Die Apokalyptischen Reiter Interview

Salutes from a  evening. This is your next interview in your life. Do you still remember how many of them have you answered? When did you get first questions of your life?Maybe you can remember when and from whom did you get it?Meantime what kind of questions you hate to be asked in such interviews?
Greetings from Germany. We are now in the studio, in the north of the ruhr-bassin, the weater is fucked up, so this interview comes in right time. I can’t say, how many interviews I’ve given during all the years, only for “Samurai”, the last album, we had almost 150 phoners. The first interviews came in right after the relase of our demo “Firestorm” (1996), but I don’t remember the first one. I dislike all questions about band history, we answered this a few hundred times…
What influenced you to create Die Apokalyptischen Reiter? Tell us about the message behind this project…
 We wanted to create a new sound, that noone ever played before. There were no particular influence, that brought us to the way, we just enjoyed jamming. A message? Not really a message, just the will to create a new sound, to ignore borders and so called rules. We give a fuck on all that narrow-minded shit. So in a way, freedom was (and is!!!) main goal, however you want to interpret that…
After the successful Samurai attack,I guess you are in studio now for a new album.How is the writing process going so far?What kind album should we expect or not expect this time?
We are almost done with the recordings. We made a huge pre-production from November 2005-January 2006, and now in February we are in the studio to record everything. We started to compose songs for the new album back in 2005, so it was very comfortable this time, we had enough ideas, enough time… really good.
And,any new tour or gig planned soon?
A bunch of!!! Over 50 shows are planned for the next months. Big open airs, festivals and a headliner tour in September 2006.
I generally do not like live performances,and for you;which is the better?watching the band live or listening it from the recording?I always prefer albums.
Live shows are essential for any band. I cannot understand, if bands don’t play live. Such bands are more or less studio projects, but to be a real band deserves a stage! But the moods, we create in a show and on a cd differs of course. You can relaxe while listening an album on your stereo at home and of course, that same situation is live totally different.
Related with the previous one,Do you think your songs lose something when performing live or do you think they have more feeling  more than ever?
Well, they sound of course a bit different than in the studio, but that’s interesting. We don’t use half playback backup systems (with is getting more and more popular even in the metal scene), so everything is live. Of course we have sometimes to reduce the song (we often record 4 guitar tracks in the studio), but we use only one guitar player live. But that’s the magick. We have to freedom to jam and to change the songs every time, so even after 100 shows or so, we can enjoy playing the songs.
Are any of the current band members involved in other musical activities outside Die Apokalyptischen Reiter?
Only our drummer Sir G. has a project running, called My Demons Diversity. Its more or less technical Death Metal.
On the other hand,have you ever though about the negative sides of the “side-project”?Dont you think that musician can be more effective when he focus on only one band,one Project?
We see no need for a side project. DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER have no borders, everything is possible.
What do you think of the fact that more an more people in Northen Europe commit suicide?Could it be a kind of phenomenon?
Have you ever been to the north?? So cold, so dark in the winter. I know, that northern Norway has the highest suicide rate in the world. Darkness is something, not everybody can stand.
Do you read much? What books have you read recently? Do you have any favourite authors?On the other hand,to what extend you are taking inspirations from the books you read?(While composing lyrics etc)
I like to read very much. My  fave authors are Haruki Murakami, Matias Faldbakken, Michel Houellebecq, Charles Bukowski among many others. Books are way more inspiring that just watching movies. TV and cinema kill human fantasy. While reading a book or listing to music, visions and ideas come to your head, that much more inspiring that just sitting on a couch and consume, consume, consume…
How would it feel like for you if there hadn’t been any ecclesiastical viruses on this earth? Civilizations without holy books, cities without temples, churches, mo?Have you ever though about it?And,moreover ,dont you think that any kind of ecclesiastic and dogmatic wave have already destroyed so many point of views,so many inventions,so  many cultures?
Hard to say. Its a philosophical question: how a world would look like without religion at all. Of course can speculate about that, but why. In fact, we have religion, we have damn much problems because of religion, I see no point for speculations.
What is the name of the band that you hate most?Most of the people are eager to utter their fave bands yet i want to learn the band you hate most?Can you give an honest answer to this question?
I don’t hate bands. Thats bullshit. Maybe I dislike behaviours, styles and so one, but hating a band`? Come on, I’m not a fuckin teenager anymore for such silly stuff. I accept every musician, that works hard on his sounds. Of course the are dozens of bands, I’m not a fan of, but hate??? No, no fuckin hate man!
If you had known all in advance; what things would you certainly have done an other way and any warnings/advice for new-coming bands?What would you advise or not advise?
Don’t sign contracts to early, never ever (!!!) sell your merchandise rights and be warned all the time: this business is full of sharks, betrayers and so called “friend”. Be strong, be independent, check all your contracts yourself!!
Have you ver asked to take part in a movie  soundtrack?Or have you ever thougt of creating something like this?
Sadly not, but maybe in future…
Related with the previous one,by any chance,have you ever planned about your very own “movie”?If you would direct it one day,what would be the title and what kind of movie should we expect ?
I don’t think, that will happen. But if, then something in the way of “Snatch”, great movie!
Do you follow any musical scene in a close perception including your owns?I mean buying magazines,checking shops for the latest albums?
Yez, I follow the actual scene, not only metal scene. I have a huge collection, I’m a real music addicted
Holy Trinity:Kraftwerk,Modern Talking,dEpeche Mode; which one you chose and why?
Maybe Depeche Mode. It was one of the first bands i can remember, that impressed me. I was 10 or so and I really liked their sound. “Music For The Masses” is still a milestone…
What about films or books, Tv series,anything you recently read or saw that impressed you?And one more thing,Chose : Desperate Housewifes VS Sex and the City?I hate both as it appears to me that they try to create  an exact “woman” concept who do the same things all the time without any respect to her own nature or surroundings..May be i m kinda dinasour ,dont know…I prefer Simpsons, though…
Homer fuckin rules. But I have to admit, I don’t watch TV too often. No time for that. I prefer playing music, rehearsing with my band or share time with my wife…
Another weird one on the way;Are you married? And what kind of effects could marriage have on the creativity of the artist? Have you ever thought of this? It sure one may be more creative when he is alone,yet what about a man married with children!?
I married last year. I was damn cool, a great moment for me and my wife. All my family and friends were there, really a great day. I never asked myself, if marriage affects musical creativity. I don’t think so.
A last weird question, a question on a personal note. Do you have any pets? Once i had had a mad Jack Russel Terrier,this bastard was (his name was Rocco) die-hard fan of Slayer and Slipknot.He was really into death-thrash metal,whenver he heards of a single Cannibal Corpse or Slipknot song he was running and jumping like a bird-flued chick.Has your pet such kind musical perversion?
Haha, that was a good one. I have 2 black cats, I can assure you, they like a lay on my big subwoofers when I listen to music very loud. I can’t tell you, which style the like most, but the louder the better!!!
Do you have any questions to ask me?
Opps, sorry, not at the moment.
Thank you Volk for Being the guest of  Frost Magazine . I hope i did not bore you that much Now,Finish this interview quoting the words of a man you admire the most, please!
Thanks for supporting DIE APOKALYPTISCHEN REITER. Our new single “Peace May Be With You” comes end of May, the new cd “Riders On The Storm” comes end of August on Nuclear Blast. We really hope to play in your country soon!!! Check http://www.reitermania.de for more information. 

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