Dark Throne Interview

Hi Fenriz,i just rolled my tobacco(great Dutch one;namely “Drum” which i can recommend to you too)and ready to bore you now.Starting with you “veryself”; how are you nowadays?Is there anything bothering you around,in these cold winter days?

yeah, that i have to do interviews when the cross country skiing season is BULGING around here at the moment. 15 trips so far, next one tomorrow. after this, beers at NESEBLOD RECORD STORE!


What can you say about the upcoming “The Cult Is Alive”? I m sure that it is gonna be another music lesson to these pussy-kindergarten-black metal bands of today,though!?

how on earth did you guess that?! i don’t talk about titles and lyrics much, but our attitude isn’t exactly HIDDEN, if you know what i mean. every single album we put out had only 80s influences, and this one too, to the MAXIMUM!


I saw a track name “Whisky Funeral” in your website while checking the new album’s tracklist.It sounded quite weird thing to me,can you please mention more about this song’s story?What the title stands for?

weird? it’s attitude


What made you to re-constuct the Dark Throne web-site?In one of old interviews you said “Anyway, closing down the website is to show that we don’t intend to become MORE in the spotlight. And what are YOU complaining about?” about this thing.Dont you think there is a spotlight now?

if there is a spotlight, it’s rarely on the important part of us.i don’t deal with the website, damnit, but if it can make people stop bothering me for tidbit info all the time – fine with me.


Dark Throne has never been in need of “Publicity” and another “Trendy” tricks that are created by the label owners,magazine editors or any fuckin “Shylock” org anizators.Thus you do not give gigs at the mo ment,which i appreciate a lot ,particularly when looking todays fuckin “ever-partying-in-the-gigs-generation ”.Nobody,has to give gig in front of the idiot air head high school girls or partying gays,for more money or pussy.So,will this true attitude of Dark Throne continue in the future too?

others can do what they want, the bands don’t usually tour for money, many crust bands just tour as a way of life, for instance. propaganda. and then you have all those who LIKE TO PLAY THEIR INSTRUMENT. i don’t like to play. i stopped being a musician in 1991 and became ME.


Following to the previous question, I´d like to know if you enjoy attending concerts, what is the last gig you watched, and if you have listened to some of the live Darkthrone bootlegs that are in the market (“A night of unholy black metal”, “Evil past”, etc., some of them wielding a quality close to pure noise).Some idiots try to earn money from these releases actually.

i loathe bootlegs, always did. i am EXPECTED to attend certain shows, the last gig i saw (and the first one i saw SOBER in 15 years)was BLOOD TSUNAMI and AUDIOPAIN (godz) at last train, Oslo. but usually i like to see bands i never saw before live, to discover something.


By the way,have you ever though about some pre-cautions plans about these bootlegs?I mean somekind of copyrights that will stop these morons to spread such stuff or anything else?Actually,i really wonder,who wants to buy these live albums when you say thousands times that you hate the live black metal appareances…

yeah, like i have time to even THINK about that. then i wouldn’t have a life.good point about people not understanding me, man! there are a HANDFUL of people out there who get who i am and where i come from – THESE are the people i care about.


By the way, what is Zephyrous doing right now? Is he involved in any musical project, or is he retired from the scene?

He was thinking that the scene was becoming a boys club in 93,which is a great definition actually..

definately retired since 1993.


I know that Nocturno Culto lives in a town in the mountains of Norway while you are in Oslo. Rehearsals can become dead boring since Darkthrone appears to be a band that dislike to practice together in a regular basis, so this situation of rehearsing difficulties is really excellent. However, some negative points appear if you have to deal with the band duties. Explain us a bit the “Darkthrone working method

,the routines of putting ideas in common, the contact between Nocturno and you when creating the Holy Dark Throne music?

we never had a steady routine. we are not RAIN MAN. now we write songs, get together and record a couple. then that x 5 and you have an album.


I know you used to be as DJ some nights in Oslo, playing Exodus and old school classic bands… are you still doing that nowadays? By the way, what are your favourite old acts?

the list could go on FOREVER. listening to NASTY SAVAGE right now, if only people could listen to that vocalist and his attitude and STOP FUCKING BOTHERING ME and finally UNDERSTAND. earlier today i tipped a guy that he should get the DEVESTATION (illinois) demo A CREATION OF RIPPIG DEATH. so there is a couple of tips for you people. only 80s METAL ususally, and EVERYTHING ELSE – i dj many different places, many different styles. omnipotent is the way. but i’ve only dj’ed 100 – 150 times so far.


Do you observe the state of “heavy” music or remove yourself from it? And if not metal, then are there other styles you pay attention to?

COUNTLESS!! i am hyper-eclectic (meaning i listen to whatever – there are good and bad music of ANY genre)


What are you listening to right now; any current bands that you are big fans of or any oldies that you’ve rediscovered?

you know what i listen to right now, wrote it above. i really like VOMITOR from Australia, and thanx to Oscar from OLD i have discovered CIRITH UNGOL (i tried to like em back in the 80s, but couldn’t.). i fuckin love it! besides that, i end up getting 10-15 titles EVERY WEEK now, of new music. so i need to be cloned. seriously.to have time to listen to it all. it’s 8-13 hours every day of listening to music now.


You have professed an affinity to crust-punk, or call it what you will, and I agree that in some ways it’s much dirtier and closer to the spirit of black metal than modern metal releases. Are there still bands alive and kicking in that scene that you like? If not, do you feel like someone else has picked up that aesthetic?

lots of em. i dig world burns to death, after the bombs, state of fear etc etc etc, but also more well produced stuff like skitsystem and wolfPACK.


I hear you’re a fan of electronic music. That’s a pretty wide spectrum, from goa trance to electroclash to jungle, etc.


What are some of the electronic artists you like?For example do you like Das Ich-German Electro Symphonic Gods- or are you into Kraftwerk etc?

who the fuck doesnt like kraftwerk?! i like DAF, das ich isnt typically my style. i like RECLOOSE (adult music), PNAU, AGORIA, dj SNEAK u name it, i have atleast 2-3000 titles of various electronic


What about films or books, Tv series,anything you recently read or saw that impressed you?And one more thing,i heard that you are into The Simpsons,is it true?The Simpsons VS Southpark?Which one would you chose!?(I prefer the first one,that is)

why choose when you can have both? i am very into ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT now.


A last weird question, a question on a personal note.

          Do you have any  pets?

HAHAHAHAHA, yeah right, if it’s another thing i have NO time for its a pet. POSTMAN PET hahahahhaha


Thank you Fenriz, Finish this interview quoting the words of a man you admire the most, please!


 (Bree, desperate hosewives)



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