Asgaroth Interview

Hail Christopher how do you donowadays?hope everything is ok there..
 Fine thanks, all ok!
Lets start with the Asgaroth shistory.introduce your story to the readers and your latest line up please?                                         
    Well, the band started seriously around 95’ just when I joined the one-man band it used to be. We recorded two miniCds and 2 full length albums. We have so far played in Portugal, France, Spain and the U.S.A. and we have had a stable line-up for 4 years now. Daniel, the bass player, and myself are still in the line-up, right from the beginning and there’s also Oisin the drummer andOscar, guitarist.
Tell us about your latest album’Red Shift’?are you content with the work?how are the reactions to this album?                                                  
Well, we’re quite happy with that one because it’s a conscious effort towards our evolution. We’re always getting better and better, and we never repeat the same sound in each album. Logically, that’s our latest effort so for our own eyes it’s the best thing we have done. It’s been almost three years since we recorded the album so many things have been goin’ on. Obviously, that album has opened a lot of doors for the band and has been highly regarded by many many people. It has been able to be in league with much bigger productions and that is really very much what we could dream of for a band like ourselves. Reactions have been very good, not average.
You recorded it at AX studio &Maxim sound.Why did you prefer them ?
Well, when a band is in a small label, like we used to be, we had to co-finance the album with our own money. Ax studio is the professional studio of Oscar, our guitarist and we just needed some extra time to work on some kind of pre-production before entering Maxim sound, our regular studio here in Barcelona. We still won’t have a very good financing, and I’m afraid we can’t record anywhere else for economical reasons. Besides that fact, we are quite experienced when we work in our own environment, even if I have to produce the album. Many bands go to expensive studios and pay for production, but Asgaroth has always had to work everything out by ourselves, with all the risks and stress that that can bring.
How is Peaceville s work?have they done great promotion?or is there anything negative about them?
Well, Peaceville has given us the biggest promotion so far, and we should have to cling on to that I guess. Of course we are not a big band in their roster so we
can’t expect the same promotion as say Katatonia or My Dying Bride. The album has been a re-issue so let’s see how things look for our next release. We have a great relationship with the guys at the label, and that makes us feel good, even if the record industry is really fucked up for bands like us. The only negative thing is that record sales everywhere are getting lower and lower, so labels can’t afford doing great promotion for bands. Sad.
Digipack version of Red Shift includes ‘Naked Eye’Videoclip.why did you chosen this song for videoclip?Moreover ,do you think is it so necessary/good idea to make a videoclip?
The Peaceville edition is a re-issue, so between both releases we decided to get that shot with a very low budget. We thought that it would be good for us to include something extra for that release so we did. “Naked eye” is a relatively short track and it was easy to choose.
What does your lyrics depict?who writes them?
I am the music and lyric writer. I just try and bring forth my ideas and feelings, and blend them in with some idealist bullshit into a canvas. They’re quite universal and don’t deal with some forced topic or subject miles away from our day to day life. Anyway, very few people read lyrics that I know of, so it’s just a therapy to clean some crap of my system.
Does Asgaroth have a special message to its listeners?Are you trying to give an exact opinion/idea?be it about religion or something else?
If you dig into the lyrics, maybe you can feel attached by them. Especially if you’re some kind of urban neurasthenic fart. They’re quite universal, and it turns round some kind of desperate emotional state people can get into from time to time.
You are from Spain,how is the scene there?are there some Spanish bands which you can recommend?
There are some bands that come and go, and there isn’t a big support as it is for extreme bands. Avulsed, Numen, The Heretic, Nahemah, Berserk and some others are getting on, but it’s quite hard and frustrating to get a band working in Spain for a long time. We have persevered, alongside with some few, and that’s about what it takes to be in the scene for some kind of decent position.
Are there enough supporters for extreme kinds of metal in Spain?
Not many active, no. Just like in any country. Big bands get along ok, and small bands just scrape off some support through tough endurance.
How is your concerts?have you ever toured?if so,with which bands?give us some names please?
We have toured with Cradle of Filth for 3 dates, then Alastis and we’ve been to the Milwaukee Metalfest last year, and we’ve gone to some festivals in Portugal and France. We’ve also played by ourselves all over Spain.
lets return the album of’Absence Spells Beyond’,there s a King Crimson cover:’Epitaph’in it,and it really sounds great.whose idae to cover this song?
It was my idea basically. We wanted to make the and extra track for the release. It was made really quickly by myself, and our ex-guitarist Toni. That first album is very representative of that prog rock thing of the late sixties.
You changed your logo several times.what was the reason for it?will you change your current logo or will it be permanent?
I guess the logo has been changed because we just didn’t like the ones we used to have. Our last logo is the one we’re happy with, and I guess it depicts in some way the style the band is developing. Since we have this logo it is me who sings, so I’m sure we’ll keep it from now on.
ok.Christopher ,end of the questions,thanx for anwers.hope you like them,do you wanna add something as a conclusion?
Thanks for the time. Support music and bands. Try buying records more often at the online shops and try and be active in this whole music thing… Cheers.!


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