1349 Interview

Hail seidemann! if you want lets start with 1349 s brief history,introduce this killer band to the readers!
Hail! 1349 was formed in 1997 by Ravn (Drums,Vox), Tjalve(guitars) and myself (bass).After recording 2 demos we found guitarist Archaon in 1999 and started working on the demo that would be the “1349” MiniCD.In 2000 we asked Frost to do some drums on the demo, and he did them all in one evening before he was going on tour.Later that year we started working on the material for “liberation” and Frost liked this material so much that he wanted to join on a permanent basis.In 2001 we recorded “liberation” and played a few concerts.2002 was a year of much trouble, few gigs and negotiation with labels.The year 2003 finally saw the release of “liberation” as well as extensive gigging and a tour of Europe.We also started recording the next album: “Beyond the Apocalypse”
Are u content with the sound u create in the ‘liberation’album?are we going to feel the same pure atmosphere in future releases?
We are very happy with the sound on “Liberation”, and will strive to keep the atmosphere on the next album as well.
Whose idea was it to put this hyperfast  Mayhem cover in the album?will there be new cover songs in the next album?
The Mayhem track was Frost’s warm-up excercise in the studio, and we decided to record it for use later on, but we were so happy with it, and felt it fitted very well with the other material so we included it.We have recorded a Slayer song, but we are not sure yet if it will be on“Beyond the Apocalypse”
‘Liberation’is  a real pure fuckin black metal masterpiece which kicks the asses of those black metal kittens in the undergroundscene who try to be true or   satanic/sadist or else although they even cant dare to do anal sex with their fuckin shit faced bitches.so what do u think about todays black metal scene?
I must say I’ve lost touch with todays black metal scene. I do not buymany records anymore. I mostly care about what I’m doing and pay no heed to what the rest of the scene is up to.I usually buy records of bands I know are good like Darkthrone and
Carpathian Forest.
Are there new bands which you listen/support?
There are some new bands I listen to, notably Furze and Tsjuder, but also bands like Ghoul-Cult, Slavia, Koldbrann, Grenjar and Disiplin.
Frost of Satyricon gives a fuckin splendid,unique performance in the ‘Liberation ‘album,i think all new (and some old) drummers should take lessons from him;both on technic and the spirit!what s ur thought about his style in 1349,to me he added so many things into 1349 s musical character as a permanent member?
I am very happy with having Frost in the band. He provides us with excellent  drumming, as well as riffs and lyrics, and has a very professional and disciplined attitude.
Have you ever performed in concerts/fests  in Norway or in europe?
We have played the Hole In The Sky Festival in Bergen 2001, The Inferno Festival in Oslo 2002 and 2003, some gigs with Gorgoroth, Cadaver, Carpathian Forest and  others. We’ve played the With Full Force festival in Germany (2003) and toured Europe with Aeternus and Red Harvest.
As a metalhead,do you like going to gigs of the bands which u ike?to me,black metal has nothing to do with gigs;it should  keep its mysticism in itself,it should be misanthropic?
I don’t go to many gigs anymore.
let readers know much about 1349 s lyrics and ideology?
Our lyrics are usually visualizations of the moods the songs convey,but center around the “dark side” of life. We are antipolitical and antireligious as well as   misantropic.
Except 1349 and and music,are u working in a daily job?how is ur daily life,usual or dark as the music you create?
 Living on Black Metal alone is impossible in Norway,so we all have regular jobs.
Do u like reading?if so,what kind of subjects   you are into?do you like the works of A.Schopenhauer s and W.F.Nietszche s ?
I enjoy reading, mostly horror and history, although I read almost anything. I’ve got “So sprach Zaratustra” by Nietszche somewhere on my shelves, and enjoy his  philosophy.
Would u mind giving some special names from your music library?from your  playlist?
These albums arer constantly played in my home:
Celtic Frost – Morbid Tales 
Burzum – Burzum
Darkthrone – Transylvanian Hunger
Carpathian Forest – Black Shining Leather
Furze – Trident Autocrat
Änglagård – Hybris
What are your personal ideas about ecclesiastics?
I despise all religions, although the Monotheistic ones are probably the worst, as they forbid individuality and freedom of thought. Religion seems to be a tool for controlling the masses.
My questions are over Seidemann,thanx for ur answers,add your last words please?
Hell awaits – Beyond the Apocalypse!

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