Enthroned Interview

Hail Nornagest!How the things in Belgium man?

Hails ,yes as much as any other weak religious fags I guess! This are pretty usual here not much to say, the hordes are preparing the arrival of the forth comming apocalypse called “XES Haereticum”!                       

Can you give your latest line up and latest changes in the band?

well, the blackened Horde consist of me ,Nornagest on lead guitars/ vocals and Sabathan ; lead vocals and bass guitar.The other members (Alsvid (drums) and Nerath daemon (guitar))will remain in the band until the recording of the new album “XES Haereticum” and will leave the band after the studio sessions. We have found some replacement and we will announce their names through zines and our web site (www.enthroned-horde.com) when the right time has come!

Lets talk about ‘Carnage in Worlds Beyond’Are you content with the work?How are the reactions?

We are very pleased with the result of “Carnage in worlds beyond”, it’s just the way this album should have sounded, and we have that dark feeling back into the band which got a bit lost for the last two albums due to unmatured and un-dedicated members back then!The reactions have been very good world wide!

Last release hailed us in 2002,i think you are working on a new material at the moment,yup?

yeah, as I said above, we are working on our new album “XES Haereticum” which will be released in September 2004.

The new material is the closest from our two first releases “Prophecies of pagan fire” and “Towards the skullthrone of Satan” yet with some more brutal touch and of course the same approach as we unleashed on “Carnage in worlds beyond”. In a way it’ll be the most “melodic” albumof Enthroned but certainly not less aggressive!

Enthroned has always been known on its views against Christianity,is it the only religion that tou curse upon or does Enthroned have the same opinions towards other religions?

Christianity is a bunch of hypocrites, one of the many reasons why they disgust me but the same goes for other slavery religions of course! The long way of knowledge is my “religion” , walking in the step of ancient philosophy and feed my hunger with blasphemic powers that were/are given by the entity of the opposer named Satanas.

Enthroned ishis mouth and blade bringing and confirming is pestilence ,or aura, upon his world; here…

Your ex drummer,Dan Vandenplas committed suicide in April,1997.i know it is an ancient event but can you tell what exactly Enthroned Members felt when that had happened?do you know about his reasons?

He felt that his time was finished here,that he accomplished everything he had to do and wanted to back with our dark father down below…this was his words and we respected it althrough it was sad to see our war-brother disappearing physically, but he is still foreverpresent besides us and within our music and art.

You were working with Blackend in previous albums and you are working with Napalm Rec.at the moment.why did this change occur?

Because we were absolutely not satisfied of the work of Blackend and because Napalm offered us the best deal.

Are you still following the underground?waht do you think about it when compared to its ancient days?

I’m still as much involved in the underground as I always been, of course the dark aura of Black metal is almost totally gone, but there are still some great hordes creating great hymns to the fallen.

Can you recommend us some new christcrushing bands from Belgium?

Yes, there is Emptiness (great black/death metal in the Incantation vein but with a personal touch),The Beast (Beherit/archgoat alike), Verloren ( depressive black metal), Anguyngueran ( pure black), Grimfaurg (black metal), Plague ( black metal) , Eole Noire (black metal), Xesbeth ( dark/black), Dark Ages (a bit like Dissection)…

How is the true black metal scene in you country?

Dedicated for the ones I mentionned before , and many true worshippers of the metal of Death and black occult hymns/metal !

What can you say about new scene?

I don’t give a shit persoannly if a band sell 500.000 or even 1000.0000 albums, what matters is their dedication and honesty towards themselves and in the case of “satanists” to Satan and what they are talking about!

Bands that are playing for money or because they like Black metal as a mainstream music are the rubbish of this scene, Black metal as it was said a million of times is more than just a music style, it goes deeper that simple metal, there is BLACK metal and black METAL, and I personally belong to the first category, to me the rest can fuck off!

I don’t know if Dimmu Borgir are real Satanists or what so ever, as I do not know the actual members personally so I have no reason to spit on their back, which was not the case some years ago with some ex- Dimmu Borgir members with whom we had some problems!These guys are out of Dimmu now and so why shall I have any kind of problems with them? I don’t know these guys and I’m not one of these children who’s gonna spit on their back just because I don’t like their music (even if I like their last one) or because they sell.

Do you still wear metal shirts/LS s etc.?i have this Dark Throne LS (TRANS?LVAN?AN HUNGER),you should see it man,fuckin splendid!i think this kind of stuff is directly related with the unholy soul of early days!(which ex Bathory,Celtic ‘FROST’ dwell)?

Yes I do! I’m the same in every day life that I’m on stage ,at the exception of the corpse paint!

Have you ever faced censorships in your country or somewhereelse?

Yes, we ‘ve been cancelled in some countries due to the christian church and in England some years ago, because we were too extreme, but now it’s ok ! We still ot some problems from time to time but we can’t live without it, even Elvis Presley was cancelled and boycotted because he was a true “ Evil Satanist” ahahahahah!!!

Could you tell me an intereseting event that you experienced with the police?if there was of course?

We got caught at the czech border because we had some anti-christian symbols and inverted crosses on the bus but nothing really interesting! and I got caught by the Italian Militia because I steped on St Peter’s sacred stone in the Vatican, but as you can see nothing really special!

Have you listened the ‘BURZUM tribute’?it is really splendid man!

No, I haven’t!

Congratulations for your 10th year anniversary,when looking back to all these years,to you,what changed in Enthroned?Are you content with the current position of the band in the scene?

After 10 years since our creation, I can be proud of one thing; it’s that we never betrayed ourselves and stay honest towards “Him” and the scene. What has changed a lot was our line-ups and I hope one day we will have a stable one!

Every Enthroned album gots his own personality and even if we love one or hate another I’m still proud of we have accomplished during this decade of dedication!

Thank you Nornagest for spending time on this    interview.Spit your last curse upon the   faces   of readers!

Thanx for the interview and as I once said…..To belive in God you need faith, to believe in Satan you just have to open your eyes….XES Haereticum, perpetuus doloris! AMSG


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