Aborym Interview

Welcome Set,how do you do nowadays?hope everything ok.at Aborym at the moment?
(S) Im doing allright. Just back from the Fuck Off And Die mini tour we did with Aborym (Aborym, Corpus Christii,Blacklodge,The Chosen). It was a massive experience and we have been spreading our chaotic black industrial gospel around Europe (Belgium, Holland, Hungary, Italy). The last gig was in Milan and comrade Bard Faust joined us on stage on drums on a couple of tracks. Before that, we played Inferno Festival in Oslo…so things are definitely going ok.
How are the reactions to’With no human…’?is there something unpleasant about comments?
(S) Reactions have been all great. I cant recall any bad review. What is unpleasant is people in general and their attitude towards this kind of music/ideas, but well, some worthy individuals are still there doing the devils work, so I guess its ok after all.
Would you tell more about the idea of ‘Ultra Extreme Futuristic Black Metal’?why did you chose this kind of _expression?
(S) We never choose those words. I guess some asshole from the label or something. We play Black Industrial Metal. Labelling music is boring anyway, just listen the real thing.
And about your lyrical character,what do you depict with the help of words?
(S) The lyrics are apocalyptic visions, reflections and generally quite keen on welcoming Chaos to consume cosmos.
Meantime,i want to learn your ideas/utopia about the earth’s future?total corruption or back to the primitive?
(S) Just Chaos invading Cosmos and sucking it back into it. Chaos from order. We are in the endtimes, luckily.
Do you content with the scene in Italy?Do you think that you are much more scenic in Scandinavian countries?
(S) Theres no scene in Italy, only us. Its enough I think. We are known in Italy and we get support from lot of maniacs, but also a lot of envy. From people who anyway sit at home wanking all day long. Always got support in Scandinavia and Europe in general…actually we did more live rituals abroad than in our country.
Any gigs planned recenly?
(S) answered above.
Be it Fiend or God ;do you think that this kind of ecclesiastical thoughts have to be decayed?or already being decayed?
(S) No, I want to see religion destroying more and more human cattles.
Once or twice have i seen such an extraordinary cover artwork;For the Lucifer s sake,can you say whose idea was it to employ such kind of work as a cover?
(S) Thanks a lot. It was Nysrok and mine idea, and Fabban did the artwork.
Where does the name ‘Aborym’come from?
(S) its one of the 72. infernal duke, demon of fire. Wisdom.
Are you working on a new material ?Will it dwell in tha same sound vein?
(S) there is some new material but its too early to talk about it. We are free from record labels and contracts of all those pigs so we ll take our time. I prefer playing live now than going into studio. And that’s what we are doing.
Some says that it is not’true’ to use galaxy of musical elemets(computer,samples,drum machine etc.)in black metal,what do you think about it ?
(S) I think they can fuck off and die. Or come and witness us live and then fuck off and die right after.
A weird question,If you were a drummer,would you use drum programming(or let it to be used) in your band?
(S) No, I would kick our weak untrue drum machine asses. Seriously, we already coohperate with a drummer on live gigs occasionally, and that’s Bard “Faust” Eithun. I like playing with him a lot, he got power and groove. I like also with the drum machine is just very different.
Do you still listen the ancient stuff ?Early releases of Bathory ,Celtic FROST,or even Judas Priest,Black Sabbath?
(S) Sure as Hell that I do. Old Metal is and always will be in my blood.
Your majestic support is appreciated by the unholy side of FROST,thanx a lot,finish the interview please,hails!
(S) thanks to you man, and sorry for the extreme delay.
Chaos ab ordo!

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