Holy Moses Interview

Hi Sabina, how’s it going? This is Fortinbras of “Frost Magazine”! My first question would be related with the album “STRENGTH POWER WILL PASSION”,how are the reactions to this album so far?

Sabina: Oh wauh , the reactions on the album are so great so far. It could be not better, I am totally satiesfied and real happy.


The new albums sounds more mature yet less raw and dirty.Is it something that was exclusiverly planned or it is just the way it happened?

Sabina: When we are doing an album, nothing is planned. This is the reason why Holy Moses sounds everytime in another way – also we are always surprised by ourselves what kind of result we have in the end in our hands.


Related with the previous one,do you think this modern sound will take the Holy Moses to the more modern metal level?

Sabina: I don`t know really what kind of sound we have on the album. The only thing I know, is that we are sounding real brutal, agressive and fresh – and that will be the only reason why Holy Moses can exist now over 25 years in the thrash scene. I really can`t tell you what is a moedern metal level sound and a old style metal level sound. We are doing what we are feeling without thinking about level sounds.


Who’s in the band at the moment?And do you content about the current line-up?

Sabina: in the band playing all guitars, and producing the band is Michael Hankel now since 4 years (ex-Erosion), on bass is my old friend and bassplayer of Temple Of the Absurd Robert “Ozzy” Frese and on drums is our new drummer Asgard Niels Holub who played before in several bands – mostly in Grindcore Bands – it`s fucking great with him, `cause he is playing doublebass attacks like Uli Kusch in his best times … I think I have back a drummer like the best one – Uli Kusch.


Something with the history;Is it true that Jochen Fuenders was actually the founder of Holy Moses?

Sabina: NO, the founder of Holy Moses was Ramon Brüssler who played bass in the band including the Queen Of Siam album. He left the band in 1986 to go to study (he now a doctor) and he gave me in 1986 the cepter and the name Holy Moses to go with the band until I die.


What was Jochen doing after leaving the band and until 1999 when you put Holy Moses back together?

Sabina: I don`t know. Jochen was only for a few month in Holy Moses around 1980 – I think Jochen played in some german metal bands, but I don`t really now in which ones. In 2001 I asked him, to play some show as a bass player for Holy Moses (in 1980 Jochen was the guitar player) – but it was from the first moment for sure, that it will be only for a few shows, `cause Jochen has a privat life with family and kids.


A classic one;The three most important Metal-albums of all time?


Slayer – Reign in Blood

Venom – Black Metal

Voivod – Killing Technology


Would you say you are one of the first female vocalists of the 1980’s sing in a thrash metal style?

Sabina: yes, I think I was the first female vocolists who was growling.


What do you say about men who feel women shouldn’t take part in brutal music?

Sabina: it there any men who feel like that? I never got in contact with such a one. So I would like to know, why he is thinking like that? `cause I never thought about that, that there could be the idea of someone who think a women can`t take part in brutal music – `cause I do it now over 25 years….


You were absent from the metal scene since 1994 to some years ago,due to several personal difficulties. How did you get back on track and what inspired you to return to music?

Sabina: I was never absent from the metal scene. I only did a break with my band Holy Moses of 5 years in which I was doing no new album with Holy Moses, but I released in that time 2 albums and I did many tours around the world with my second band Temple Of The Absurd.

In that time I had a bad accident with my motorbike and I saw life can be really short and that I have to start with a new album with Holy Moses. But my whole life is music – and I never stopped with it.


Compared the 1980’s to the year 2005-2006, do you see any major differences?Specially in the Thrash metal scene?

Sabina: I really often get this questions, and I really don`t know what I can answer. It is such a lof of differences on one side, but on the other hand no differences. And it really hard to explain. I mean, 1980 and 2005 – you can`t compare, it`s a totally different century with so much changes in technology – so you could start to compare this first and than it´s goes deeper and deeper…so it would take here a lot of time to go through it all.


A personal one,do you like recent Destruction albums?To me,the last three Destruction album are as killer as a German Panzer!True German Thrash metal!

Sabina: the guys of destruction are our friends and I like the stuff they are doing.

Do you feel there’s a rise of women in the metal scene?

Sabina: I think it is a normal evolution that women are also into metal. But I can see that mostly in the gothic genre girls a finding a place as a musician.


Meantime do you know the band OPERA IX from the Italy?Black metal with female vocalist?(she is in her own band

now,called Cadaver).

Sabina: I know the name Cadaver….I think I should get some infos about it in the internet and listen to stuff, sound good to me.


And,do you listen black metal as well?If yes which bands?

Sabina: Yes, I like all kind brutal metal stuff, death – thrash and black metal. I listen to Emperor, Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, and a lot of other stuff, I think I have no more than 5000 CD`s in my collection….


Another weird one on the way;Are you married? And what kind of effects could marriage have on the creativity of the artist? Have you ever thought of this? It sure one may be more creative when he is alone,yet what about a man married with children!?

Sabina: That`s are interesting thoughts – but I am not married, I have no kids – my life and my family is Holy Moses. So I never thought about the stuff you mentioned.


Are any of the current band members involved in other musical activities outside Holy Moses?

Sabina: right now – we are all into Holy Moses and try to do the best for the band.


Do you like Metallica’s Saint Anger?How do you find it?Actually i very much like it,very well done album if you ask me!

Sabina: No, sorry.


I think that`s all what I wanted to know for now. Thanks for co-operating with Frost Magazine!Finish this interview quoting the words of a man you admire the most, please!(or the woman ,that is!)

Sabina: I have to take my words – Strength Power Will Passion – !!!


Thanks a lot for the Interview and thanks for long time support!!!!

Yours Sabina.


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