Forgotten Tomb Interview

Heil Herr Morbid! I do not want to start off with this boring introduction thing (People can check your official website for info;, just say your main aim in creating the plague called Forgotten Tomb?

HM: Basically I created FT to play cold, misanthropic, hateful and angst filled Black/Dark Metal music, but above all to put in music my inner feelings and twisted dark emotions. You have used the proper term saying FT is a “plague”, since I want our music to dig up the worst nightmares and emotions in our listeners, to audially harass them and show them how miserable this earthly existence is. FT crawls beneath your skin and infects you from the inside, to make you experience an unforgettable journey into total Negativity.

I have already received your latest masterpiece called “Love’s Burial Ground”. So how are the reactions so far? Any unpleasant comments about this new opus?

HM: The new album received amazing comments and reviews everywhere… It was the same with the past 2 releases, but this time reactions have been better than I expected!! Most of the reviewers gave us a valutation between 8 and 10 points out of 10, so I think this is a really good result! Sellings are fucking good too, all the first press is almost gone in just 2 months, this is going to be our best-selling album so far. Btw I don’ t care that much nowadays about bad comments, if people are honest and not driven by envy they will realize this new album is a brilliant one, otherwise they’ re just fake losers, and this will not affect our career. People talk shit about every band, it can be Darkthrone, Mayhem or Forgotten Tomb, but in the end those bands are still alive and kicking, so it’ s a waste of time to get into discussions and shit like that. I’ ve done that in the past, but now I realized is nothing but a waste of time.

To be honest with thee Herr Morbid, the new albums is the most originally constructed  Tomb album so far, both in terms of song structure, and cover etc. What do you think about this? And-meantime-can you enlighten me more on the song writing process of the “Love’s Burial Ground”??

HM: Thanx for your appreciation. New album is actually the best one so far. I think we managed to keep the most important elements of our past releases and at the same time we added some new elements. The songwriting is always fucked up in FT, since I write the songs under the direct influence of Negativity, in a kind of “trance-like” mental state, so there’ s not a real thinking behind the songs. I just wrote them, but I can’ t remember the exact moment when this process happened! In a second time me and Razor SK worked on the material, adding extra lead guitar lines and thinking more carefully about the melodies and armonies. I usually arrange the parts for every instrument before to record, then I rehearse a lot with the other guys. I took some time to prepare the booklet and graphix too this time, and I think the result is pretty good. 

Why did you chose the title “Love’s Burial Ground” for an album’s name? Is there any concept you depicted in this album?

HM: The title represents the final demise of every mental sanity, goodness, love, serenity and hope. The “Love’s Burial Ground” is the place where our feelings go to die and rot. It’ s an imaginary cemetery, the graveyard of our souls. Every time something really negative happens in our lives, we add a cross to the inner cemetery. I think the title sounds really negative, it was the best title for this new album since both music and lyrics are so fucking life-mocking and deprived of every light and hope.

Also, as far as i know, there is a cover artwork story for the album. I think the original cover of the albums has been censored, am i right? Can you give more info on that? What do you think about  these pigs who try to censor everything that does not suit their own dirty ideologies?

HM: Yes, we’ ve been asked to put that artwork on the inside and not on the front-cover, otherwise we were seriously risking to see the album banned in several countries, especially in France and in the USA… Censorship is total bullshit, everyone should feel free to watch and listen to the stuff he prefers. The most absurd thing is that all these countries want to appear democratic but in the end they’ re worse than a dictatorship, since there’ s no freedom for expression and art. It’ s a silent dictatorship, teaching shit to people and filling their minds with their fake “well-thinking” crap. I hate governments!

Related with the previous one, for you, what kind of subjects should be censored ? For an example, being idiot who try to censor the albums covers should be censored i think?

HM: Well, some stupid people should be censored forever, putting a bullet in their heads and throwing them down in a river, hahahaha… I would censor TV spots making appear everyone happy, beautiful and perfect, or TV programs turning unkown people into TV stars and shit like that… You know, like all those retarded girls spreading their legs to some business men just to have a career in some TV show, and shit like that… I would censor subhuman beings like groupies, or generally speaking everyone who sells his/her ass just to feel someone… And last but not least, all the ones always thinking exclusively to profit, money… And then mass-media, politicians, drug-addicted people, useless and false people in general…

I see really splendidly written lyrics in the “Love’s Burial Ground”. Under which mood you have created these lyrics?

