Graveworm Interview

Hail Stefan,what are you doing in these gloomy winter days?i hope every fuckin thing is ok.

Hi, now the winter is over (I get a lot of time to write this interview) and I´m concentrating in booking shows for the summer and prepare the stuff for the new album, Coverartwork, Lyrics and other thing. As you can see a lot of work to do . We have now booked the studio for our next album. We will enter it on 30 august and I think the new album will be released at the end of the year….

First of all,lets talk about’Engraved in Black’.What was the inspiration for thge title and is there a kind of concept for’Engraved in Black’?

No, there isn´t any concept beside this title. At first we got the songs for the album, after that the lyrics and at the end the cover for the new album. So I searched a title who will combine all this elements and describes at best the music we do. And so it is a piece of music engraved in black. A mystic, dark music but in the same time very melodic.

Howdoes your writing process work?Has everyone in the band involves in it?(in latest album,for ex.)

The most part of the music where written by Steve and Sabine. But in fact that Steve moves to germany to life there all members has to do their work at home. So we meet together all 2 weaks and tried to make new songs. Every member got his ideas and with all this ideas we tried to maka a songs. Now it will be different because Steve left the band and the new guitarist write a lot of songs for the upcoming album. I really nervous when I think at the release because the new songs a re different as the old one but they are still Graveworm.

Actually i dont appreciate keyboard using black metal bands much as they generally cant combine it well with the whole music,nevertheless,the situation in Greveworm is different,it suits well to your,for you,what keyboard brings into your musical concept?Do you think is it possible to create the same atmosphere without using it?

I think it´s difficult to create an atmosphere without keys. We introduce the keyboards jut do create this atmosphere and some melodies. I think there are some bands who creates this melodies and atmospheres using guitars but a dark and deep atmosphere cannot be created by some guitars. So the keys or original instruments like violin or others are ideal to our kind of music.

What are your influences?

We all have a lot of different influences because we listen to different kind of music. I´m the Black and Death metal fan in the band. Maschtl our drummer is going crazy when he listen to bands like Slipknot, machine Head or other bands. Eric listen to very strange sounds, Sabine listen to all kind of music from Samael to Avril Lavigne and Steve is more into the Swedish metal scene with bands like Dark Tranquillity and In Flames. And so I think all this bands influences the sound of Graveworm. We don´t want to copy this bands……..

You are a talented scream vocalist,have you ever had special training to keep it up?

No, definitly not. I only try to do the best and look at my voices when i´m ill that´s all. But I never get a soecial training. I think every can do this.

Your albums are never boring,however,to me,’Scourge of Malice’is the masterpiece.may you say your favourite Graveworm album/song?

For me the latest album ist he most intense album and Abhorrence is the best song we have ever done. I think the new stuff wil be more in this way like the song abhorrence. But you will see how graveworm will sound on the next album…..

Whose idea was it to put REM cover into the album? Do you really like it?it sounds ok,buti prefer the’Fear of the dark’cover in your previous album of course…

It was my idea. I really like the original one. A great atmospheric song. Unfortunately the song will not be on the album because of some right problems. We have to record the vocals again because I have changed some words and that´s not allowed. So I hope that the songs will be released on the next album or on another CD….

Are you expecting to begin touring soon(or concerts)and if so what s planned?

We have now booked some festivals for the summer. Not to much because we are concentrating us into writing songs for the upcoming album. We have done one tour to promote the latest album. We played of the no mercy festivals with Deicide, Amon amarth, Destruction, Nile, misery Index and Dew Scented. A great time for us with great bands. I think after the recording of the new album we will go again on tour. But we will see what will happen….

Drawing on your latest album is excellent,who did it?

The picture where made by Christian Whalin better know us necrolord. A great painting. For the future we will take something different but a the moment I cannot tell you in what style it will be

Lets talk about the very first days of Graveworm,on your demo days did you tried hard to spread the bands name?spreading flyers,promos and so on?

No, We have played a view concerts that´s all…At a festival with the german band Darkseed we went got friends and the singer of the band told us to send a demotape to their record label. Unfortunately we don´t have had any tape so we sended him a videotape of that show. After a view months of phonecallings with the labels we invited the boss of the record label to come to look at one of our show. And after the show we got the deal. Tha´t all. We are on the right time on the right place…..

is the band friendly while not rehearsing or gigging?

Yes of course. We do a lot. Goiugn to drink, having fun. We are like a family . That´s very important for us…..

Have you got a permanent jop?how you earn money?

Yes. We are all working hard. I´m studying in Austria. Our new guitarist has an own Studio. Sabine is teacher, Eric is working ona youth station and Martin our drummer is a electrician . We play the wrong music to get a lot of money…. But the most important thing is the fun that´s it what we want……



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