Age Of Silence Interview

1.       Hi Andy& Age of Silence again! Let start with the birth of Age of Silence, so how occurred the idea of Age of Silence, with which aims?


It came about based on some guitar riffs I had laying around. Put them away for a while and took them out again, and decided to do a project with it. I involved some people, and voila, the result became what it now is after several years of work and planning.


2.       I think Age of Silence is not just a Project group, am I right?


At the point when we started we weren’t sure if it was a one time project or not, but since the label wanted to sign us for two records, we agreed, and now we have plans to continue releasing records together.


3.       And what can you say about Age of Silence’s lyrical direction? For the ones who don’t you know well?


I think so much has been attempted to be said about the lyrical direction that it would be better if I didn’t try to explain it further. That would be difficult for me to do anyway since I didn’t write the lyrics. My interpretation is just as good as yours or anyone else’s, and the lyrics are something that needs to be read and listened to. They can’t be explained or retold.


4.       Then, how are the feedbacks to album Acceleration? Is there any negative comments?


It started out right away getting two relatively modest reviews, both 6/10, and that would have started to worry me if it wasn’t for the fact that these reviews came out two days after we had mailed out the promos, and nobody can review an album this quick and be able to give a reflected opinion of the record. Then I saw that every single review I saw after this was 8.5/10 or higher, with several full scores including 6/6 in Scream Magazine of Norway, 5/5 from Horrorwoodbabbleon and 7/7 from Daredevil Magazine, so the two mediocre ones at the beginning were not something we gave much consideration to. There is also countless of 9/10 and one or two 9.5/10. Of course we don’t mean to focus exclusively on the scores, as we have gotten lots of good reviews that don’t use the traditional scoring scale as well. But my intention here was to show that we have gotten overwhelming response on this album, better than we ever hoped or expected. That we got two mediocre ones at the beginning was, I think, in large part due to the fact that this is an album that takes time to get into and fully appreciate, and anyone that doesn’t give it proper handling won’t experience its full listening potential either.


5.       Encouraged with the comments on the Acceleration, have you already started to work on the new Age of Silence songs?


We are already working on a new album and we have written about ten or eleven new songs so far. We will probably write a few more and select among those which ones that will be on the next album. This is a different approach than I’m used to, but with the next album we need to be very selective because it will be incredibly difficult to meet the expectations that people are going to have and to top the tracks on Acceleration.


6.       ‘Acceleration’ s artwork belongs to Travis Smith, how came to work with him? I have to add that cover/booklet artwork seems really great. What do you think about Travis Smith’s art? Will you work with him again?


We have used Travis Smith for two Winds albums already and we thought it would be a good idea to use him for Age of Silence since this would be something completely different and hopefully a nice challenge for him. He took it to the level we expected and made sure the visual presentation of the album suited what we had envisioned the concept to be.


7.       Actually, Age of Silence is quite interesting name, what does it stand for? Is there something ‘critical’ to the age in which we are dwelling at the moment?


That could be one interpretation of it. With that in mind it could also be interpreted that we’re living in an age of silence because even though we communicate more and more with each other we actually have less and less to say. This is kind of ironic. But there have been other ages of silence throughout history as well so don’t be surprised if we explore those more in the future.


8.       What are your opinions about the ‘Time ‘concept of nowadays? Everything seems to be more scheduled more than ever before? Is it good to be ‘scheduled that much?


I’m not sure it’s a good thing waking up every day knowing exactly what your day is going to be like for the next three weeks, but people tend to be busier now and that’s just the way it is. That’s the way things are for me too.


9.       Weird one; Would it be possible for you to live without your mobile phone? How many minutes you spend per a day speaking/smsing on the phone? Do you think we are being ‘silenced’ by the mobile phones?


I didn’t have a cell phone until quite recently and even now I hardly ever use it. Sometimes I get text messages from the guys and so I’ve found a new use for it that way. I’m quite old fashioned when it comes to mobile phones. The other guys use theirs a lot more than me I’m sure.


10.   Is Lazare still playing in Borknagar and Solefald?




11.   Do you think can Age of Silence be filed under the term of ‘Astro Metal-your label’s definition for your music-‘?


I don’t know why they came up with this name, but it wouldn’t have been my choice to use it. I think it’s quite difficult to label music anyway and I’m not a big fan of labels because it puts more focus on the need for placing things into genres and categories than it does on the music itself.


12.   The End Records recommends Age of Silence for fans of Dream Theater, Arcturus, Dimmu Borgir…What do you think about it? Actually Dream Theater or Arcturus ok. But Dimmu Borgir seems a bit weird in this list?


I think people who like these bands could also like our music, but I don’t think it stops there. Our fans will be the more open minded ones out of the fans of all these bands. Those who can like cross-genre styles with different elements will like our music, but those who only like one type of thing will find our music too diverse. We respect that people sometimes have narrow tastes and it should not be considered an insult to say that someone has a narrow taste. Having a narrow taste is not the same as having a bad taste, just like it will be quite difficult for someone who only likes classical music to like country. There is nothing wrong with that.


13.   Norway has –for sure-a powerful black metal scene, but what about the progressive or classical heavy metal bands? May you give some info about the scene excepting the black metal?


As many already know my fellow band members and I are not too wrapped up in any scene, nor are we really that concerned with that other people do or don’t do. So I couldn’t tell you much about this other than to say Norway has some great musicians, but what all of them are doing and who’s playing what and with who, is something I could not tell you, because I for one am not keeping tabs.


14.   Ok guys here we reached to the harbor, please add your last words and close the conversation. Thanks for being the guest of Frost Mag!


To you, I want to say thanks for interviewing me. To everyone who has bought our album, or plans to do so, I want to say that we appreciate your support.



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