Averse Sefira Interview

Hail Wrath!i hope everything is ok there!

W: Things are satisfactory, yes.

May you give us your brief history so that we can know much about Averse Sefira?and latest line up of course…

W:  It was in 1996 that Sanguine and I formed the band.“Blasphomet Sin Abset” was released in 1997.  “Homecomings March” was released by Arrogare Records in 1999. “Battle’s Clarion” was released in 2001 by Lost Disciple Records, featuring The Carcass on drums. “Homecoming’s March” was re-released in 2003 by EvilHorde Records.

How are the reactions to Battles Clarion?in magazines etc?

W: They were mostly positive, we were satisfied with the results.Then again, what we do is ultimately about us, and not approval of others.

In which studio you recorded the album?what exactly made you prefer to record album in this studio?

W: We used Isotopia studios in Austin, Texas.  We used it because we were friendly with our engineer (Batlord) and it was the right price for our budget.

Are you content with your label?

W: Lost Disciple treated us well, and now Evil Horde Records treats us just as well. No complaints.

What are your influences  while writing the Averse Sefira s music?

W: Black Metal.

What the name of Averse Sefira stands for?

W: Averse Sefira means Opposition and Nihilism, Belief in Nothing and Conviction, it means pride.

There are various elements in your music,some technical parts which smell like technical death/grind metal.will we hear that kind of various elements in future releases?

W: I would never use the term “grind” to describe any elements in our work. We will keep using blast beats, yes, but that is not exclusive to death/grind in my opinion.

Who writes the majority of the music?

W: Sanguine.

Which current bands do you support/listen?

W: Absu, Krieg, Melechesh, Funeral Mist, Watain, Malign, Secrets of the Moon, Antaeus, Katharsis, Winterblut, Trails of Anguish, Unquintessence, Saevus, Mysteriis, Immolation, Nile.

How are your gigs?may u tell us more about your concerts?

W: We have had great shows in Europe, Canada, and South America. We appreciate the support we get from the rest of the world. Too bad the US doens’t care about or understand this music.

Can you give some subjects which make you annoyed/angry?it can be related to todays scene/bands or about daily life?

W: Airing complaints with the world gives them live and poisons one’s mind. I have come to a point where I would rather do my best to disregard the more unpleasant aspects of life.

Thanx for your answers,close the interview please!

W: thanks for the support. All hail.


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