Atrophia Red Sun Interview


1.    Greets Atrophia Red Sun team!How do you do nowadays?


Helo! Its ok. We are having some problems but it can be solved soon. Problems occur because we have to work to earn money for renting practice room and buy equipment for our band. Its not easy but we are trying our best. Sometimes its shit because 2 of us are working in nights shifts and others study and work during day. I can only hope that it wont last for ever!  







2.    Actually i found your history quite interesting,regarding that you once play doom

metal (‘Fears’ time)and now you are performing melodic/technical death metal.So may you mention more about your past?The historical aspect of A.R.S?


I don’t like turning back to our past. Its all shit for me. Now is now and I like to talk about our future ha,ha. Sorry.



3.    Poland has quite strong extreme metal scene.For are the second band from Poland i m  interviewing for this issue with Trauma.So,being a Polish band do you think was it a kind of advantage for you to come from such kind of regionally great scene?

Well polish underground metal scene is very strange and unique. Most of bands know each others and try to stick together. Many of our bands represent very high level of music experience and originality. You can take Trauma for instance. They are old school death metal band for many of us a cult band on which we grow up! They play more than 10 years! Its long. But on other hand they never had chance and were fucked by labels which is very terrible and I feel sorry for this. But this is Polish metal reality. Its sometimes shit. 97 % of our bands play for free just because they love it. And it kills them. You grow , you have to start working to get money and when you work to get money for the band you don’t concentrate enough on playing and on creating music. You are tired and it turns to be Clihe. That’s why so many talented bands gave up playing and quit.

Taking about advantages ..I think yes its great and very important to us that someone from abroad can listen to what we create. Its building our souls and hearts. One more time we started to believe in our selves and that many years were not wasted.


4.    And what do you think about the current –active-bands of your land?Are there some names you support?


Many bands , many names….for instance Serpentia, Thy Disease , Whore house, Crionics, Dies Ire, Surrreal and many more which names I have forgot right now. 

We have great underground scene there are hundreds of bands which stick together and know each others. But unfortunately there is small chance of seeing them officially because of labels policy….and lack of money for self promotion. 


5.    You song names are in English yet when i look at your lyrics i see them all written in your mother tongue,can you say why did you chose that kind of style?I mean do you think is it better to sing in your own language?


This happened because our label told us that the release will be only in Poland. So we prepared polish descriptions of lyrics to make easier for polish fans understand what’s it all about. Unfortunately we did not  know that we were sold as a license to Adipocere If we know the fact we would give money to prepare better booklet in English for fans in Europe. I’m sorry for this situation. I hope that next album will be fully in English!


6.    Related with the previous one,can you mention more about your lyrical concept?Especially for the ones who dont know Polish?


Well lyrics are my personal view on what’s going on around our fucked up world. Our lyrics are in brief about genocide, world and humanity downfall, technology, sickness and personal experience with drugs and alcohol.


7.    As far as i heard you employ /create special movie sequeneces while displayed during your gigs.Do you think it is more effective to use such kind of sequences while trying to construct your concept on stage?

This Idea came to show what’s our lyrics about. I think its good because many people while reading lyrics interpretate it sometimes differently. When I show them on screen what the lyrics are about they get ready formula and they know what we want to tell. And we tell them WE ARE ALL HUMAN ANIMALS! YOU AND US! FREE YOUR MIND AND CHANGE.



8.    You also use this machine-man concept in your own photos in booklet.You must be thinking that every human are turning into a kind of machine-like creature day by day?Dont you think that lifestyles are turning into the more monotonic and computerized(!)stuff?


Yeah!!! Its going so fast that in 5 years I think technology will dominate everything and every aspect of our daily life! That’s good because it will make life easier but on the other hand its terrifying. We will became slaves of technology and rich corporations.  Only few…rebels will survive. It will became as in that movie Matrix! Fuck I’m scared!


9.    And may i learn about your personal future utopias?Back to the primitive or the maximum computer originated future?It seem second one is more likely to happen,though…


We could talk and talk for hour on this subject. Maybe when you visit us in Poland Ill take you for drink and we will discuss it. ;-) I tell you one thing …the future ….it scares me a bit!



10. ‘Twisted Logic’ has gaining diverse feedbacks from the media.So,how are the reactions so far?


I would say that reactions are too good! We never expected this! I thought that everyone as in Poland will hang dogs on our band because we try to play differently than Vader. I don’t know…I have always been suspicious about everything….maybe our labels pay media to write that kind of diverse reviews? ha,ha …Well we don’t take it to personally because it could damage our self esteem. We do what we want and play what we feel. If somebody likes it that great if not its also ok.


11. Is there something unpleasant about these point ov views/feedbacks  which you think like ‘hey,what the heck!?this is not fair about Twisted Logic!this is false crap!’etc?


I have always criticized what we have done. I never liked it. I always find recorded album as bad. I could do this or that better…but its done and Finish! I have to work more and more to be satisfied.  On the other hand we are not professional musicians. We never attended any music school. We try to be as good as other bands and we try to be ourselves. To tell you thae truth its kind of making your wish come true..the wish come true but you want more and more wishes to come.

So I prefer to read really open minded revives and its better sometimes to be kicked in ass by some magazine because it motivates to work harder and harder.  


12. I think you are into movies as well,especially the sci-fi ones.So,can you say what kind of movies you prefer?Hmm,for an illustration,Do you like ‘Dark City’ ?


Dark city is cool. But to tell you the truth I prefer History based movies. From Sci Fi my favor films  will be “DUNE” and “Alien”.

13. Ok then,it is over.You can add your last words and close the interview.Thanks for your time for Frost Mag!




I thank you for your time also. I would like to gree all the maniax around the world! Keep on suportting your local metal bands and be open minded for new sounds!

I invite all people for summer vacations in Poland! Castels , Vodka , Beer and parties awaits you!




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