Astarte Interview

  1. Hi Tristessa,how do you do in these great autumn days?(not-absolutely autumn at the moment ,though)


I am fine and always work on new music compositions and ideas.

  1. Please introduce your band for those who dont know Astarte well?


Astarte are Katharsis who plays synths and Hybris on rhythmic guitars. I am the vocalist I also play the bass, the acoustic and lead guitars. Katharsis is and ex-member of the Greek band On Thorns I Lay and we have also played together in our ex band Vorphalack in the LP ”Lullabies of The Vampire”.

  1. How are the reactions to ‘Sirens’ so far?


I see from the number of sales and orders that it has the best ever feedback from all previous albums. I am very satisfied because I had the vision to make a new start for Astarte. The band needed a shift upward, because all those years we had a steady position. I took some riskes and I see that I have finally succeed my goal. Of course it is too early to make out conclusions but the sure is that this album make the difference.

  1. Can you explain the title?What does it stand for?Also the Savatage has an album titled ‘Sirens’…


Sirens are the worldwide known Mythical female monsters that sing in order to seduce male passengers and sailors and then they kill them. It is an old Legend that has also many references to Greek ancient History. I thought that Astarte and Sirens has something common!! And it also represents a part of our history so I put this title to give turn this myth into reality!! It is true about Savatage but both we express the title frm a different point of view.


  1. You were using war-paint in your ex photos.You skipped this stuff,may i ask why?Your musical character ,sound has changed ,had you thought that it could be better to change the ‘image ‘as well?


We have skip a lot of things in order to make our personal music and identity. Every period and album of Astarte represent different things and together goes the image which is very important for attitude that we want to reach out. Music and image is a link and the one depends from the other. The word change needs guts because there is always  the risk of acceptance and during our experience we dare to make experiments. Music is by itself a free area of _expression and we feel free to go on.

  1. On the other hand you worked with Tico Tico Studios from Finland.Actually i wonder why you choose there for recordings of Sirens?


The recordings took place in Greece, at Praxis studio and then the mix and mastering took place in Tico Tico. Why? Because we wanted better results from a studio that for me was a warrantee and indeed the Finish studio was the appropriate o have this open and freezing touch of sound.

  1. Do you have any side projects?


I run two other bands. I have reform the band LLOTH, we play extreme Death Metal with sick elements. Right now we are composing our new material and soon we have already start playing lives in order to establish a better name here in Greece and abroad. In November we are planning to enter in the studio to make our recordings.

The other band is INSECTED where we play Brutal Death /Thrash and we have just release our promo cd “Killing for Recreation” in a form of digipack. We make some new songs in order to make our debut album.


  1. Also Shagrat of Dimmu Borgir and Sakis of Rotting Christ featured in ‘Sirens’.How came the idea of cooperating with these names?


Shagrath and I had discussed the possibility to sing and he agreed at first place. He knows Astarte and he likes our music.  When Dimmu came to play in Athens we find the time to make the recording. He sings in the song “The Ring”. Again all I can say is that he is a real professional and we enjoy the while recordings.

With Sakis we know each almost a decade ago so,I think it was time to give his appearance in our album and I thank him for giving his unique vocal strength.


  1. Being one of the only female black metal bands, what can you say about its negative and positive sides?


Both positive and negative aspects exist for sure and both has make our band well known. The secret is that people has first accept the fact that we play good music and due o this they have accept a female band. We have faced a lot of prejudism, but again this was the reason that many people learn about us and were curious to listen our music. There are other times that we have see reviews speaking of our sex and not for our music. We have see a lot of things but he point is that we trust our selves and we like to create so this can be sen from our fans and we put aside the rest. We go on!!

  1. You once said in the one of Astarte interviews that‘Number of sales and reviews is the gate to succeed or to failure.’May you mention more about this opinion?Will you quit when your album sales is not enough or when you  have no deal with a big/known label?


None of it. First of all I will stop my music action when I will feel tired and second you know that numbers are shifting, none is in the top and all musicians have periods of failure. It is into the game. I also do not care about the name of the Label because I have the first speech on Astarte. I am behind my success and I will be responsible for any failure. But the numbers are the real facts and bands depend on it. This is what I mean.

  1. Where do you get most of your inspiration for your music ?  Are you in a way inspired by nature ,books or movies  ?


Yes I need to have some external sources of inspiration. I refresh my mind and my ideas with books, movies… but the most important is to find the way to apply them musically or lyricaly and this is what I love to do. To transform experience into music, to turn a feeling into a poem.


  1. What are you listening nowadays,i heard that you are into 80’s stuff…


Yea I am of the old school rock of 70’s and 80’s

  1. As far as i know,you featured in the Celtic FROST tribute. Which band would it be if you wanted to feature in its tribute now?



  1. Are you an open-minded listener?(Actually the answer is hidden in your albums,though)Are you into any other music styles as well?


Yes I like many kinds of music. I like the nostalgic sounds and melancholic music themes. I do not like pop and techno or beat music.

  1. Say your fave Emperor song/album!?Mine is ‘ Ye Entrancemperium / Anthems to the Welkin…’!!


Different to say. I like all albums but my special song “I am the black Wizard”


  1. Thank you Tristessa for your answers.Good luck in the future!

I want to Hail you and our fans over there in the nice country.

ASTARTE Shall mesmerize your souls forever……….



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