Beyond Dawn Interview

Salute from a rainy Friday. This is your next interview in your life. Do you still remember how many of them have you answered? When did you get first questions of your life? Maybe you can remember when and from whom did you get it ? Meantime what kind of questions you hate to be asked in such interviews?

Hmmm, must have done hundreds of them, I guess the first one was after we put out our first demo in 1990. I can’t remember what zine was the first though, but I’m sure we were pretty enthusiastic about the fact that someone were actually interested in our music back then. What kind of questions do I hate? Hehe, questions like this one?


There’s an air of mystery surrounding Beyond Dawn that appears intentional , few interviews etc – is the intention to retain some obscurity about the band?

Well, the fact that the band has been largely inactive the last few years has played a certain part. I guess we like to keep a little shroud of mystery around the band as well. We’re not really that interesting people, it’s the music that counts the most.


It must be immensly satisfying to create something that people have no clue how to define – at the same time are you worried that the lack of an easily classifiable label for Beyond Dawn may turn off more people than it may attract?

I guess this has been a key factor regarding our lack of success. People like being spoonfed with familiar stuff, and when you do something a bit topsy-turvy there’s always a risk they might not “get” you. Having the kind of imagery we used around Frysh doesn’t exactly make it any easier to understand.


Another subject that i want to learn your opinion, What do you think of the fact that more an more people in Northen Europe commit suicide? Could it be a kind of phenomenon?

I guess it’s the times we live in, the over-Americanization of society. The fact that looks is everything and everyone has to “be” somebody. A lot of people are left on the outside of this and I guess especially young people are affected by it. I’m glad I’m old enough to not having to deal with the youth reality of today. I’d probably kill myself if I was a teenager now, not least because of the crap, crap music, haha!


If as you’ve said in the past you try to incorporate as many non-metal influences as possible do you find it somewhat frustrating to be lumped in with the metal scene? Are you trying to break out away from the metal scene altogether or simply trying to embrace as many potential scenes as possible?Particulary when regarding that yoru sound was far more metal in the past.

Nah, don’t really care anymore. Most of my friends are both into metal and other styles. It’s all music. I hate labels, scenes and pidgeon-holeing, it is so limiting.


Do you read much? What books have you read recently? Do you have any favourite authors? On the other hand,to what extend you are taking inspirations from the books you read? (While composing lyrics etc)

I try to read as much as possible, but I rarely have the time to really dig into the world of literature. It’s mostly crime / suspense stuff. I do plan to read Master & Margarita (Nabokov) soon though, and also Lunar Park by Brett Easton Ellis, I have enjoyed everything I’ve read by him before. There’s also Norwegian writers like Bjoerneboe who always manages to put a lot of questions into my mind. I have always been influenced by literature in lyrics, I used to draw a lot of inspiration from Neil Gaiman’s work among others. I don’t write too muc these days, but when I do I try to portray some of the feelings and thoughts I have about this world we live in.


What is the name of the band that you hate most? Most of the people are eager to utter their fave bands yet i want to learn the band you hate most? Can you give an honest answer to this question?

Well, I don’t exactly hate them but I find REM utterly ovverrated. Their music is just so mindblowingly mundane, I can’t get over the fact that they are so huge.


If you had known all in advance; what things would you certainly have done an other way and any warnings/advice for new-coming bands?What would you advise or not advise?

Haha, what would I NOT do differently! This would take all night. But my advice to new bands is; find your own style and go with it. Don’t work with unserious people. Release the album yourselves if you have to. And if you just wanna play in the vein of such and such band just get another hobby instead, like stamp collecting. There. Are. Way. Too. Many. Bands. Out. There.


Have you ever asked to take part in a movie  soundtrack? Or have you ever thougt of creating something like this?

We have never seriously talked about it but we sure would be interested if we were made an offer. I have no doubts we could make some “filmic” sounds.


Related with the previous one,by any chance,have you ever planned about your very own “movie”? If you would direct it one day,what would be the title and what kind of movie should we expect ?

I have always dreamed of writing scripts, but I never had the patience to finish anything. Much easier playing drums I guess. But if I had the discipline and talent I’d write totally unpredictable mystery movies.


You have also had your own label,namely Duplicate Records.Can you explain the aims of this label including your working style?

The aim I guess is to release stuff that I like and think will have a chance of selling a certain number of records. I have absolutely no restrictions genrewise, but I am very particular. It needs to hit me in the right spot you know? The working style, well I don’t look upon it as “work” per se, the day I do I’ll certainly quit! But I try to plan things a bit more now than I did earlier. Like setting release dates I can keep, doing promo mailouts more efficiently etc. But it’s a lot of work and once the album’s out, the fun part is mostly over.


Another weird one on the way;Are you married? And what kind of effects could marriage have on the creativity of the artist? Have you ever thought of this? It sure one may be more creative when he is alone,yet what about a man married with children!?

Haha, well I actually parted ways with my fgirlfriend of 4 years just recently. So at the moment I have no plans at all, just inhale the smell of freedom you know? Of course I don’t wish to stay single for the rest of my life, and babies aren’t entirely out of the question, but it’s all very up there right now. I guess any kind of relationship affects creativity for both good and bad. It’s time-consuming but at the same time it exercises the soul you know?


One more, a question on a personal note. Do you have any pets?If yes,which breed you like most?(if it is a dog,that is)

My ex has two chinchillas which I love dearly. Cute as buttons and mad as hell, haha! Plus they can jump like three feet up in the air. Funny creatures. I like dogs too, and cats. Unfortunately this silly body of mine is allergic to them.


Thank you Einar,for time and patience for the Frost Magazine . Finish this interview quoting the words of a man you admire the most, please!

No, but I’ll quote a text by Ladytron, the band I devote most of my ear time to right now;

“Broken glass, is luxury

Friendly fires, or alchemy

Daylight is the enemy

Witching hour, soft power

We’re not sleeping at the wheel

The wheel is turning the machine,

that kills for us”

– Soft Power, Ladytron


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