Gehenna Interview

Salud Gehenna!How are the things in Norway nowadays,i hope everything is ok at your side!
Lets start with the coming Gehenna album,what kind of clues you can reveal here for the Gehenna fans?What kind of album should we wait this time?

          This time it is back to the roots, back to where we came from. Aggressive, dark and straight forward Black Metal. There are hardly any keyboards, much like on previous 2 albums, but all the death metal elements are gone, as well as any electronic experimentation. In my opinion the best album we have done to date!

With Satyricon, Emperor or Immortal, Gehenna is one of the best Norwegian black-metal bands. Yet,in ?Adimiron Black? and ?Murder? you presented an approach which is far more on  death-metal, have you ever thoght that that kind of change can affect the fans in a negative way?

          Sure, and it most probably did to a certain extent, but we have to do what we feel is the right thing for us to do at the given moment, or else there just is no point in doing another album. I know some bands claim that “we do this all for our fans”, but in my opinion that would not always be true to our own creativity and we would most likely end up not caring about it any more and quit. And I am sure some people who liked our Death Metal approach will not like our new album, as it is the purest black metal album we have done to date.


I think Moonfog is against the MP3 systems and rings. What is your position about this? ?Free music on the internet? may appear as  a good way to promote a band or a CD,yet i think it has some (and quite more)negative sides?What is your own ideas on this?

– I do not support it at all!!  Illegal downloading is killing the music! I am in favour of free samples, like we have on our own website for promotional use, and perhaps give the fans something not available on the albums (live tracks/ demo tracks) like some bands do, but all this shit with ripping entire albums of the internet I do not support!  It is like stealing from the artist in question.

What can you say about the new lyrical side of the Gehenna?
    Not much has changed since Murder, it is still dark, but on this album we have focused more on war.

Depression,Meloncholia,Misanthropy,and Death have always been great sources inspiration for a real artist.From the very first days of Gehenna to now,what was the biggest source of inspiration for you?

          Basically ourselves really. Who we are and how we interpret the world around us.  


On the other hand,for you,with which themes should black metal deal with?What is the importance of ?ideology? and ?philosophy? in music?

          Anyway, Black metal is about darkness and evil, quite simple. With music in general I feel it is most important to write about something you feel is true to yourself, or else it will turn out crap. Motley Crue wrote about drugs, girls and partying, because that is what they knew, and they fucking kicked ass!! Would not have worked if they wrote about carrots.


Do you like to read the reviews about your albums?Be it positive or negative?

          Of course I do, I read as many as I can. We do not make the albums for the critics, but it is good reading nevertheless. It gives a certain satisfaction seeing how people react to our work, whether they like it or hate it.

Have you ever thought of recording a live album,with the new and old songs together?

          Yes, personally I would very much like to do that, but I am afraid it will be hard to get it released because we have worked with so many different labels on our albums. It might be hard getting the rights to put all the different songs on the same album. But I like live albums, you can often find a quite unique atmosphere and sound.

Then,what are your ideas on todays black metal scene in Norway,actually there seems to exist some new and killer bands like 1349,Koldbrann etc.Do you have some recommends for us from your land?

          I really like Khold and Disiplin.

Returning to the first days of Gehenna,what was the most difficult thing to deal,cope with?Promotion?Spreading flyers etc?

          Actually the most difficult thing was the postage cost, hehe….  Back then being a band from Norway basically meant that you did not have to do to much work with promotion, it all took care of itself(it should not necessarily have been that way, not everything from Norway was that great). But answering tons of mail could easily be expensive, you know nobody used email back then. So eventually we just had to stop answering all the letters etc, it also took a hell of a lot of time.

In an interview ,while you are talking about the labels you said that ?We are fed up with broken promises?.So,what are your ideas about the music scene of today,both in terms of labels and bands?For you,what an record label should have as a quality?

          It has gotten a lot more professional. Compare a cd released today with one released 10 years ago and you can easily see that a lot more money is available for design, photo etc etc. Also things are on quite a different level today, as some of the bands now are quite big on the music scene in general.

A bit related with the previous one,i wonder what is your point of view on the  commercialism in Black Metal? Do you content with big sales and vast promotion in sold-out publications, videos on commercial channels?Actually sometimes it is sad to see some new and ?pseudo?band?s advertisements in evry fuckin web-site or magazine?

          It has both positive and negative sides to it, but I think as long as the bands stay true to themselves it is ok. I mean, both Satyricon and Dimmu are “big” and “commercial”, but their attitude towards the music has not changed, so why the hell not? Sure as hell would not bother me if we could make a living from the music, not having to work shitty jobs beside the band.   Of course you have the dangers of trend with all the negative effects, but I think the true will survive.

Thanks for your time and patience for Frost Mag,end words are thy own?

          Thanx for you support!   See you all in hell!


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