Funeris Nocturnum Interview

Salut Funeris Nocturnum and hails to the Suomi Finland!
 Salut you all readers of Frost Magazine. This is IMN/Rahikainen from FunerisNocturnum.
 I want to start off with the latest activities of Funeris Nocturnum,i knowyou had to face some line-up changes lately,so please cystalise the subject?
We had some line-up changes, that’s true. At first, our singer
trmnt.xes left
the band for disagrmeenents about religions over all. Next our
keyboardist Ruho
left the for musical reasons. He felt that he had nothing influence or
for the band musically anymore. Trmnt.xes thought that he had to
more for his underground black metallish ideology. There’s nothing
going around for these decisions. We found really gifted replacement
Trmnt.xes when we got Jimmy to do the vocals. Just wait and make your
decisions, I’m really enthusiastic!
   How were the reaction to your latest album ‘Code 666…’?
The reactions were REALLY positive overall. Reactions surprised us some
because some reviews compared Code 666 to our first full length Pure
Blasphemy. At all, quite a many of our fans told, that Code 666 was
hopeful album after From The Aspect Of Darkly Illuminated. I agree
musically, we have developed a lot, since PSB and there’s have been
experiements musically. The full length you are about to hear, is going
to blow
your minds!
   Actually a wonder about the name Funeris Nocturnum has been plaguing
me since
i heard this name,may tell us about its meaning?What does this name
stands for
The meaning behind Funeris Nocturnum… Hmmmm. Since I’ve been this
band, I know
there’s nothing really exotic about the name. It comes from latin and a
exact translation would be Funeral At Night.
   How is the song-writing process in Funeris Nocturnum? Once i heard
that you
are a very democratic band in terms of writing process,is it true?
Yeah, we are very democratic band! What comes to song writing process,
couple of years I have been mostly the person for accuse for shitty
songs. For
couple of our last albums, the process usually follows a pattern that I
come to
our rehearsal room with some riffs and ideas about arrangements. Then
we do the
final arrangements with a rest band. The democracy is seen in
Everyone’s opinions matters. If someone things my ideas suck, those
ideas are
thrown to the trash bin (or used later).
   There are quite much diverse elements in your musical character,so
what are
your general influences while you spice Funeris Nucturnum with
death/thrash and
black metal elements?
General influences come mostly from death metal scene. We do not listen 
black metal bands at home. Emperor, Satyricon, Behemoth, Morbid Angel,
Death, Zyklon, Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Cryptopsy, Stone, Hate Eternal,
just to
mention few, are mostly the bands we all like to listen at our homes
and the
bands we take the influences for our playing. There are not so many
bands that
could influnce me personally outside that list. Mostly the influences
lyrics come from everyday life, books, movies etc, since I have been
responsible for writing most of the lyrics for couple of our latest
   There is also anti-ecclesiastic structure in Funeris Nocturnum.So
may i take
your opinions about the religion in general?Be it about christianity or
other one?
In general, we are taking some distance for being just a black metal
band. At
all, what comes to religions, our opinion about any religion in general
negative. As you may notice from the lyrics of our forth coming full
length, we
do not accept ANY RELIGION at all. Anyway, the world without any
would be non-interesting, since you have nothing to hate or rebel
against. We
reject ALL religions at all. Our ideologies would be more atheistic. If
you are
going read our lyrics, you would still see some “satanistic” ideologies
comes to Individualism and Hedodism. Those are the two elements we
would like
to concentrate. I like myself and I like satisfaction!
   How would it feel for you if you were living in a world in which no
ecclesiastical thing exists?An earth without temples,churches bla
Dumm place, nothing to rebel against, or nothing to hate for. Maybe if
would be a possible outcome, there would be some other issues to rebel.
is anarchy after all. Please yourself, make others please you or hate
   What are your opinions about todays wars?I mean ,wars were generally
political in the past,nevertheless,it seems wars are much more
nowadays.Like in Iraq?
I think, there are always some religious issues about every war! George
told in some of his stupid statements, that Islamic people are as
fanatic as he
is as a christian, so he have to destroy them all before they are going
destroy him or his land. I have a university degree from economics and
I have
been studying these issues, so I can agree that there are some short
influences for economic conditions, but they won’t last for ever. I
think every
war in our history of humankind have something religious issues after
   Do you have any side projects?or any other members of F.N ?
We do not have any side projects, what comes to the meaning of a side
J-V plays a guitar in a well-known heavy metal act, Machine Men. They
Ironmaidenish Heavy Metal in it’s purest form. Really promising act.
plays a bass guitar in Swallow The Sun. Just check them out! If you
like My
Dying Bride or doom metal, you will love them. Trmnt.xes, our ex-singer
doing the vocals. Timo perfomed drums on Sotajumala’s Death Metal
Finland. Just
pure fucking death metal in a vein of Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal etc.
Jimmy is
doing vocals in Soulfallen. Death metallish stuff with some melodies
and goths
will love this stuff. Additionally, I’m doing guitars in a band called
Wherevictimslie with some thrash metal influences and Timo is
performing drums.
   Are there any gigs planned for Funeris Nocturnum so far?
So far, we have some gigs confirmed for spring after the release of the
   What have been listening to lately?Can you give me some names from
your music
All time favorites, Meshuggah: Destroy Erase Improve, Slayer: Reign in
Also, Behemoth’s Demigod. Excellent!
   Do yuo have any final words to the ugly readers of Frost Mag?
Reader’s of Frost Mag! Check out our forth coming full length Existence
Indifferent and you will be disappointment!
   Thanks for your time on this interview,hope to hear from you again!
> Cheers!

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