Aeternus Interview

Hi Ares,how are the the things at Norwegian Aeternus’ camp?

We’re doing fine here. Though some things could be better, we have no practice place these days so we’re kind of eager to get one set up and start getting our shit together again. Further more, we’re just about done with our new album: “HeXaeon” which will be our 2nd album on NAP and it’ll be out next year I guess.  

I think you are working on new songs at the moment.Can you mantion about these new songs?

And the latest activities of the band? Yeah, like I said above, our new album is nearly completed. Some smaller things needs to be done and then we can mix. This is set to October 2004, then it’s all off to Oslo for mastering.

“HeXaeon” has 9 songs on it, shorter songs than before…allot more to the point and in ways there’s allot of differences. In addition to that I’ve done some clean vocals and so forth trying to add a different feel and so forth. One really has to just check it out!

Will you be working with Nocturnal Art in the coming release too?

Yes, all in all we signed up for 3 releases on NAP. This is # 2 in the row.

Once i heard that you are satisfied with Nocturnal Art because it s not such a big label.Have you got the aim of keeping the Aeternus underground?,always?

 The thing is that we feel Aeternus is better suited being on a smaller Label than on a bigger one. We are not that “big” and our sales have never been rocketing so a smaller Label is better.

What can you say about the feedbacks to ‘A Darker Monument’?Were they encouraging in general?

 “A Darker Monument” is a great album in my eyes of course. An album where I tried to avoid Death Metal, but ended up using it allot after all actually. That’s something I don’t regret though…all in all it never turned out as a pure Death Metal album. “HeXaeon” is an album where we’ve managed more to step away from the Death Metal feel as we are after al basically a Dark Metal band in our own eyes. We have always tried to have our own feel and style and after “Ascension of Terror” we felt we really went clso enough to Death Metal so a certain distance were required. “A Darker Monument” was like a little step regarding that. I feel “A Darker Monument” was an album that had what it needed within the Aeternus way/style! Pounding riffs and rhythms, melodic parts, fast parts and variations. Some experimental shit too.

You have been employing the depiction of ‘Dark Metal’for your style.Yet,don t you think that Aeternus changed a lot and may need some other depiction-if it is needed of course-? No, Dark Metal is still a category that I feel is the best one for Aeternus. If you look on a whole album, any album of ours, you can’t call it Black Metal or Death Metal 100%…the over-all feel is darkened, heavy as mountains you know?! A sensation of  the raw weight of the essence of dark atmospheres, to put it more poetically! We often like to call our music just extreme music or Metal, but a more deeper word for it all is still Darkened music. People can call it whatever they want of course, it’s not important to us that you say it’s Dark Metal f. example. By all means. Just don’t go out’n’ say it’s fucking Gospel! Hah!

Has Norway enough supporters for death metal/grindcore?It s ok with black metal but i reallly wonder about the situation when it comes to death metal.(Especially when compared to Swedish death scene?)

Norway has may Metal spporters. Which style each one of them are dedicated to, I don’t know. We all feel differently on what is good music, no matter what it may be so the answer to that question might be hard to find. Death Metal exists in Norway on high levels for sure, it’s up to the individual to say if it’s good or not. I say there’s some bands that truly does it well. Some don’t. (Like always)!

Have you ever thought of writing some songs which musically dwell in the ancient style of Aeternus?Be it just in a song,like the Dark Sorcery times?

Nah, don’t think that will happend in the near future no…he style we have now doesn’t open for that, but one never knows what will be made for the next album or whatever. 

In one of your album’s review i saw the definition which describes you like ‘Immortal crashing into Bolt Thrower ‘

Hehehe, I recall that yes…Well I don’t know, Immortal and Boltthrower has been inspiring bands to me as I look upon them as great bands. (Boltthrower, I liked more in the past, Immortal I sahll always like of course…) Though I don’t feel Aeternus is a clash of those bands. That’s pushing it a bit too far..

Do you think that can Aeternus stil be filed under ‘ Black Metal’ ?both in terms of music,image and ideology?

Black Metal is something I feel we’re pretty far from being the makers of…some Black Metal inspired riff here or there may occur of course, but that’s musically and it ends there. Also with our sound and down-tuned guitars, a black metal riff has a diffreent feel in any case. We have never written about Satan and so forth, though anti- Christian lyrics are still to be found withing our songs as we truly don’t like that religion at all. That of course alone doesn’t make us a Black Metal band.

Do you have any news for the Immortal fans ?I mean ,i m asking as you may know,are the members of Immortal planning to create ssomething again ?

Under the name of Immortal or other? I don’t think one will ever hear from them again so sorry…no dice!

Todays black metal scene is really domesticated a lot.It is sad to see they use these themes just for Money and the fame.Tremendous  productions,multi polished sounds,huge fuckin tours…What do you think think about it?Do you think is there any ‘ unholy spirit ‘ left for us to smell?

I say: Bands must do whatever they wanna do, it’s not up to me what people do or say. Super polished sound, Satanic lyrics though not Satanists, so what? I can’t change it anyhow…whatnot, whatever being truth or rumor….I don’t care at all. It’s not up to me what people or bands do…as it’s not up to others what Aeternus say or do with our music and so forth you know?! Now, Dimmu Borgir has in my eyes allot of polished sound yes, I generally don’t like like their albums and I don’t buy them as it’s not what I personally like. However, many songs, over-all, are totally 100% pure fucking metal in my ears. Great work and performance, the voacals I have always liked. Great vocals!

Do you have any side projects at the moment?


What do you think about free music?I mean MP3’s or that sites offering free listening/copying options?Do you feel angry when you see illegal copies of the Aeternus albums?

 Yes, well it ain’t cool to know people copy CD’s and put shit on the net. No, of course not. I mean, it doesn’t add to our sales does it? What can one do though…you know?!…it’s impossible to stop this shit so one gotta live with it. So, yes, it pisses me off to a certain extent.

Any words for enemies?

Yeah, well, Fuck You…my dear enemies! (Whoever that might be…)

Thank Ares for your time,hope to hear from Aeternus soon!

 Thank YOU for your support through this interview and yes, be ready for “HeXaeon” next year…Ares



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