End Of Green Interview

Hi Micheal!i hope everything is bad enough to force you to go on creating your music!how is the life nowadays?

Hi ,Oh, don’t worry there will always be enough tragedy for us. Maybe we have some kind of magnet for that type of scenarios deep inside. Murphy’s Law or whatever. But actually i’m in quite a good mood right now. And knock on wood this lasts for some time.

You have recently released ‘Last Night on Earth’,how did the audience react to material?

The reactions have been quite good for us. We got lots of good reviews and recieved good feedback from the people that have also bought our old stuff. There were also a couple of folks that did not like the record at all, but that’s okay with me. I mean I do not consider it as lack of character if someone does not like our music. But of course we prefer people saying “You’re gorgeous” and nice stuff like that.

The title for the album’last night on earth’is really interesting.what did you hide behind this name?may be end of everything?may be a new beginning…

Personally i think it’s about the moment when you go like “Fuck everything. Tonight’s the night. Tomorrow means nothing.” I don’t know how the others feel about that. We don’t talk about things like that too much. Everyone in the band has it’s own interpretation. And i don’t want to know it. It might ruin the picture in my head. With the “last night on earth” – i often spend time thinking about how i would spend my last night on earth. But of course it is not going to happen, that someone calls you on the phone and informs you about that night. Only if you plan that by yourself, and then again i try not to think too much about what i would do in that case. It makes me psychotic. And i think it’s not really possible to talk about the hours before i kill myself without being very pathetic. It’s nothing to pose with. Suicide sucks.

Are you content with your current label?(Silverdust)

Oh, Silverdust is a fine bunch of people. Achim (the boss) really supports us with 100%. Not every band is blessed with a record company like that. I have the suspicion that they really care about our music, our views and our handling of being a band. Guess we’re happy and i hope they are, too.

What are you listening nowadays?can you reveal some names from your music library?

My taste has a huge range. I love listening to almost every type of “good” music. Right now i listen to a lot of punk and hardcore stuff like The Beatsteaks, Billy Talent, Danko Jones, Nomeansno. I think the last Johnny Cash albums have been spectacular, Mogwai are great and i can’t get enough of old Indiestuff like The Cure, Fields Of The Nephilim or The Cult. Come and travel with us we have the coolest mixtapes on the bus.

To be honest,’Infinity’is the best for me among other End of Green arts,according to you;what has changed in the band since  this legendary release?

Well, we changed labels twice and i joined the band. That’s about it. The actual changes in the band when it comes to songwriting and all this stuff is something that’s not really in our hands. You know, you get older sometimes a little wiser or more experimental. But i think we still kept the spirit of the early days.

What do you think about todays gothic music scene?Are there new bands which you can recommend to us?

To be honest. i do not really have an opinion about that. When i listen to goth stuff it’s most of the times the old jewels like Fields Of The Nephilim, Sisters Of Mercy or The Cure … or those gothbands that aren’t pure goth like Bay Laurel and 69 Eyes. Oh, and i can’t help myself: i think Marilyn Manson is dope.

What s your opinion about todays pseudo gothic fashion?i do not think gothic culture/lifestyle is a thing that you can use to boast off in fuckin high school parties?

I guess lots of people have taken the goth lifestyle as a fashion thing and not a cultural movement – and that’s okay with me. I mean, i prefer people dressed in black, anyway. Like every scene, that “goth-thang” has found its way into the fashion mainstream. You can’t change that. Look at punk nowadays. I do not believe that it is very “punk” to buy shredded shirts for 90 Euros. That’s fashion. And everyone who travels that road ­“Have a nice journey”. In two years time they find something other happening. But definitely: If you dress “goth” at a wedding or a highschool party you’re the eyecatcher of the event. And let’s face it: It looks good, doesn’t it?

Why did you chose to express yourself in this vein of metal music?

Don’t know. It happend. Maybe we’re too bad at painting. I always fell for heartdriven music, no matter if it’s pop, rock or even hiphop. If it’s done with soul, i respect it. We chose a band to express ourselves, others might have a little talent for something else.

As far as i know you keen on cinema/films as well,what kind of movies you prefer?

For me movies are quite important. And i do not care if it is spooky, scary, brutal, cynic or completly funny ­ as long as it’s done with heart. Look at actors like Johnny Depp or Sean Penn, whatever they do ­ it’s great. And i have to admit i love “When Harry Met Sally”, “Harold & Maude”. Two weeks ago i saw a film called “Irreversible” which is by far one of the most impressing films i ever saw. It’s one of these films that turns your stomach around with their intensity. Also, an austian movie called “Funny Games” – incredible.

Did the members of End of Green have any side project?moreover,do you think that is it a good thing for a musician to take part in other side projects aswell?

Michelle plays in a band called Die Fuge, Rainer plays in Dyin’ Julia, Maze and Oliver used to play in Voodooshock and i sometimes play in icheherntion. I think it’s good to play together with other people. I just would not see the point in playing in a side project that sounds like the actual band.

i saw that sentence in your web site(in web shop part):’Capitalism sold my viginity’may you tell us more about this idea man?

We adapted that one from a swedish band called The (Int.) Noise Conspiracy. They have a song “Capitalism Stole My Virginity”. We just make fun of that (yes, sometimes we do that). I mean the message explains itself. We all grew up in an environment where everybody would almost do everything just by being paid for it. i will not say that anyone is guilty or whatever. It just the way it works. We all judge everything by its material weight. And by having a web shop we’re not better than anyone else. We sell shirts and CDs, but let me tell you, we do not earn much with that. Actually almost nothing. But i guess it’s always the poor who complain about capitalism. i do not hear the rich bitching about that.

my questions are over Michael,do you wanna add something as a conclusion?

No, i already said way too much. Thanks for that interview. i really enjoyed the questions. AND I MEAN THAT. Thanks for the support and interest in our little popgroup.



  1. Thank’s everybody for giving me this information about my adorable band End Of Green!

  2. Well,ok.
    We are all getting older,and there are always bands or albums that created good space at a time in the past,aren’t they?
    Thanks for the interest,

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