Hecate Enthroned Interview


Hi Dylan,greetings from Ankara ,from the cloudy Sunday morning.How do you do?

Hi Frost,I am well and send my Darkest Regards.

Lets start with the latest activities of the band,you have faced some recent line-up changes in the band,so please crystalize the subject for the Hecate Enthroned maniacs…


We lost Dean and Daz in the studio, Dean left due to father duties a great shame as he was an amazing vocalist / frontman and a great friend and we had to kick Daz out, it was difficult as he is a good friend but he had drifted too far away from us musically and so had to go.  Now we have Dagon on vocals he has a very good Black Metal range, lots of power and Pete playing keys, we have known Pete for many years he stood in on key’s when Mike left, he is an excellent musician and pianist and we expected a lot of input in the writing from both.  We played a gig with them 2 weeks ago and they accquited themselves very well.

The new Hecate Enthroned act ‘Redimus’has already been out,being an album recorded at Blueroom Manchester.How did the people reacted so far and do you content with the final result ?


REDIMUS has been very well received all the reviews have been positive and some have been excellent, it is selling well too so we are very pleased.  We don’t mind too much about the sales or response really (even though it is good to hear positive things) as we have been extremely happy with the way it turned out, we produced it ourselves for the first time and we feel we got it sounding perfect (or as close as) the whole thing sounds the way we want it, in the past we have had big name producers (sneap, coleman) and they try to stamp they’re own sound to it but this time it is all ours. The guitar and drum sound is huge yet clear and the keys are subtle when needed then step up to the fore when required and as always Dean did an excellent vocal job. Yes, you could say we are pleased.

In your web page,you say Redimus is the finest Hecate Enthroned album so far.Lets face the truth,do you really think so or is this a kind of promoting attitude?You know,band members generally define their latest albums as the best ones.Excepting this general attitude,what is your best among the all Hecate Enthroned albums?


Yes we think REDIMUS is the best, I know all bands say this about the latest release and we always have too but as I have said in the previous answer this album means more to us because we produced it ourselves so to us it is the one. All our albums mean a lot to us and are very personal to us, from our hearts but this one…..more so.

What would be your one word definition to tell the latest album?



Who is the responsible one for the lyrical character of Redimus?In which themes you have danced this time while composing the lyrics for the Redimus?


Dean did the majority of lyrics as always but this time Rob did Redimus and As fire and he did the vocals on these tracks too.  Dagon will probably do the majority in the future with maybe Rob and myself helping.  The lyrics are very important and we want to continue the Hecate legacy, I’m sure Dagon will.  The themes on REDIMUS are as always very dark and anti-christian charting our ongoing fight with the church and detractors.  ‘No one hears’ is about travelling back in time to kill the infant Christ, ‘An eternal belief ‘is the final part of the ‘I am born’ trilogy cumulating with the victory of freedom of the mind, ‘Overriding imagination’ is a very dark, disturbing drug song (we like drugs) and ‘Headhunter’ is about a satanic serial killer so some new angles there.

Do you stil follow the underground ?And what about the UK’s black metal scene?Are there any new bands you can recommend to us?


I do still keep an eye on the underground, I must admit not as much as before but there arent that many Black Metal bands coming out over here. It is a shame as there are always Hardcore bands and Death Metal bands, which is good but we need more Black bands. I keep in touch with my old friends and go to gigs but not a lot of new stuff is happening on the Black scene.

Any new gigs planned so far?Meantime,what an Hecate Enthroned fan should expect when buying a ticket for the Hecate Enthroned show?On which subjects you try to keen on most before preparing for a gig?Do you have some special shows for the stage?


Yes we have some more gigs over here coming up, Manchester and London, we might be doing a 9 day Tour of Britain and Eire in January which will be good.  Expect a lot of aggression, speed and hate from one of our gigs, expect to be blown away! We don’t need a stage show with props etc we are just nasty as fuck! Prepare? We drink, smoke and hit things.

Are you planning about a video for the Redimus?What are your fave 3 metal videos so far?


Yes we intend to do a video for REDIMUS we are planning it at the moment, it will look good, very dark very deep, better than the last effort anyway!  My favourite 3 vids? ‘Wolverine blues’ – Entombed, ‘Seasons in the abyss’ – Slayer and ‘Hopkins’ – Cathedral.

What are your opinions on the free-illegal music trading?I mean MP3s etc?Do you feel angry when you see the illegal copies of the Hecate Enthroned albums?


It’s good to see the big mainstream labels getting hammered by all this piracy but in our scene it causes more problems as the small labels struggle anyway and this  doesn’t help so that can be dangerous for their survival.  Personally for our music – I’m not that bothered, of course I would like to sell more and make money, enough to live from but if people can get them for nothing then they will, nothing we can do about that, it’s human nature.

What have you been listening lately?A weird question i added;what do you think about the latest Cradle of Filth album-Nymphetamine-?


Lately I have been listening to; lots of DarkThrone, lots of Entombed, Macabre and Kyuss and Led Zeppelin. I havent heard the new COF album so I cant comment on it.

Do you have a daily job?How about a single day of Dylan,for example an ordinary Sunday morning ?You woke up with fuckin church bells and then…if you  are unlucky enough to live near a church,though…


We all have day jobs myself and Pete work with computers, Nigel, Andy and Dagon are engineers and Rob is an electrician.  A typical Sunday for me is I get up early (with a hangover) get some food, pick up Nigel and go to practice in Manchester, come back home have some food watch a dvd or playstation and go to bed stoned.

How is the song writing process for the Hecate Enthroned?Is a democratic way being employed or is there only one person who deals with the whole thing?


We all contribute to the writing process either providing full songs or riffs or a harmony part then we all jam on it and mess about with it and see where it goes.  We all have an input which is good it keeps things fresh while keeping that Hecate vibe we have formed.  Myself , Nigel , Andy and Rob have been together a long time so we have built up an understanding and now we have Pete and Dagon who I’m sure will bring something new to the table.

What do you think about the latest US elections?What about the new mr.president Bush?It seems Americans trust in Bush a lot,besides trusting in god…


I’m quite disappointed with this election not nearly as much controvosy as the last one but it goes to show the majority of Americans still put security first, they still have this fear of outside nations and groups, a lot  of people were saying how wrong Bush was with this war but he still won by the biggest majority ever.  Americans you see they are terrified of  terrorism they crave security and the army comes first.

Last words of wisdom are yours,thanks Dylan for being a part of Frost…


I would like to thank you for the interview and wish you all the best with the zine.  We would like to send our Darkest Regards to all the Metal heads!stay true and don’t forget you are never alone…..Hecate see’s all.



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