

Nope. I drink whisky and smoke cigars, that keeps my voice in shape.

Your albums have always interesting and extreme cover s,who does these cover arts?Was it always the same persona?  

No, different artists. TCNNN was done by some canadian artist. New Ugra-Karma and Nihil was done by Fournier, a french guy. SFP, Rapture, AOWDNMP and ATYF are our own designs and Latex Cult cover was done by David Palser, same dude who also directed our 1999:Karmageddon Warriors video. I must mention Janne from Spinefarm records, he has basically done lay-outs for DOD, AOWDNMP and ATYF, he rules.

What s your opinion about todays black metal scene?i think they lack brutality and extremity(in terms of concept),to me,black metal must be thorn for the people who like to think/act in an orthodox way in any subject.(religion etc)

Like in any scene, be it death metal or black metal, there are very few good bands and the rest is unoriginal bullshit. I don´t really listen to black metal.

Are there new bands which you can recommend us from Finland or anywhere else?

We have a thrash band called Deathchain, fucking great thrash. The best finnish band at the moment is Finntroll whose new album rules (will be out on April).

Tell me about your gigs,i know you toured with many bands/in diverse regions.With which band it was more joyful to tour with?

I cannot just say one band, Marduk, Macabre, Morbid Angel, Immolation, Cannibal Corpse, Emperor etc have all been fucking great to tour with.

So,what s your opinion about these rip off kids and their so called gothic/satanic ‘fashion’?

I don´t give a shit.

What do you think about n.socialism in black metal/death metal?

I don´t give a shit (once again). We are not political band. I don´t really give a flying fuck what other bands do or don´t do.

A special question;’Vodka’is one of the most Finnish that you can get,so,please reveal your sexual relationship with alcohol,what are your bests?

Sexual relationship with booze…what the fuck is that supposed to mean? I have a very good relationship with alcohol, I love alcohol and alcohol loves me. We go together very well, thank you very much. I drink anything, some of my faces are Karhu lager, Saku lager, dark beers from Czech Republic, Finlandia and Absolut vodka, Jack Daniels, single malt scottish whiskys, Strongbow Ice cider, Scrumpy Jack cider, Bordeaux region red wines, gin, Campari and so on.

What kind of movies you like?i prefer 80s horror films as they raw and dont have much visual effects like’The Night of the Living Dead’etc.

I don´t watch movies that much anymore. Matrix and LOTR series are my faves from recent times. Today´s horror movies are fucking boring, 80´s horror was much, much better. The Others is the only good horror movie from recent times that I actually enjoyed. And 28 days, that was killer too.

Again about movies,Can you give the name of your ‘favorite’(!) serial killer?to me,Micheal Myers is the coolest !

Jason from Friday The 13th!!!

I wonder whether you still buy underground fanzines ,demo tapes?

No, I get free shit when we are on tour so I check out what I get.

You did a videoclip for the song “Nyrkillä Tapettava Huora” ,why did you chose this song?

It is only a live video, recorded with digicam. We have done proffessional video of Armageddon Death Squad, it will included on ATYF digipack version. We have several live songs from the same concert, I guess we will change another song soon to our website.

It was  a splendid honour for me to guest Impaled Nazarene in the hate vomitting pages of the Frost,thanx for the anwers Mika!Hail us with your last words please!

Cheers for this interview and hope to see everybody on road! Hail and




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