Dark Throne Interview

  1. Salut Fenriz!How are you?What have you been doing lately?

 I m Angry and happy as usual. It’s an insane rollercoaster ride.


  1. Another unholy Black Metal masterpiece from you, ‘Sardonic Wrath ‘ hailed us recently.How are the sick Dark Throne maniacs reacted to this release so far?


People say we are the Motorhead of black metal.

  1. Sardonic Wrath has been dedicated to the living memory of Quorthon .So Fenriz,dont you think that every fuckin blackheart should respect ,especially to the ancient releases of Bathory?

I am lucky enough to have had time for the first SIX bathory albums in this life. I GLEAM is respect.

  1. Nocturno Culto joined Satyricon on the stage to perform some Dark Throne songs at Wacken of this year.Being a band who has  stayed  away from the stage  for so many years,dont you think some orthodox fans may  feel bad after this?I mean true black metal maniacs generally dislike huge fests like wacken bla?

I meet people ALL THE TIME from ALL OVER THE WORLD in the elm street bar in Oslo. Nocturno Culto lives in the desolate forest, so he does not have the opportunity to meet metalheads – so for him, Wacken is an opportunity to meet metal bangers. I am against big live shows myself, and EVERYONE knows that. But I want people to try to respect Nocturno culto.

  1. Do you read fanzines,magazines who dedicated to this scene?Actually there are very few ‘dedicated’ stuff  in todays black metal word,though.

Yes, I like to read magazines in Bulgarian that I don’t understand anything of. I read the magazines that I get, but I do not search for them – if I was reading a fanzine now, I could not have done this interview. Also, I get no inspiration from what musicians has to SAY, I read all other stuff and make up my own mind about things. I like to read small black white magazines from the east and south America if I can get them, and Terrorizer. But my fave mags are SLAYER MAG, and ISTEN.

  1. It is hell clear that nowadays Black Metal acts has nothing to do with heathenism,anti-ecclesiastic fanaticism.They are into big labels,fuckin gigs and pussies,instead.What is your opinion about it?What made the unholy black metal domesticated so much?

Pussy is the main thing ofcourse. But peoples bands doesn’t have to SOUND pussy because of it. You are wasting energy on posers and wimps – it is better to concentrate on great bands like USURPER and NIFELHEIM.

  1. Honestly,do you follow todays black metal scene?Be it from underground or in mainstream,is there some names that you can give us?

What do you think? Do you think people doesn’t send us their demos ALL THE TIME? They do. But I am choosy, I like perhaps one out of a hundred demos. And why would I want to listen to my own kind of metal that is influenced by my own riffs? It is SICK. So I always listened to all kinds of music, they way most of us veterans in Norway do. Euronymous for instance, had a very varied musical taste. My fave underground band nowadays is OLD (from Germany). They play EXTREMELY old school thrash/black/metal. HAIL! Also watch out for, and BUY albums of Norwegian AUDIOPAIN and SARCOMA INC.

  1. Being one of the most ancient and experienced wulf of the Black metal,may you say Fenriz,how were the feelings that dwelling in your heart when you just began to play drums for the sake of  blackarts?What were your future plans for your own musical future in the very first days of Dark Throne?Here we have Sardonic Wrath at the moment,which is easy to find/heard of throughout the web or stores,yet wasnt it difficult to spread tons of flyers/promos in the ancient days of Darkthrone?

I don’t know why I started to play drums – but I had an urge. It wasn’t until I was a technically skilled drummer that I DECIDED to CHANGE STYLE and play primitive – and THAT was for the sake of black metal. I only had one ambition in my whole life – and that was to get a record deal. I got the deal with peaceville in 1989, so I reched my only goal when I was 18. since then I slowly got the urge to release a compilation album – and I just released my OLD SCHOOL BLACK METAL compilation on peaceville. Spreading flyers was not a problem, the world changes and if I was spreading flyers right now I wouldn’t have time to do this interview. What do YOU want. I always spend all the time being ME.

  1. You know the things about Varg Vikernes’ current situation.What might be his aim when he decided to act like this?(This prison-escaping thing)On the other hand have seen or talk to him lately?(Have you ever visited him i mean)?

Who died and made me a gossip aunt? I never visited him, I asked if he wanted support and he wanted a LITTLE, but that was in 93 – now he does not want to have contact with the black metal scene, I think. 

  1. ‘Hate Them’ s design was not that  detailed when compared to ‘ Sardonic Wrath’s.May i ask whose artwork is it?Have you ever thought of employing something different on the cover/CD artworks?

Italian guy called Lorenzo. He sent some artwork to Nocturno Culto and N.C chose a painting. It is not more complicated than that,man. What I HATE is standard metal stupidity in album covers, naked women with swords etc.it stigmatises metal people and prove that many of the partakers have the mental capacity of 8 year olds.

  1. And about this tribute-like thing that you created.How that idea occured in your mind ?- to play unholy black metal classics-?

This question must have been for Nocturno Culto – I am against all this tribute stuff, it is my no1 word I am tired of. If I die I FORBID anyone to make a fucking tribute, I hope they bury my face down so they can kiss my ass. But it is a very logical idea to honour Quorthon that way, because Norway is full of the best black metallers who own a lot to bathory, and the HOLE IN THE SKY festival in Bergen was coming up, so they had a perfect occation. I got sick, so I didn’t see the show.

  1. It seems everything is ok with Moonfog at the moment,am i right?Moonfog has few bands under their wings but it seems they are promoting/working well on them…

They are excellent! Patrizia is a super professional promotion officer, and Moonfog is a very solid label! Now, everybody is waiting for the insanity that will be the DHG new album, and the next DISIPLIN album. I heard it already and it’s a fucking killer

  1. I know it may be a boring question but i wonder that  how is your daily life?I mean,lets say; you just woke up,curse to god,and then……?

I worked full time since 1988 to make money for Darkthrone and my life. Now I work to be able to say NO to things people want with darkthrone – I have said no to hundreds of thousands of dollars live show money. I refuse to compromise my life’s work DARKTHRONE. I always loved women, and I find a better one every time – so anything that takes time away from me spending time with my girlfriend is ENEMIES. I take between 70-100 trips in the forest every year, by foot, bicycle or cross country skiing. Oh, I always listen to music at work, I can use a discman ALL the time.

  1. After –nearly-the two decades of pure unholy Black metal,do you have any words for the enemies?

Enemies are below me, I feed on them and turn my hatred into my spice of life. I have nothing to say to them, who knows; maybe they will start wanting to copy MY great life. See you in hell, suckers!!!


  1. Thank you Fenriz for your time for the Frost!I guess that is all for the moment,add your last words!Hail Dark Throne!Hail Unholy Black metal!





Legendary black metal band, Darkthrone, nominated in the metal category for the highly coveted Norwegian Alarm Awards last Wednesday, has now been removed from the list of nominees.


Darkthrone, one of five candidates in the metal category for their outstanding album, ‘Sardonic Wrath’, communicated their dissatisfaction at being nominated in an article published in Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten the day after the selected names were released to the public. ‘We play real and honest black metal,’ drummer Fenriz commented in the article. ‘And we have no interest in being part of the glitter and showbiz side of the music industry.’ 


Alarm Awards’ chief, Svein Bjørge was surprised by the band’s reaction but hasted to find a solution that culminated in the band’s elimination from the category altogether. 


On hearing the news that their wish had been granted, Fenriz commented – ‘I just wanted to say my piece about the whole Alarm nomination thing last week and whether they kept us in or not would have been no skin off my nose.’ ‘I have everything AGAINST awards for black metal,” Nocturno Culto added.

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