Black Funeral Interview

1. Hail Black Funeral!Lets start with the past
activities of the band,please introsuce your band to
the audience.
-Black Funeral has been in existence since 1993. I
formed the band to be one of the most extreme black
metal bands in America, considering there were so few
then. I had to have session members because no one
wanted to dedicate themselves to the extreme musick of
black metal then. It was mostly people who wanted to
play normal death metal, which I do not dislike, I
wanted my _expression in the way of Bathory, Sodom,
Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Mayhem, etc. Previously I
played in a black metal band called Sorath. I
considered Black Funeral to be a strong _expression in
my studies and practices of Predatory Spiritualism,
called vampirism and based on the initiatory work of
Hekal Tiamat. I formed an Order called Black Order of
the Dragon within fellow initiates from the USA and
Sweden. Black Funeral has recorded numerous extreme
CDS and demos since the early to mid ninties, and
continue today.

2. And latest line up of course.
-Black Funeral is of my essence and blood of course,
but joined now with two Luciferian Witches who work
with me in other projects, namely Hexentanz,
Psychonaut 75. Dana Dark, a well known model from
Gothic Sluts, and the occult artist Lux Ferro and
doing vocals and working with compositions and such. I
create Black Funeral’s music alone, in an
industrialized way, I enjoy the cold machine like
sound, they very compliment of Azi-Dahaka, who is the
dedicated subject of our new CD, “Az-i-Dahak”, which
is now released via Behemoth Records of Italy.

3. I think you are working on some new songs at the
moment,can you enlighten us about these new Black
Funeral songs? What kind of musical character should
listeners wait for this time?
-We have a new CD recorded, “Az-i-dahak” and have
recorded 4 new songs for a re-release of “Vampyr –
Throne of the Beast” via Drakkar Records of France.
This CD/LP will be a 10 year anniversary release with
more extreme material celebrating the essence of the
Romanian hero Vlad Tepes Dracul, whom I consider an
important figure in human history, one who displayed
the attributes of the Adversary. He was well learned
in Turkish customs as well. Our musical style is more
industrialized, yet it is our best yet. It is not
beyond the concepts of black metal, actually more so
than ever. It is cold, violent, harsh and brutal in
its way. We are working on much more material as well
which we hope to record soon.

4. Actually i want to learn more about your lyrical
depiction style?What kind of themes you employ and
under which unholy inspirations?5. On the other handa
re you thinking of changing your lyrical concept in
coming releases?
-Only developing it further. Here is a description of
“Az-i-Dahak” which your readers may find interesting:
Black Funeral returns with their new CD, “Az-i-Dahak”,
being the first full length recorded since 1996.
“Az-i-Dahak” is a strong resurrection of the 1990’s
American cult black metal band, known for extreme
attitudes and destructive music. The founder of Black
Funeral, Michael Ford, known as Akhtya Nachttoter,
occupied his time in the upcoming dark elektro
industrial band Psychonaut 75 and the medieval
ritualistic group Hexentanz. Although Black Funeral
has been somewhat dormant for several years, Ford
considered that he would return to black metal if he
could contribute something powerful to it. “As we had
along with our colleges, Acheron, Von, Demoncy, Absu
and others led the American Black Metal scene in the
early 1990’s, I had the challenge of not simply
revising and rehashing black metal, but to bring some
different twist to it, without losing the brutality
and cold deathlike feeling. Considering that it has
indeed been 10 years since Black Funeral began, I
wanted a strong awakening of the band.” The new CD
“Az-i-Dahak” is a concept of ancient Persian Satanic
or Ahriman – worship, pre-Christian themes which
actually influenced Christian theory. Az-i-Dahak is
the name of a mythological Assyrian king who was said
to have made a pact with Ahriman, who was kissed upon
the shoulders by Satan and spawned two black serpents.
These snakes ate the brains of humans, and Zohak or
Azi Dahaka slowly became known as the “Fiendish Snake”
or “Storm Fiend”. He was dethroned and imprisoned in a
mountain in Iran, always seeking to awake as an
“Antichrist”, who will bring industry, steel, iron and
machinery to an apocalyptic chaos.

– Medieval Black Metal awakened in an Industrial
Deathlike Age – Warlike hymns to Smash the Skull of
God –


Druj Nasu
Az-i-Dahak (awake)
Dahak (Serpent Arise)
Eye of Arashk
Kiss of Serpents
Sutekh (Chaos)
The Fallen Arise

5. Once i heard that you despise Anton LaVey?Can you
mention more about it?I hate this old liar pig as
well,like i hate all kind of ecclesiastical ‘beings’on
this earth.Lord has no need to apprantice i think.
-No I do not dispise Anton LaVey, his work meant a lot
to where Satanism and similar thought has arisen
today. I explore much deeper than his work, as it is
for the masses. I prefer the source concepts he looked
into and that is the area which I am developing my own
form of sorcery.

6. May be a bit related with the previous question,do
you think is it true to try to ‘unite’ or keep it
under the name of ‘church’,especially when you try to
spread or perform unholy black arts?Dont you think
individualism is more important that that kind of shit
called ‘united’ bla under the name of any
-Useful from a media perspective, it bring opposition,
however a common perception of “Satan”. The Adversary
is a much deeper concept than most in any church can
perceive, it must be found in isolation, individually
and cannot be a group mind. That is what I dislike
about organized religions = sheepherding.

7. Another thing i highly appreciate in Black Funeral
is that you dont give any fuckin gigs.Regarding that
true black metal must be a ‘misanthropic’,what can you
say about these concert/festival kids?What do you
think about live black metal performances?
-Black Funeral will perform live when I feel ready and
when I can ensure the cult is presented correctly. I
don’t give shows just to make money or because a label
pressures me, I do not move Black Funeral in a way to
compromise the essence of the band.

8. Are there any underground bands that you support
?Can you give som names?
-Yes, Kult ov Azazel, Demoncy, Acheron, and our new
project ORDO TYRANNIS, doom/black metal which is
similar to Archon Satani/Thorns/Winter..

9. What is your general ideas about todays scene?Do
you think we arrived at a kind of end /changing point
in black metal?
-As long as bands keep trying different aspects of
black metal, the scene will grow. When you do the same
thing over and over again it gets dull.

10. What are you listening nowadays?Are you still into
classics?like legendary Bathory or Celtic Frost?
-Yes I am very much, I like the first four Bathory’s,
Hellhammer, Celtic Frost (nothing PAST Into the
Pandemonium right now), Sodom (first two), and VON.

11. What do you think about todays black metal
publications?I mean about zines/magazines?Do you still
buy read this kind of printed arts?
-Sometimes, but it depends on the content. I want to
see interesting bands, not a repeat of what I did 10
years ago! But there are some great ones emerging!

12. Thanks for your time on this.Last words of wisdom
is yours?Hail!
-Thank you for your support. Worship the darkness
-Answered by Akhtya Nachttoter (Michael Ford) of Black
Funeral, Feb 2005




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