Fog Interview

.Salud Typhus!How is your life going on those days?I hope everything is all ok there!

Dark Horizon Records is stronger than ever and much is going on here. I am busy with the following bands. TYPHUS, FOG, FORMALDEHYDE SLEEP, MORPHEUS DESCENDS.


2.Lets start with the past activities of the “Fog”,your aims in creting the “Fog” and so on…It may be a bit boring yet informative for the ones who have heard of your name for the first time in the pages of Frost Magazine…

Fog has been around for quite a while now. We have the “In The Sorrow Of A Crimson Sea” demo, a split 7″ EP with Horna called “Whispered Myths Of Ancient Times”, our first album “Through The Eyes Of Night Winged They Come”, our second 7″ EP “From Within The Darkness Beyond Eternity”, and soon our second full length album will be out on Dark Horizon Records entitled “Disturbing The Balance Of The Spheres”. To those who own these they know! To those who don’t, well, your missing out!


3.How were the reactions to the latest Fog release “Throughout the eyes of the Nigh,Winged they come”?From the black metal pres,from the reviews etc?

The response was excellent. I have done many interviews, I have read many excellent reviews, and FOG have played many shows in support of this album. I am sure the new album will impress even more as this is the best work Fog has ever created!

4.Are you working on the new songs?What should we expect for the next “Fog” album?

The new album “Disturbing The Balance Of The Spheres” is almost done. All that is left are the vocals. I will finnish in the studio next month and the album will be released. The album will contain 9 Tracks. This is the best and most diverse material we have ever written. This will create standards for US bands to follow. The material is a more aggressive with a much better production that the first album. Fog have grown as musicians and the music has a much more organic sound. It has grown more dark and destructive than the first album. Those who know the band will not be dissappointed!

5. You have also run your own  label “Dark Horizon Records”.How came to create a label and how is it going the label’s activities?Can you enlighten us on more about the Dark Horizon?

I want to support and further the message and the cause of this music and lifestyle. To me this is not a simple hobbie or something to do for fun! It is a lifestyle. I eat, breath, and shit fucking metal! That is it!!! You can find out all the important information on all our bands and label activity at the Dark Horizon Records website or write to us for a catalog and newsletter.

6. For you what kind of qualities that ablack metal label should have?What is the “false” and what is the “true” in the label business?


I think those who are involved deep enough in the scene already know the answer to that question. I will say no more.


7. Actually it must be difficult to run a lable nowadays.Why?As there is this free music thing,i mean mp3’s,file sharings etc.What are your ideas on these?What do you think on the free music?


Not really. If you stay true to what you do and support the scene and the bands in a die hard fashion, then it will return to you what you put in. As for MP3’s ect.. It does not bother me, it helps spread the message. And those who are into the metal scene die hard are all about buying and getting the limited pressings and supporting the bands and the scene.


8. While signing a deal with a band,what kind of specialities you are looking for?What kind of bands should “try” to get in contact with you?


I can only suggest bands to send their demos, that is how every band that is on Dark Horizon Records has been signed. There is no set pattern we use for signing bands. I think that is what separates Dark Horizon Records from the rest. Our releases are not signed for commercial reasons. I do not care if we sell 100 or 10,000. I sign bands because I am into them. That is it.

9. Returning to the “Fog”,may you give more info on the lyrical side of the the band,who writes then lyrics,under which moods?


I write all the lyrics. They focus on deep self philosophies. I write them for myself, and they have great meaning to me. Those who read them and relate obtain feelings or visions for themseves, they too are then incorporated into the philosophy and meaning… Listen, read, and understand….


10. Is there any gig planned soon?Moreover,in general, what do you think about the live black metal performances?It may be a kind of communication device between the listener and the musician ,but,to be honest with you Typhus,i generally do not  live black metal.It must be misanthropic i think,something mystic…


There are no live dates planned yet for this album. We are not sure if we will play any shows for this album yet. Time will tell….

It depends on the skill of the band. I think some bands can carry onto the stage the feeling, atmosphere, and mystique from their recordings. As with Fog, those who have witnessed will agree, we are one to do so…


11. What can can you say about the US black metal scene?Can you reveal some new names from your scene that deserves respect and an attention?


I think the US scend is becoming more important that in the past. There are some great bands here that deserve respect. Fog, Typhus, Hordes Of The Lunar Eclipse, Leviathan, Nachtmystium, Engorge, Black Witchery, Harvist etc…. There are many more but I will not make an endless list. For those who want more information, they should check out Dark Horizon Records. We support by distributing many US bands… Hail The Rise Of The US Hordes!!!!


12.What have you been listening to lately?Are you an open-minded listener or an orthodox kind of music lover?


I listen to many styles of music. Metal is that is closest to my blackened heart. Some things I have been listening to lately…

Drudkh, Funeral Mist, Deathspell Omega, Nachtmystium, Enslaved, Tom Waits, Ulver, Swans, Antimatter, Venom, Typhus, Fog, Watain, Craft, Khold, Rush, Ragnarok, Fluerety, Revenge, Opeth, Beherit, Blasphemy, etc…. I could list bands forever….. This is just a small list. We listen to tons of stuff every day as we get new stock in daily so there are tons of new bands and releases I could also list. But the list above are some that see regular play when we are at work…


13. Do you have any words for your enemies?Or for whom who talks “so fuckin much”  from  Fog’s back!?


We rise to power as the elite, and uphold the most blasphemous proclamation! Fuck your God!!!!!


14. Thanks Typhus,for your help and time for the Frost Magazine.last words  for the end chapter are yours!


Support the scene!!!! Support Dark Horizon Records and our bands!!!! Go to our website and fucking buy something!!!!


In Darkness,


Dark Horizon Records
6435 West Jefferson Blvd #666
Fort Wayne, IN


Official Dark Horizon Records Website:


Official Typhus Website:


Official Fog Website:



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