Dark Tranquillity Interview

Hi Niklas ! My first question is about this formidable new album Character! How was the work in the studio, how was the atmosphere, how was the inspiration? Can you tell us something about the making of of this album?
Well ,It has been a while now; the album was recorded in early 2004 but didn’t get released until a year later. Studio work was pretty smooth since we’ve used the same studio for more than ten years and know the equipment well. We always have 100% of the music finished before we enter the studio, so it’s just hard work rather than inspiration at that stage. Just trying to get everything sounding as good as possible. As for the making, I think it took about one year to write the music for the album.
Indeed, one needs at least two or three listenings in order to appreciate every details, to get into the album, because the first impact is a big surprise. DT are more aggressive and the aggressiveness is the first thing the listener will realize now i think.What can you say about this?
I agree. With “Character” we wanted to make something more intense and extreme than the last couple of albums, and it was also important for us to make the music complex enough to be interesting in the long run. Starting the album with the blastbeats of “The new build” was a good way of making a statement.
Meantime what does the title stand for?Is this “Character” of yours or is it something related to all mankind’s character?
Both. It’s a word that can be interpreted in different ways, and it’s up to the listener to chose his own meaning.
Mikael’s voice seems to be more infernal than ever, reallysplendid,like it is in the mighty “The Gallery “album . it is just my opinion, but i think it will match the opinion of everybody. How does he work on his voice? I mean, do you practice (if there is any need)? How does he maintain this great voice?
We rehearse a lot, so he practices his vocal technique several times a week.Apart from that, there are no secrets as far as I know. Just hard work, dedication and talent. He has worked with his voice for 15 years now, and I agree that he really outdid himself this time.
Speaking about the lyrics… what meaning or message should the lyrics of Character suggest?
We’ve always said that it’s up to the listener. In my view, good lyrics are the ones where you have to read between the lines and draw your conclusions.There’s no need to give any “solutions” away – the people that are genuinely interested usually find their own way of approaching the lyrics anyway, and we’ve never been about spreading some sort of “message” or ideology with our music.
Who writes most of the music?I heard that you dont involved in the writing process,is it right?
Everyone in the band is involved in the songwriting, but at the moment most of the music is made by Anders and Martin H. Mikael writes the lyrics of course.
What is your life like outside of music and DARK TRANQUILLITY? Do you have any hobbies?
Sorry, but I don’t discuss my private life in interviews; everything that people need to know about us is on the albums, and our personal day-to-day lives aren’t of public interest.
Do you get nervous when you do interviews like this?
Nervous? No, not really. We’ve done eight albums and have given tons and tons of interviews for every one of them, so it’s no problem.
Do you have any routine or ritual that you go through before you go on stage to play?
just the usual stuff that everyone is doing I guess…Warming up as much as possible and trying to concentrate and focus on the gig. Some of us like to drink a few beers to get in the mood, some of us prefer to play sober.
Do you like touring, in general?
I like it in small doses. Playing the gigs are usually great, but the rest can be a bit tedious. There’s so much time spent on just doing nothing, and after a one-month tour, you’re pretty fucked up both mentally and psychically. Like everything else, it has its good and bad sides.
Generally there of course have been several albums put out last year. What were your favourites and what do you think is worthy to keep an eye on this year – except for Character?
In metal, I think that the new Solefald, Primordial and Deathspell omega offerings were really good. Apart from that, 2005 was like any other year – some quality releases and some not-so-good ones.
Meantime ,i know quite hard for a musician to answers,yet i want to learn your fave Drak Tranqullity album?Mine is “The Gallery”,that is!
I don’t have a favourite among our own albums. It might sound strange, but after having spent so much time writing the music, rehearsing it, playing every single detail over and over again, you tend to get bored with it. The only D.T. songs I’m really interested in are the ones that we’re working on, since they’re still fresh and exciting. The old stuff is just history and as you say it’s really hard for a musician to judge his own material.
If you’d be convicted to death which kind of it will you choose:death by hanging, electric chair or maybe death by poisoning with some Zyklon?
Sweden doesn’t have the death sentence, but none of the options seem pleasant. I’d want something really quick, like an execution squad or ye olde guillotine.
Thanks a lot for your help on Frost Magazine,i hope you are notbored..Finish this interview quoting the words of a man you admire the most, please!
 “Trying is the first step towards failure” – Homer Simpson

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