Besatt Interview

Salut Besatt!Skipping the boring band history stuff,lets start with learning your aims in creating the Besatt,with which aims you gave life to the band,and –regarding the band’s aims-do you think that you are in the level that you deserve at the moment?
Besatt  came to life when we were still young boys. I founded it in order to spread the our ideas. It’s been a long time since then, but the aims and ideas of Besatt haven’t changed  and will remain as they are and as they have always been since the beginning. I think that the level which Besatt has reached is very satisfactory for us.
Reactions to “Sacrifice For…” album must be great enough,i mean as far i follow,that album has pushed you a step further with its true black metal attitude,am i right?On the other hand,after this great album,what are your future plans for the band?
We try to improve our music with our each album and each of our release  will embody the Satanic, Aggressive Black Metal – you may be sure of that! After creating “Sacrifice…” we recorded three songs for split album with Armaggedon (France), Inner Helvete (Portugal), Misanthropy (USA). The material for our next new album is ready now and will be recorded in December 2005 and will be called “Black Mass”.
Most of the listeners do not really pay attention to the lyrical sides of the bands,you know,it is always more initial what you say(play)than what you write.Regarding this,what kind of listener profile you would prefer?I mean,the one who cares much about the lyrics,or the one who only cares about the music itself?
The message we carry is very important for us. Moreover, Besatt was called to life to spread our ideas and we presume our listeners would understand that and would support the ideas wholeheartedly. However, we do our best so that each our album is of the highest quality and we fell glad that someone can appreciate it.
And,talking about the lyrics,can you enlighten us about the lyrical inspiration sources from which you are being fed?From which subjects you like to talk about,write about?
My inspiration comes from my ideas and the whole daemonology  connected with Him. It such a fascinating and broad subject that I’m not afraid that one day I will run out of my inspiration. Besides, my lyrics are also about the livid hatred towards all Christianity!
Have you ever performed live?If yes,what can you say about the  atmospheres of the performances? And,do you think that is the Black Metal suitable for the live  performances?How can a such kind of misanthropy originated music  performed live?What are the negative and positive sides of performing  live for you?
Of course, we play concerts. It’s a great opportunity for us to carry our message and deliver our ideas to our fans, live. Our gigs are to a certain extent infernal shows full of blood, fire and monks. The disadvantage of playing shows is that sometimes there come people who don’t quite understand our message and its shocking for them.
Do you see “Luicfer” as a religion?Or do you just use it to symbolise the feelings that you have?If you see it as a religion,why are you believing in something that is coming from the israel?
For me Lucifer is a religion, but I don’t believe in the Devil in the material form. I simply believe in myself and in some Power which gives me energy. That Power I call Lord. I don’t believe in Jesus and such like crap. My point of view, my opinions could be named “Luciferianism”, as I chose to use the symbolism linked to Lord.
Do you think that the black metal bands should be more activist in terms of destroying the religious fanaticsm that is created by the christianity ?Or should they just perform music without showing any sign of activism?
Christianity is so deeply rooted in our society that each open war against it is doomed to failure. Each our attack is ineffective, because the attack on the Christians only brings them closer together and unite them against the common “infernal” enemy – which in turn is destructive for us… In my opinion we should proclaim our existence aloud, but not attacking them in a suicidal manner. The pillars of Christianity shake visibly and I think will fall, but it will take ages and some generations to pass. We will not see it happen, but still the time of casting the chains aside and of spiritual release after the 2000 years of blindness is coming near.
What can you say about your motherland’s black metal scene?To tell the truth,Poland,with  Ukraine,has one of the most powerful scene of today’s.For you what might be the reason for this?Poland has many dedicated and creative bands…
Polish scene is really strong. My favorite bands belonging to it are: Arkona, Thunderbolt, Katharsis, Taran, Moontower, Holy Death, Black Altar, Infernal War, Graveland. In the 90s in the Polish underground there was constant war among the bands, which caused many harms, but the situation has been really improved for the past few years. Our scene is now re-united and full of support and dedication. I must admit that you are right – that Ukraine has got many good bands, too, which can play Black Metal of very high quality. Perhaps it’s so, because we are still relatively free of the commercial attitudes as comparing with the Western Europe. The commercial bands are very much despised among us.
What is the name of the band that you hate most?Most of the people are eager to utter their fave bands yet i want to learn the band you hate most?Can you give an honest answer to this question?
I think that Christian Black Metal is one big misunderstanding and I truly hate them! We should fight against such bands, because they destroy and deform the ideas of Black Metal!
What are your opinions about the huge fest like Wacken etc?Do you personallyfollow such kind of activities?Or ,if you asked,would you participate in this kind of big festivals?
The huge festivals are not the best solution, because all possible types of metal meet and mix on the one and the same stage, and many fans don’t understand the message of Black Metal. But on the other hand, one can see the favorite bands at such festivals. We already participated a few times in such events.
Are there enough supporters for the black arts in Poland?Actually it seems there are,looking at the bands coming from your land..
There is no support for the black arts in my country. Poland is a catholic country and all anti-christian acts and strongly, maliciously  condemned. However,  we got used to it. Maybe it because there is so much of the religious fanaticism in Poland, that so many Black Metal bands are brought to unholy life. There must be some sort of balance.
Do you see your albums’ sales enough?Have you never thought of chancing the band’s attitude because of the album sales?Bands like Dimmu Burger has done this lately and reached many more fans thanks to this ass licking way of gaining more strenght in the scene,in general,what can you say about such kind of bands?I m expecting an answer that is different than “I dont care about what are other bands do or not do!”…
We are the underground band and I don’t know how many copies of our albums are sold. But I think it’s not too bad considering the positive feedback from our fans from almost all over the world. For me, the priority, the most important thing is that I can play the music I love best. Bands, which became commercial, like Dimmu Burger – well, their music is too delicate for me. Its good for good girls and emasculated boys!
From the oldie classic bands,i mean like Judas Priest,Black Sabbath,Doors,even AC-DC,may you say fave one?I  hate Jim Morrison yet like the Doors a lot…a strange question,though..
I’m a great fan of the old heavy metal. I’ve grown up listening to such bands as Judas Priest, Accept, Running Wild…Even today I still buy their new albums (apart from Accept, because they don’t exist anymore)
Are you married and have you ever thought about the effectsthat can be created by the marriage on the creativity of the artist?Do you think that an artist should always find the pain as a source of inspiration?
I’ve been married for over seven years now and I’ve got a daughter. My wife is a great support for me and that is very important! I don’t need either pain or suffering to create music. My fascination with Satan is my inspiring and creative force!
are there any questions that you want to ask me?
I haven’t got any questions to you, but I would like to thank you here for all your interest in the band, and for the support for Besatt, and for this interview!
That is all Beldaroh,i hope you enjoyed the questions,any last fuck offs,hails,or death threats?
Thanks for the support ,will be waiting the mag.



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