Alghazanth Interview

Q: Hail Gorath.How do you do?I heard that it s rainy in Jyvaskyla 
nowadays,Her lakes must be great at the moment
A: I'm doing rather ok at the moment. Yes, it's autumn here right now 
and nature is at its darkest. Cold and rainy weather keeps creativity 
high, I must say.
Q: Actually i havent received yet ,can you introduce your latest 
release'The Polarity Axiom'?How are the reactions so far? 
A: To say it shortly, The Polarity Axiom consists of 8 tracks/40 
minutes of majestic black metal. When compared, for example, to our previous 
album, the whole package is a bit more unpolished. The sounds aren't as 
clinical as on Osiris-Typhon Unmasked and the artwork is also a lot 
more simplified and darker this time.
Q: Are there any changes in the line up of Alghazanth? 
A: Yes, there has been quite a few adjustments with the line-up. I 
guess that the biggest changes happened quite shortly after the recording 
sessions of Osiris-Typhon Unmasked when our lead guitarist Veilroth 
(with whom we founded the band) was replaced by Infection. Also, Nebiros 
was kicked out just some time ago so we are at the moment lacking a 
vocalist. I don't mind such changes, though, because they all benefit the 
band in the end anyway.
Q: It says in one of the interview that the name of the band is related 
with a dream of yours.Can you tell more about it?Besides,is the name 
Alghazanth has any other meanings as well? 
A: Yes, this name was revealed to me in one of my dreams by a 
deathbringer spirit in the shape of a white wolf. I think that this name is just 
perfect for us even it is quite difficult to pronounce, write and 
comprehend by other people. The name has a deep and dark symbolism and 
therefore it represents our band as it is.
Q: What is the general lyrical theme of the last album'The Polarity 
Axiom'?Did you chose any exact kind of depiction in your lyrical concept ? 
A: The general idea in my lyrics has been almost exactly the same on 
each of our releases. Only the shape and style of the texts vary. The 
lyrics reflect my personal beliefs and views in their most Satanic form. 
It's only natural to write about things that are close to your heart and 
that revolve in your thoughts constantly. I aim to compose the lines in 
a bit more obscure and methaphorical way than on most of the black 
metal albums out there. By this I wish to give more room for the 
reader's/listener's own interpretation even though the actual texts are about my 
own belief and thougth patterns. The poetry on the new album is more 
esoteric than on our previous ones and demands therefore more 
concentration from the reader's point of view.
Q: I saw lyrics in some black metal bands(especially in mainstreamed 
ones)which says I m war,i m this,i m that,i m bla Dont you think that it 
must be something destructive,something immoral which will make the 
normal listener throw up when he/she hears it?I mean something hatred 
against religion? 
A: It depends on the band. I mean, for some bands this more 
straight-forwarded style suits best and for some it doesn't. In our case, the 
lyrics are at times aggressive and at times they are thought-provocative. 
It's very important to have both kinds of bands in the global black 
metal scene: those who blaspheme and agitate and those who spread and 
maintain the wisdom of the Occult Path. Both contribute to the war against 
religions because the first-mentioned awake sensations of hate and 
Satanic unity and the latter help in the process of individuation (which is 
the opposite of being a slave to religion).
Q: To you,who is the selected/wise listener? 
A: Anyone who acknowledges the fact that black metal is Satan's music 
and acts accordingly.
Q: Besides christianity what do you thing other ecclesiastical pigs? 
A: Every single religious institution should be wiped off the face of 
the planet. Religions are the worst enemy of individual progress which 
is the very basis of spiritual evolution. I base my hatred towards 
religions on the simple and cold fact that each time someone tells someone 
other what to believe in, something has gone totally wrong. Progress 
spawns from within and regression from the dogmas of others.
Q: Related with previous one,What is your opinion about islamic 
countries?to be honest with you i hate anything coming from the fuckin deserts 
of the south!Neither my country nor any other place in this fuckin 
earth saw something useful from this fucks!all ecclesiastical morons
A: If you ask me, anyone who builds his/her life on a belief system 
made and altered by man, deserves nothing more than the kiss of a 
guilliotine on the neck. Regardless of their origin and race. And yes, this 
definition fits also the majority of people in islamic countries.
Q: How would be your life if you were living in a world which has no 
religional masses on it? 
A: A lot more fulfilling. Religions affect your everyday life even if 
you don't belong to the church or such. The twisted and unnatural ethics 
of religions are so deeply rooted in the society that it is almost 
impossible to escape their grasp.
Q: May you tell us how your personal journey into music began?How did 
all get started? 
A: It began by discovering the early works of Iron Maiden and Metallica 
when I was about eleven or something. Quite soon after that Cannibal 
Corpse and Deicide came into the picture and I guess that was the actual 
breaking point. I bought drums and started playing for my own amusement 
but when black metal came along, the need to create something concrete 
was born. And here we are now.
Q: Is a new gig planned soon? 
A: Not that soon because we don't have a vocalist at the moment. We are 
currently looking for a new throat to join us so I guess that we'll be 
functioning at full speed by the end of the year.
Q: Any words for your enemies? 
A: Fuck off and die.
Q: And any words for your allies? 
A: Hail Satan!
Q: Ok.Gorath,thanx a lot for grinding ,i wish the 
best for Alghazanth!
A: Thank you Frost,for the support! Keep on blaspheming!



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