Belphegor Interview

 Ave !how are things in  Austria??

Phallelujah demons, everything okay here, we are in the Studio right now and record the first drum parts for Album #5 ( March 05 ),…okay lets  start the madness.


 As far i see latest disaster’Lucifer Incestus’are gaining very positive reactions from the audience ,do you have something to say about this killer release?  Yes Ozgen, we are very satisfied with LUCIFER INCESTUS. We`ve put all of our potential and heartblood inside this opus, 9 soundcollages (incl. Intro) will take you straight to hell.
And let me tell u that we’d never practiced and arranged everything that intense before, nearly “2 years” we improved every slightest detail of the tunes. So every soundcollage on LUCIFER INCESTUS is a highlight to us and has it`s own elements and story.
LUCIFER INCESTUS ( Jan 04 ), is a conception album, the lyrics deal with the sick history of the church, sexual-fetish-excesses, immaculate conception and so on.

BELPHEGOR putting out the eyes of christianity and leading their views ad absurdum.
The title stands for all beautiful and wicked things on this parasitic ball, marked by pride and dominance.

LUCIFER INCESTUS means The Goat Ov Fukk.

LUCIFER INCESTUS is our fastest and most varied hellride up to now, it was fantastic to record this musical.

The musical increase/ evolution on the new jewel is enormous,  because we have the best lineup since the foundation of the band


 May you say me what kind of feelings you are experiencing while writing these lyrics,(Like “Bombing the Vatican”)i mean in whichmood you create your desecration?

Thanx, we like that offensive obscure lyrics,…


 How is the song writing process in Belphegor?Are the all members involve in this audologic blasphemy?


 Of course we practiced and arranged everything together for the LUCIFER INCESTUS Opus,
Torturer (Aug. 02) has been involved with his brilliant drum ideas, fills,
breaks and he increased our sound immensely. We’ve been looking for a
drummer like this all the time, finally we could use our whole musical
potential without making compromises concerning the drums.
Barth (Bass-Feb.02), as well, had some good ideas, especially concerning the
lyrics. The songwriting had always been shared between Sigurd and myself,
but with LUCIFER INCESTUS evreyone of the 4 of us had been involved.
We have the strongest line-up than ever and now we are a trained team as
well, we’ve already played dozens of concerts in that constellation and
album #5 is going to be another strong black/death massacre, (May 05 via
Napalm Rec.) be prepared!


What do you feel when you hear something negative about Belphegor’s image,music or related?Especially when you work hard for something,for a song/album for example?To me,Critics must be honest…


 Hellfukk, we’re in business for 12 years now, it’s waste of energy to rack our
brains about some clowns who think they know everything best, no time, sorry´….


 You have already had videos,will make some new ones in the future?And,every fuckin band has a DVD nowadays,are you also planning making DVD s in the future?


 No plans  before 2005,so..


Whats your opinions about todays new black metal?Do you like this senfonic shits?I hate man…


To me,  crap´….


Does your anger only burns for pigs?


Bomb the world, i don´t really give a shit, but not before our new blasbeast is released har har.


 Girls can always be found in Belphegor covers,can you say why you chosing this kind of artwork?

Naked women, goats, blood, knifes, snakes, skulls – those are the attributes that accompany Belphegor from the very beginning. I can say without any doubts that it has become our trademark, and  we are really into that kind of stuff´, u know…but the music got absolute priority  and “thrones” above all. 



 Meanwhile i heard that you support pornos!May you say yours faves?!

Hell yeah, for example, all the fetish hardcore porn stuff, … 

Sex is great and one of the best things to sweeten up our life on this planet and fukk yeah, we are addicted to everything that deals with sex.

But let me tell u we are not sexists, but to be honest, such a well shaped body of a woman is definitely something graceful and magical. 

Human scum ought to fuck far more, so there wouldn’t happen that much shit on this planet.




 It says in your webpage that’Federal Inspection Authority for Youth Endangering Media ‘(What the fuck…)will censor the Lucifer Incestus.What is this shit man ?Can you tell more about this event?

It’s not decided yet whether LUCIFER will come onto the index or not, those
fukkers will build a 12 person committee in Bonn/Germany on the 7th of Oktober and then they’ll make a decision, for BELPHEGOR this is like a
gold medal at the olympic games in Greece,  a price that is only reserved for  the elite.

 Related with previos one ,what is your idea about this ‘censorship’thing?They should censor christ’s anal fuck with his followers!

I hate restriction in every form, for me it was clear from the beginning that I would walk a different path and take my own decision.

If it says BELPHEGOR on the outside, it`s BELPHEGOR what you get, so rape, pillage & burn  the churches.

Again Germany will result in an “indexing” of the album — a blatant form of censorship that declares it illegal, takes it off the market, and prevents further sales in its current packaging.

Fucking hypocrites, religious rats should be removed from the face of the earth.

What the fuck?  Extreme Music/Art has to be provoking and  controversial,… to hell with the damn censorship!!!




 Any last words for the enemies?

Fukk off,… I channel my energy into Belphegor songs!


 Thanx for honouring the ugly pages of the Frost Mag of Turkey.Hail!

Alright , thanx for  the interview and your support, see ya somewhere.
 And big hails to all demons out there, who’ ve been supporting and accompanying us for years. 
 Honest regards from the camp to those demons. So, see ya  on the road to hell.

“The evil stands for life -we are life” 2005



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