Akerbeltz Interview

1.       Hei Akerbeltz!Honor is the feeling i have at the moment as i again got the chance of questing a band that is still brave and true enough to survive a war against todays degenerated and anti-heathenic shitty black metal scene.So,if you dont mind may i take your aims in creating Akerbeltz,and a brief summary about ancient propagandas of the band?


-Akerbeltz supports the war on the right path, and Death upon the human race and the jews, the reason for the existance of Akerbeltz is to keep the banner of Black Metal in the place it deserves, and that is at the top of the triangle of Metal, the pure evolution towards wickedness.


2.       As far as i know,Akerbeltz is an one man project at the moment.Have you ever thought of including any other members to the band’s line up?


-There’s no way I can include another member in Akerbeltz’s line up because that could corrupt the unpurity of the band.


3.       Being a one man project is generally a difficult yet great thing,i mean,of course it has some negative points yet less than the positive ones.Am i right?On the other hand Frost Mag is also a one man project,not because of i am a genius fucker but because it is really hard to find a dedicated member/helper or what the heck…I think the same idea can be finely focused on especially when when we consider the difficulties about finding a decent member for a band’s line up.What can you say about these?


-In the Black Metal scene, there are not many people that can be considered True, it’s hardly imposible to know someone with this condition in a small area, so in the end the result is that the most wicked bands of Black Metal that exist have just one or two members.


4.       What can you say about Spain’s black metal scene?Do you think are there only rip-off bastards who just play to take i piece from the cake or there are also some ideologically correct bands existing?


-In Spain it happens like in the rest of  the countries, there are millions of  trends that record a stupid demo and talk about their demo and say it’s the best and the most wicked and pure and unholy and bla bla bla shit for ten years and pretend that the rest of the bands are even worse than their’s…. That’s the reason why I normaly don’t take part of the spanish scene, I must say though that there are some bands that think like me and I respect them, most of this ones are part of the Iberian Pride.


5.       What are the future plans for the Akerbeltz?Are you working on a new blasphemic material?


-I’ve just finished my fith full length recording, it will be released by Chaos Productions (France) in colaboration with SMR Vinland (U.S.A.), this time there will be even less copies so that less non worthy people will be able to get this material.


6.       Actually i want to take your opinions about these huuge fuckin fests/gigs?What do you think when you see these pseudo black metal bands on the stage ,in front of the thousand asshole?Considering that the true black metal must be misanthropic and anti-human,what can you say about such kind of live activities?


-As soon as a Black Metal band gets into a stage it looses all it’s darkness and it’s value, Black Metal is not for playing live, we have other kinds of extreme metal for this type of shows…


7.       For you,what is the biggest virus that is created by the ecclesiastical beings on the world’s cultures?Do you think any kind of religion could appear as a lifestyle?I think all ecclesiastical ‘sleeping pills’ are nothing but the destroyer of the cultures and individuals…


-Religion is a way ot mind control for the meek, human beeings need shepards to guide them because they have a weak mind, and all religions need to have the population under control, it really is a way of life because human beings fear the anarchy and the chaos;  the mass is like one only individual, a sleeping giant with one simple mind, thick and stupid that needs to hear the correct words to act, but once the message is heard, this big  entity cannot be stoped and it will kill and destroy everything that gets in it’s way until it receives another order, human beeings use religion as a way of common thought, who controls the thought of a religion will control the whole world!


8.       What do you think about the senfonic black metal of nowadays?Will we see the ‘hardcoric’black metal soon thanks to these kittens?


-There’s only one style of Black Metal, all these circus musicians that imitate our immage or try to spread or copy our word don’t deserve my attention.


9.       Are there any philosophies that you feel yourself  close to?


-My philosophy is the chaos and Death of all, I stand with all the philosophies that get close to this idea, but I also discuss their thought when they pretend to be “right”, Black Metal stands under the Black Flag of Hate, no human ideology has ever arrived to this extreme until now, we walk under the Black Star of Hell that swallows the light of hope…


10.   Have you got any side projects?For you,in which aspect it effects the creativity of the artist to be a part of any other band besides his own one?


-I’m working in a side project called Körgull The Exterminator, I will play under another name because the style of this project is slightly different to Akerbeltz, now is the moment to do this because if I continued composing for Akerbeltz at this time, the band could be contaminated with some influences that don’t have place in my mission.

I’ve also played in Beheaded Lamb and with Harridan, the reason for doing side projects for me is not other than this one.


11.   What have you been listening lately?Are there some new names in your cd player or are you still hooked on the classic unholy acts from the early 90 s ?


-I listen to Warloghe, Dark Thule, Morrigan, Goddless North, Iuvenes,old Wolfnacht and some other bands….


12.   Any words for enemies?


-My enemies don’t deserve my attention.


13.   It is all from me,complete the spell with your words of wisdom?


-If you want to be a part of what is going to happen in a short time, kill yourself and if you want to go against our legions just fight against us and we will kill you slowly and eat your soul…




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