HM: Lyrics are always written in a really negative mood obviously… I usually write when I’ m completely devastated by something that happened unexpectedly during a supposedly normal day… Usually at night I can’ t sleep so I have to write to discharge the unbearable pain in some way… Often, especially in the past, this was followed by acts of self-destruction, especially cutting or burning myself, or getting drunk… At times I was into random verbal/physical violence too towards other people. Now I have a better self-control, but it’ s still fucking painful, probably at times is 1000 times more painful than in the past… Often people hurt me in a really bad way, this is for instance a good inspiration to write a lyric, that could be painful or hateful, depending on what’ s happened. At times a lyric is just a reflection of my devotion to Negativity, or some thinking about Death and afterlife. It really depends on my mood; at times it’ s just melancholic or discouraged, some other time is completely self-destructive, out of control. 

Actually it is nice to see lyrics which are far more related with the daily life, own experiences in the booklets of the bands. It is quite funny to see the bands who still writes lyrics about fire-blowing demons or ass grinding butchers? What are your ideas on that?

HM: You know, everyone is free to write the way he prefers… Obviously I don’ t like a certain kind of lyrics, but in Death Metal gory lyrics are fun for instance. But I like lyrics able to give me some real emotions, I like sad, painful and sincere lyrics. I usually like bands able to portray emotions, feelings… This is why I like down-to-earth lyrics usually, or anyways deep, well-written lyrics.

Doth thou content with the work of Adipocere? Actually it seems they are working hard on the promotion of the albums they have released, which is a great thing?

HM: Yeah, they’ re good guys, they’ re really supportive… They made a good job with the FT albums. I hope they will always improve in the future. At least they’ re faithful to what they promise, they don’ t promise impossible things and this is a good thing for me… It’ s difficult to find honest labels nowadays, most of them try to rip you off and just gain money on your back.

What kind of future plans for the Forgotten Tomb?

HM: We’ re playing several live-shows around Europe. Then in the beginning of 2005 we’ ll finally re-release the “Songs To Leave” album on digipack with a video bonus-track and different graphix (Adipocere Rec.), the “Love’s Burial Ground” album on LP (Black Blood Prod.), the re-release of “Obscura Arcana Mortis” on CD and LP with different graphix and bonus-track (Eerie Art Prod.), and later a live DVD called “Live Manipulation” on Adipocere Rec. (probably). We’ re going to appear on some tribute-albums too and stuff like that, then we’ ll work on the 4th full-length album, to be recorded hopefully in the middle of 2005…

I cant help myself asking about the new Katatonia? What do you think about their latest one “Viva Emptiness”? Actually their music always has its own spirit?

HM: Oh I love the latest Katatonia album!! They’ re getting better album after album!! I’ m in contact with Anders, I met him in Italy and he’ s a really cool guy… We’ ll collaborate in the near future maybe… By the way, Katatonia changed their approach to melancholic music, but they’ re still amazing!! Of course they’ re among the best Metal bands these days.

How would it feel if we were living in an world in which no ecclesiastical viruses dwell?

HM: I don’ t worry that much about traditional religions, especially the Christian one, I think muslims are really worse nowadays… In the end I think we’ re paying for what Christians have done in the past centuries, since muslims are exactly doing to us what Christians have done to other people during the Crusades. And in places like Morocco they send you in jail if you wear a Forgotten Tomb T-Shirt for instance. All this shit is medieval shit, some people really behave like primitives. Btw I believe in Negativity exclusively, I have a real worship for Her, but I don’ t like to talk too much about it since I know many people think it’ s just bullshit. If you don’ t believe, you can’ t understand!

Is the Forgotten Tomb creating music for an any of special group of people? What kind of listeners you are refering to?

HM: No preferences regarding our listeners… Everyone who’ s able to understand our music deeply is welcomed. Unfortunately there are a few ones just thinking all this suicide thing and/or self-mutilation thing is “cool”, so they want to listen to FT just to be part of something, believing they can gain our respect in this stupid way… These are really shallow people, they’ re the ones causing problems to the band, since others started to see FT as a kind of “trend” because of some of our listeners’ beheaviour. This is a stupid thing, since people should not judge the band just because of some listeners, we’ re not responsible for other people’s deeds… In the end, I usually meet some of our fans after we play a gig, most of them are cool guys, but I don’ t need to know in person everyone who likes our music… I write albums for myself mostly, and for close friends, the other people doesn’ t matter that much to me…

Do you have any words for your enemies?

HM: Naaah, I spent too much words in the past uselessly… Every talking is a waste of time, there’ s no way to deal with some retarded people.

Thanks for your time for Frost, Last words of wisdom are yours Herr Morbid!

HM: Thanx for your time and keep on the good work for Frost… For those interested in FT, buy the new album and experience the true face of Negativity!! / .


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