Abigor Interview

Hi Peter,First of all i want to thank you as you accept my interview Request although Abigor has been split up, i thought we could talk about your ancient activities and about this unholy black metal fetish and so on…Let me learn why you decided to split up? It may be a boring question,neverthelessi wanna ask that why made you create a such decision in your mind?
It was more or less a personal decision because the situation escalatedback in spring 2003. I had some problems with the line-up and with NAPALM RECORDS too, at least I lost the interested in creating the same music formore then 10 years and try to create something that people like – as NAPALM would like to have it at this time, so at least it was the onlysuitable decision for me…Also “Satanized”, our last album got a too bad production and the guy atthe studio fucked up the mastering so it all sounded quite weak and faded while the basical record was awesome, so that sucked. From that point on I searched a new studio, I had to find a new singer and some compromises with NAPALM but it all failed, so this was the beginning of the end,simple time for a longer break and to start something new.
Abigor was formed in 1993, Being an aged yet experienced, would you tell about thesituation of the black metal scene that existing in those years?
I guess there was no real difference, some bands were great, some sucked,even there’ve been just a few bands, not as nowdays where it’s simply notpossible to get a view of all the bands that proclaim their music asBlack-Metal… In my opinion people were more extreme, more insane, not that down to earth as these days.
Do you think that more ‘trustful’ and ‘reliable’ was the scene in ancient dayswhen compared to nowadays degenerated scene?
Of course, because there weren’t so much bands at all and a lot of bands have been in close contact, it was more “familiar”, all more “unkown and strange”, simply not that big trend, however, who really cares about that?!
 What do you think about internet madness over forums etc?
I am not interested in those blabbermouth news posted a forums at all, nor
have I checked out any forum so far. Personally I think internet is a quite comfortable way to communicate and find news but I give a shit on it’s entertainment factor you might find at forums and chat rooms, people shall do what they want… If someone fucks you up, just send a decent virus, that’ll fix that problem, or just don’t care about it. As long people will live, as long you’ll have lies, envy and falseness, that’s nota problem of the internet and our society, that’s a problem of not using the brain.
Which Abigor album is the best for you?
Apokalypse. It’s the material that represent ABIGOR’s spirit as it’s best,all that we felt at these days has been realized through this MCD, pure hate and anger.
Have you got some side projects at the moment?
No project, just new band I am involved with. Namely, ST.LUCIFER which ?s the follow up to ABIGOR and HEIDENREICH (ex-HELLBOUND).I plan to release a promo-CD with ST.LUCIFER in summer 2004, 4 songs for some zines, and labels. Might be possible that I’ll seel some though the upcoming website, we’ll see. ST.LUCIFER is some hard and technical Black/Death-Metal, with straight and offensive lyrics/pure blasphemy. Thecurrent line-up is Moritz Neuner on drums, Silenius on vocals, Lanz onbass, Alex Stütz on guitars and myself on guitars,FX,synth, beside that I write and arrange the entire music. With HELLBOUND we already released a Split-CD (with AMESTIGON) last year,but because of some rightly problems we had to change the name – so now it’s HEIDENREICH.
Do you have a daily jop? how you earn your life?
I’ve a job and I have had ABIGOR, so I’ve enough money to do what I want.So, I am a quite “normal” ant in our sick society.
What do you listen nowadays? I hooked on this latest Dark Throne relase’ Hate Them’, did you like it?
I listen to everything I like, currently I am into the new IN FLAMES for example, the new EXODUS is great and MAYHEM’s Chimera is for sure the greatest album that has been released so far!I like a few songs of DARK THRONE’s Hate Them, those 3 riff songs piss me off, but some are ok.
And about the old stuff, like Judas Priest or Black Sabbath, Venom, may you say yourfavorite from those days? Painkiller, Sabotage and so on…
shit, and so on…
A weird question; What do you think about tattooes?I have this pentagram on my left sholder and some tribal on my right, i think you have some?..
I’ve a few tattoos, tattoos are some kind of personal expression for me,it’s like an addiction you can’t stop it.
What is your curse upon ecclesiastical hypocrisies?What are your ideas about these narrow minded orthodox brained pigs!?
I give a shit on them, to ignore them and their foolish believes is a suitable punishment. There’s no fucking god to save their souls, theirs no paradise they’ll enter after their painful lives, their just to weak and to stupid to recognize that. Religion in any form, especially Christianity, has destroyed so much cultures, so much and wise believes that not any time can ever heal that bleeding wounds! However,I’ve my very personal form of believe and way of live, I really don’t care about God, his homo-Jesus-son and their followers…
My questions are ended up Peter K. please add your last words?
Thanx for your interesst, keep ST.LUCIFER in your mind.



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