Disiplin Interview

ØHeil Ausslavia!How are the things in Norway?Everything ok. at your side,i hope.

Hey, meister Ozgen. Things are ok even though I have this hangover from utter Hell right now.

You have already recorded you album titled’Anti-Life’,what can you say about this coming release?

I’m satisfied as fuck. More massive production, brilliant songs and ugly atmosphere. Await Hell…

Actually the coming albums title was supposed to be’Quimbanda’but you changed it to’Anti-life’,which is far more misanthropic i think.So,what made you change the title?

The title wasn’t changed. ‘Quimbanda’ was only a working-title.

Anti-Life s merchandise is going to be in Plastic Head,i wonder whether Moonfog also will merchandise it or not?

That I don’t know for the time being. Probably they will when the album’s out.

As far as i know,Nattefrost of Carpathian Forest featured in the new album.Whose idea was it to include him?I mean how the things happened ?

Nattefrost is a friend of mine and General K. It was the General’s idea to let him sing on one track. He also dubbed some of the chorus on my tracks. I’m really satisfied with the result!

Your debut was also featuring ex Emperor members Samoth and Faust.So should we ready for such surprises in the future releases?

Might be, time will show – but for the time being we’ve not planned more guest appearances.

A personal thing,(Being a Slav who lives in Turkey),i wonder whether your name Ausslavia has something related with Slav s or it has some other meaning?

I formed the band Slavia in ’97 after a couple of trips to Prague amongst other cities. I really like the Eastern-European culture and music. When I joined Koldbrann some years ago I called myself Jonas aus Slavia, but it sounds stupid I think so I cut out my name and it became Ausslavia in the end.

Actually the name Disiplin really sounds cool,it s something makes people feel weird(or may be fear).Can you tell us,what kind of Disiplin is this?I mean self-disiplin or a kind of punishment?

Both I must say. You ought to show discipline to get around this fucking world. The name was created by General K when he departed from Myrkskog. He did it because the other members lacked discipline. As easy as that. I really like the name – it suites us very well.

What kind of themes you depict in your lyrics?

It might sound stupid for other people, but the themes are built around war, terror, pesticide, anti-human aspects, Satanism and so on.

On the other hand,one of your songs name appeared to be interesting/deep to me.It is’The Arsonist Academy’Can you tell me what kind of unholy story does this songs depicts?

Go out and fuck up the world. Set buildings and people on fire. We need terror, we need war and we need pesticide. We burn the Earth! We burn the Sky! Soak the Holy in Gasoline! Ugh!

Are you planning to perfrom live?

After the release of our first album we played tons of gigs here in Norway together with great acts as Satyricon, Zyklon, Aborym, Mayhem amongst others. Really cool. Now we’ve decided to not play any more gigs before the release of ‘Anti-Life’. It’ll happen in February I think. We’re maybe playing on gig in my hometown, Kongsberg, before we will participate on the Moonfog/Season of Mist-showcase at By:larm in Stavanger next year. We’re also hoping for some tours and single concerts abroad when the time is right. Things will happen…

Actually i dont like gigs much,especially black metal gigs as i prefer it to be more mystical/anti human..What are your thoughts about it?

We’ll take nearly every opurtunity to spread our blasphemy. I don’t give a shit if it is a small venue or a larger one.

Related with your album title’Anti-Life’,i wonder about your thoughts on misanthropy.I think it s one the biggest inspirations for you ,am i right?

We’re not happy about people in general as you may understand. The few chosen one, those who deserve it – we threat good. Other people might die. We wouldn’t give a toss.

What are your future plans for Disiplin?

Our future plans are to release ‘Anti-life’, play at By:larm, play abroad and try to fuck up the world in our own very way. Hell Khaos! Hell Drakul!

Thanks Ausslavia,for your time and help.You can close this manifesto by uttering your last words.

Nema problema Frost…. Pesticide to the people!!!


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