Berserk Interview

  1. Actually it seems like black metal’s great times have gone and it is not coming back anytime soon. There are at last a few young and great pagan black/heathen blackmetal bands that make really create great songs. And like you , Spanish Berserk, being a band like i mentioned above strokr my attention. So Berserk team, can you start off by presenting yourself, your history and your aims in creating this art?

Berserk was born in 1998 with the initial members Forjstorm, Frozen Wind and LordMonk. In the end of that year, we recorded our first demo “Return of the Ancient Laws”. In summer 2002, the new vocalist Nazak joined us.

The french label Adipocere Rec. released the first work “…From the Celtiberian Woods” in February 2002 and later released our second CD “Rites of Supremacy” in July 2003.

In 2004 Battlelord Prod. got in through with us to release a live album called “Live From the Woods” recorded in the gig of Bilbao (Spain) the last February.

The perfect musical definition for Berserk is Celtiberian Black Metal.

We play Black Metal with pagan lyrics and with some folk elements in our music.



  1. How are the general feedback to “Return of the Ancient Laws”?


Adipocere was interested in re-release the old demo of Berserk.

We had this idea too because many fans always were asking us about this recording. So we decided to release it in a professional CD with some live tracks recorded in Madrid and Bilbao, but in 2004.



  1. What kind of themes that you thries to depict while chosing a title like “The Return of the Ancient Laws”?


With this title we want to recover the old traditions and ways of life of our ancestors. The cover represents an ancient camp of more of 2000 years ago, placed in the north of Spain.



  1. What is the lyrical directrion of the Berserk? Who is the responsible one for the composing of the lyrics?


The main compositor of the lyrics is Forjstorm, guitar of Berserk.

Althought the other members collaborate too in the process.

Our lyrics talk about an ancient time in our land.

We like the pagan traditions and myths. So the inspiration is taken from the believes and passion to the pagan culture.









  1. How it came to sign with the Oaken Shield? And do you content with them?


We sent our demo to Nico from Chanteloup Creations (french label) in 1999.

He was interested in our music, and he decided to release a first album.

But he had some problems and the label closed. He was working in Oaken Shield too and we signed for this label.

We are happy with the work of Oaken Shield and Adipocere. Maybe they must worry much more in the promotion and gigs for the bands of the label.



  1. Why did you chose the divine vein of Pagan/Heathen black metal? Is this appeared to be the best way to Express your own feelings throghout the music?


Of course, the paganism is part of our lives. We like to talk about some themes like Blood, Honour, Fidelity, Life and Death…

So we like to mix the music Black Metal with the paganism.



  1. I find it bad when Black Metal bands play live. There are several reasons of course, yet the most important one is that the Black Metal is supposed to be misanthropic an anti-human, isnt it?


Well, we think that Berserk is not a perfect band to play live.

We have played only about 12 gigs during the 6 years of the existence of the band. Some gigs are great but others are a fucking shit.

We have played with some bands like Carpathian Forest, Behemoth, Arkhon Infaustus, Scarve, Avulsed…



  1. What are your future plans for the Berserk?


The band is working in the process of composition of the third album.
We hope that we will go to the studio for the next March.

And we are prepairing some dates for to play in european pagan festivals.



  1. Looking at carefully of to the nowadays black metal scene, i find nothing but pseudo images and musical structures without the high spirit. So, may i take opinions about the new kind of Black Metal*


All people know that now Black Metal is not the same than in the 90´s.

We are always going to do the music which we like, so this is old Black Metal music. We don´t worry in the image of the new bands, we mantain our own image and phylosophy.


  1. Are there some names from the Spain which you can recommend for us? (Hail Nazgul and Uruk-Hai!!!)


Nazgul and Uruk-Hai are excellent bands. We could mention too some like Crystalmoors, Cyhiriaeth, Daemonlord, Elffor, Empty, Lux Divina….

The spanish scene is growing but we need more support from the labels.



  1. What are your general thoughts on the degeneration of the todays youth? Do you think that are the tattoes and piercings best way to express yourself?


People can do all that they want, but we don´t like the new image of the Black Metal scene.



  1. Is a new gig planned soon?


Yes, we are going to participate in a Pagan Metal Fest in Belgium the next March with Negura Bunget, Aes Dana and more bands… And another gig in our town in February.



  1. Do you have any words for your enemies?


We don´t need to use any words against our enemies.

We only will follow our path to destroy the christianism and to spread our pagan message.



  1. Ok then, i suppose i m done for now, thanks for your help for the Frost! Last words are yours, close the interview please!


Thanks very much for your support.

Keep the pagan flame alive!!

Here is our address:


P.O. BOX 438





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